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M. Charlyne Chiasson: Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Personal, insightful and life changing. Charlyne’s passion and 25 years in Feng Shui allows her to deliver. Health and well being are core to success. Make it yours.

Charlyne has transformed space for a myriad of interior design clients over the years and has conducted hundreds of Feng Shui consultations and geomantic clearings.

She has taught her craft both in post secondary institutions and privately since 1998 and depending on where she is traveling is always available to speak, teach and work in a variety of aspects of her training.

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" Charlyne visited my home and made suggestions in terms of the elements and positioning of in respective rooms. There was a ceremony involved which I did not understand at the time, but now see its relevance. Currently, I am waiting for the buyer to draw up a contract. This home was taking way to long to sell and now I am so grateful I sought her expert assistance. "


" In a nut shell I was feeling a little murky. Unsure if my intuition was right and with lots of shifts happening in my life, I thought about Charlyne and the readings she does. I know her to be a very intelligent and highly devoted to her practice; she has alot of experience and knowledge. Her reading was exceptional and perfect timing for me too. I highly recommend it. The insights were very deep and pragmatic as well. I feel very fortunate and inspired. The clouds have parted. If you have the oportunity take it! Give yourself a gift. "

R. Ryan, Vancouver, BC

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Online Feng Shui ~ Zoom me up!


ZOOM me up for  informative, empowering and personal Feng Shui teachings. Staring on NOV 6th, courses will be offered on the first 3 Fridays of the month. The last Friday of the month is reserved for advanced and Professional courses for Realtors and Designers. First Friday ~ Introduction to Feng Shui Second Friday ~ Personal
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Index of information: The Lunar New Year About the Metal Rat The Five Transformations The Elements at Play in 2020 The Elements and the Feng Shui Bagua Rats in Mythology The Metal Rat Talisman Guidance in the Metal Rat Year Animal Predictions for 2020  The Lunar New Year The Year of the Metal Rat begins
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Feng Shui Services ~ Discounts for the Lunar New Year


Nine Star Ki Readings provide guidance and grounding. It’s proven to be a an accurate navigate tool for many who I’ve read for over the years. Nine Star Ki, or Feng Shui Astrology can shed light on Career paths, Health issues, and is extremely accurate in understanding Relationship dynamics. Understanding personalities via the elements also plays
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Feng Shui Book

Introducing Charlyne's first book!

Elemental Feng Shui

The Art of Orientation

Interior Design, Feng Shui Design, Landscape Garden Activation & Energy Clearing with a focus to Harmonious, Balanced, Functional & Aesthetic Environments that align us with the Genus Loci or Spirit of Place.

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