12: 12:12 Feng Shui for the Holidays


Feng Shui for the Holidays …

Many holidays, ‘holy days’ and celebrations are joyful yet can be stressful. Feng Shui knowledge transcends cultures, at it is the essence of who and what we are. When we apply some of its key & practical elements and to gatherings and spaces it allows us to be empowered and set the tone for any celebration.

This hour will focus on Feng Shui design applications and tips that activate spaces. Its often the small things that will bring harmony into our ‘holy day’ experience.Working with both physical and symbolic applications we take control and minimize stress. This in turn allows us a deeper connection and much fuller  ‘en JOY ment’ of our time with loved ones.

This unique exploration will focus your intention on peace and joy for all your special celebrations.

REGISTISTRATION: email shuideva@gmail.com

PAYMENT: Interac via shuideva@gmail.com. When payment is received you will receive your ZOOM contact information for the session on December 12, 2021.

INVESTMENT: A 60 minute session $45.00