2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Eight





As I share the eighth post on this 9 part series, I stop to reflect on the number 8 and its relevance within Feng Shui and the Chinese Culture specifically. It also is the number or ‘flying star’ assigned to the NE, where the Tiger lives on the Chinese Zodiac. * see Bagua illustration below.

Eight is the number of Prosperity.  It appears and is sought out for telephone numbers, house numbers, and anywhere numerology is applied in this culture. Take note and see if it shows up in your world.

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WHAT TO DO in 2022 in your environment to activate Prosperity!

First some Fact:

  1. The Tiger resides in the ENE section of the Feng Shui Map or Bagua: which is based on the compass. The NE represents Knowledge in Feng Shui when is placed over a home or work space.
  2. In 2022, the Flying Star aspect of Feng Shui Astrology places the Grand Duke Jupiter in the NE.
  3. In Western Astrology Jupiter is known as a benefactor. It governs prosperity and growth. Jupiter influences expansiveness, travel and positive energy.
  4. In the Year of the Water Tiger, expansiveness, travel and innovation are key in moving forward.

When interpreting the overlap of Western influences and Asian belief systems, the goal to simplify Feng Shui and its applications. When delving this Asian art form one discovers it is a many layered onion. Feng Shui is also seen as a discipline and science. Thus it has many interpretations depending on who you speak to, follow or study.

Having said that all suggestions are designed to open ones awareness to the potential and possibilities available in 2022.

About the Northeast:

  • The NE, attributed to both self and general knowledge is also the location of the I Chine Trigram, Mountain. It’s a location that monks go to, to find enlightenment this this location is one of contemplation.
  • The Northeast section of a home, business or piece of land should have the least amount of disturbances. Think of the of the sages & monks who spend lifetimes in the mountains of Tibet, China and India.
  • In Feng Shui, the Northeast is the location which should have minimal interruptions or anomalies, such as a missing area, large addition or primary entry way. Less so for a business that a home.
  • The NE are of the Bagua is opposite the SW. The SW symbolizes Relationship. Inner knowledge plays a vital part in how deep and connected we are in Relationship to others. The relationship between this two areas is profound. If there are issues in the NE, it will affect the energy of the SW and vice versa.

Keeping the above in mind, in 2022 we will be adjusting the energies for both the NE and the SW. The goal lis to minimize disturbances in the NE yet activate the energy of prosperity and abundance. The Key is to balance and activate both NE and SW without over stimulation.


The BAGUA as taken from the authors publication ‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’ circa 2018.

To activate prosperity and growth in your home, business or on land:

  • First is to identify those locations in your home business and or land. If using the 3 Door System as opposed to Traditional Compass school stay true to that method. If you are unfamiliar with the 3 Door System, find these locations using a compass. Most smart phones have this option or download a simple free compass  app. Take 3 readings to make sure you are calculating them correctly. Find the rooms or spaces that are in NE and SW areas of a home, room or piece of land or property.
  • These areas can be influenced from one of three different perspectives. The first perspective is evaluating land or property; this is the macrocosm. The second and most applicable in Feng Shui, is evaluating the actual rooms in these directions of a home or business. The third, or microcosm would have you work with these direction is one room of a home or business. One would simplify the quest of creating balance and harmony  by addressing a small space. Perfect for a one room apartment/ loft or a room where one works.
  • Activating prosperity and growth is to insure these areas are in balance. When working with one room the elements must be balanced. * See post # 6 in this series for an ‘elemental refresher’.

Example of an anomaly in the NE area, when the Bagua is placed over a square space (room, house or land).

The devil is in the details:


  • Determine if the area is functional and clutter free?  If not, that is where you start.
  • If the space is overactive, such as the entrance to a home, a simple but welcoming space is optimal.  Organize personal belongings, and make sure there is proper lighting, functional yet not glaring.
  • If a business entry, make sure it is visible, well marked and engaging. The exterior of the business reflects the interior; both are equally important.
  • If the NE is the entry to your property, ensure it is free from garbage, clutter and is well defined.
  • Should the NE be a quiet area of your home, you are lucky. Make sure colours are balances and pleasing.
  • If designing a home or business this is not a location for a home office, entrance, garage or kitchen. Its a better location for a meditation space, bedroom or library.

The object is to beautify and balance the NE area without over stimulating it. A subtle activation that brings attention to the area can be achieved by placing a plant or flowers there. Attending to a ‘new plant’, especially one that can handle the lower light of a NE direction, serves to keep ‘attention on an intention’; that of prosperity and growth.


  • check the location to make sure this area is in balance with the rest of the home or office space. If it is missing such as an L shaped may create then the area should be an outdoor living space.
  • The relationship area should reflect harmony in your relationships. Photos of loved ones, partners and family and friends are optimal here.
  • It is an earth area and should feel grounded, with heavy pieces of furniture. Balance is key.
  • Also make sure the space is functional , clean and well cared for.
  • Place coins in this location to optimize prosperity. It will active energies in the NW without stimulating it.