2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Four



The last Water Tiger Year was 1962, between Feb 4, 1962 & January 24th 1963  

Looking back at world events we see the transitional influences Water tiger created. 

These are included annually for both entertainment and reflection.

 Some notable historic events in 1962:  * not in exact time lines 

  • The Cuban missile crisis hits its peak in October 1962
  • President De Gaulle of France grants sovereignty to Algeria
  • Burundi, Jamaica, Western Samoa Uganda & Trinidad and Tobago are all given their independence 
  • Lt. Col.John H. Glenn Jr. is first American to orbit Earth, 
  • James H. Meredith, escorted by federal marshals, registers at the University of Mississippi; a state known for its segregation and racism. An event in  civil rights movement which was gaining momentum.
  • Saudi Arabia abolished slavery
  • Nuclear tests reached its peak 178 tests;  96 by the United States & 79 by Soviet Union.  
  • Mt Huascaran in Peru erupts and kills 3,500 the first day and 4000 in a landslide the next day.
  • The first airborne combat mission was flown in Vietnam
  • The first James Bond movie ‘Dr No” is filmed starring Sean Connery 
  • A Canadian figure skater, Donald Jackson, is the first to land a ‘triplelutz’
  • Marlyn Munro dies in NYC from an overdose
  • The Beatles become a phenomena in North America 

Reflecting on the last Water Tiger year 1962, we may get a flavour for the type of events which occur in 2022.  As Metal loosens its grip we are watching world events unfold that have a greater impact than we may know in this moment. 2022 is a year to pay attention as barriers are broken and understanding and acceptance is in the forefront.

We are currently and have been experiencing events that are not getting the news coverage they deserve. From Native Rights and sovereignty to the largest peaceful demonstrations ever staged in Canada.

These include

  • The blockade at Ferry Creek on Vancouver Island protesting the cutting of some of the last Ancient old growth forests in Canada.
  • At his moment the USA is reporting that Canada has a media blackout regarding the massive truck convoy crossing from B.C. to Ottawa, Ontario, to protest vaccine mandates that are affecting both countries.

Media and internet coverage is symbolic of communications ruled by the Metal element. As the Metal Ox year bows out we can feel its influence still.

Will the incoming energy of Water break through and allow communication to flow?

 I cannot help but think of the recent Tsunami warnings on the west coast. I heard about it from friends in Ontario and Vancouver before any prominent media warnings. 

As the Water Tiger arrives Be Prepared :

  • Install warning systems on your devices, for disaster alerts
  • Prepare emergency kits for your home, office and car for any and all disasters
  • Notify family and friends of your plans should anything occur and telecommunications break down

Know that the Water Tigers true altruistic nature will force the unseen to be seen this year. Tigers gift to humanity is putting the planet first. Although they may forsake family and friends to do so, they act for the good of all. Tiger’s protective and powerful energy will be felt on a global scale in 2022

On a lighter note here are some celebrities born in Tiger years.

Queen Elizibeth 2nd, Lady Gaga, Martin Short, Jon Bon Jovi, Leonardo Di Caprio, Penelope Cruz , Stevie Wonder, Christoper Lloyd, Shawn Mendes, Jon Batiste, Paula Abdul, Ralph Fiennes, Jim Carey, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick, Wesley Snipes, Jon Steward, Anthony Kiedis, Jodie Foster, Kelly Preston, Cheryl Crow and Emilo Estavan to name a few.

Can you recognize Tiger energy in any of these power houses ?


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