2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Two

The upcoming Asian New Year promises dynamic shifts !

Wood Tigers: Born 1974 , Jan 23-Feb 10 ’75

Wood Tigers tend to be a more expansive type. They will take risks and be influencers. They are more compassionate and open than their counterparts.

Fire Tigers: Born 1986, Feb 9 – Jan 25 ’87 

Fire Tigers are dynamic and opinionated. These individuals take the world by storm, yet can show poor self control in certain areas of life. They stand out in their ultimate optimism and independence.

Earth Tigers: Born 1998, Jan 28 – Feb 15’99  

Earth Tigers are down to earth adventure lovers More stubborn than other Tigers, yet their realistic approach is a sound bet. These Tigers have a strong sense of self and a deep faith as a result.

Metal Tigers: Born 1950, Feb 17- Feb 4’ 51  / 2010 Feb 14- Jan 21, 2011. 

Tigers are domineering and bold, yet indecisive. They are enthusiastic about life and learning but uncharacteristically timid when caught by surprise. 

The elements at play in 2022

The 5 elements in the Asian System Wood, Fire, Earth and Fire flavour each Animal in the System and each Year.

The videos on ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveGqFzpWcEgn3t3IAwwk-w reflect and repeat the importance of the Elements. Most notably is the shift between the last two Metal Years * 2020/21 Rat & OX and into the next two WATER years 2022/23, the Tiger & Rabbit.

The influence of WATER on the Tiger will be dramatic in 2022.

Some observations:

  • Metal is the parent of Water so we are experiencing it ‘letting go’ its child, Water, to be on its own
  • Water is liquid, and Metal, to be fully in its beauty, must melt like Water so as take a new shape
  • Between Jan 1, 2022 and Feb 1, 2022 reflects Metals transition; liquifying to form a container to hold Water
  • Each animals Element, dictates how you will personally respond to this shift of Metals to Water

Tigers base element is Wood, as its location on the Zodiac wheel is in the ENE. This direction aligns with the Spring energy of new beginnings and clear direct movement. Imagine Wood in the springtime as it bursts forth and grows.

2022 is a Water year. As Metal is the parent of Water, so is Water is the parent of Wood. With TIGER arriving close to the beginning of the Tiger month on Feb 4,2022, the year will be infused with amped up energy.

The results:

  • 2022 should bring with it good movement, luck, wealth and harmony.
  • We have to tune into water energy which is mysterious and ever changing.
  • Water presents as mist, ice, babbling brooks, raging rivers, depths of the ocean, stagnant ponds & glistening lakes.

Symbology in a Water Tiger Year

Water is symbolic of emotional energy. Water in Feng Shui is specifically symbolic of life force energy, or Chi. As we are primarily H2O in our physical being, this life force energy relates to what motivates us. Now is the time to discover how water manifests in your world and emotions. Know that self awareness is a deep and powerful Water quality.

Can you align or interpret your mood based on these qualities?

2022  will challenge our ability to flow through emotional triggers. It will prompt us to grow and shift into better versions of ourselves. This may mean letting go of control in order to regain it in a subtler way. The Water Tiger year will prompt us to drift into unknown waters. When we do so, we may find that all we really need is a new perspective and that in “Letting go, letting God”, nothing is ‘lost’ at all. 


The majestic, powerful Tiger will present opportunities for shifts that need to take place now. When viewing Water as Chi or Life Force Energy, we are called to know when to go with the flow, when to hold back. What that means personally:

  • What challenges us when we find ourselves resisting change?
  • Is the Status Quo worth holding onto, and why?
  • Can we accept that change may result in pain and separation? But also joy and freedom.
  • Can we let go of what does not serve our flow through life or our emotional growth?
  • Can we accept the emotional maturity of letting go jobs, habits, locations or even people that no longer bring us joy?

Exploring the depts of Feng Shui requires elemental knowledge and can guide us through 2022. The power of innovation, and more …. to be continued in the next Water Tiger Blog on JANUARY 24, 2022.

Feng Shui Astrology

Personal readings shed much light on the elements and their influences on our lives. Discounts for the Water Tiger year will be announced on Feb 1, 2022. The link to readings https://adarsashuideva.com/feng-shui-consulting-services/