Being Feng Shui ~ A Three Part Exploration


POSTPONED until January, 2022

Due to the state of emergency in British Columbia Canada, I am re scheduling this course.

Feng Shui

Be-ing Feng Shui ~

Having practiced this Asian art for over 27 years I offer you a unique interpretation of how you already are ‘Feng Shui’

This three session journey reveals your own Great Power. It allows a new and very personal connection to both self and the spaces you occupy; your unique environmental blueprint.

Sharing this exploration in a group setting, we differentiate from others what works for us as individuals.
We explore our personal birth information to discover an ‘elemental imprint’. This is based on planetary alignments of your year, date, time and location of birth. 

I Ching
#34 The Great Power ~ I Ching

34 The Great Power ~ I Ching ~ Much of the Symbology used in Feng Shui application presents in the circular graphic in front of the master. The circular trigrams of the I Ching around the central Yin/ Yang symbol known as the Tai Chi represent the cyclic energies which include the elements,

THREE SESSIONS: If you register for all three: Discount $125.00 CND /$99.00 USD / Euro 88.00

INVESTMENT: $45.00 CDN /$39.00 USD / E 33.00

REGISTISTRATION: email . Send me your full name, birth year, date, time and location if you have it. Your personalized ‘Feng Shui & Nine Star Ki Astrology Charts’ will be shared with you via email prior to the session #1 on ZOOM.

PAYMENT: Interac via When payment is received I will email you your ZOOM contact information for each Session you have registered for.

PART ONE ~ November 27th ~ 10:00 am -12:30 pm ( PST) *Postponed until  JANUARY 2022

Session one explores the 5 elements, or Five Elemental Theory that is core to all Asian healing modalities. We match ourselves up to these elements seeing what we have vs. whats missing.  This affirms our intuitive knowledge by explaining what are attracted to and consequently, what we tend to reject. Each element has a season, time, shape and colour scheme. We can bring balance into our spaces by knowing what elements we are missing and what are in abundance.

PART TWO:  December 4th ~ 10:00 am -12:30 pm ( PST)

In this session will delve deeper by accessing our personal Nine Star Ki /Feng Shui information. The 9 personality types of Feng Shui astrology overlap with the 5 elements of session one. Combining these two distinct aspects of self broadens our perspective, revealing your personal ‘elemental imprint’. Applying that understanding to our spaces & environments we hone into Feng Shui awareness by being it. 

PART THREE :  December 11th ~ 10:00 am -12:30 pm ( PST)

We now synthesize our intuitive knowing and being by exploring one room in our homes. A simple ‘sketch`*to scale’ of a problem room in your space is required. We now apply what we need ‘elementally’ to the space to both understand it and re work it.   Using the elements as a guide us we use their specific characteristics such as shapes, colours, directions etc to rework the space. Without having studied all the Feng Shui rules we apply who we are individually to space. Its a way to harmonize from the inside out which I am thrilled to share with you.

*a sketch of a space when done to scale is the most accurate way to apply Feng Shui. Grid paper is best used to measure out a room. Each block of grid paper can be one or two feet. The larger the drawing, the easier to use.