The Book: Elemental Feng Shui ~The Art of Orientation


This unique publication that serves well as a guide to  ‘Feng Shui for Beginners’, yet goes well beyond that. In its pages you will find a great introduction to the world of Feng Shui and placement as it pertains to the design world and well beyond.

Its focus is on the 5 Elements or ‘Five Elemental Theory’, which is core to all the healing modalities in the *East ( see below). It also offers a way of translating the basics into easy relatable concepts. Charlyne’s unique background in Interior Design and years of travel in Asia allow her a deepened perspective to share what is often seem as a mystical and superstitious practise.

Having been introduced to the subject in 1993, she started to incorporate this expanded awareness into her design work with clients,  for remarkable and transformative results.

It was when she was challenged to design a home for an Asian client using her knowledge did she see the need to simplify Feng Shui for modern design. Having to work directly with an architect and the client created a dialogue that needed more specific explanations.

Thus Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation was conceived.

Charlyne started to pen the book while on her first visit to Bali, Indonesia. She had spend time in various Asian countries many years prior. She had experienced Feng Shui without really knowing what it was in Hong Kong in the late 80’s. Travels in Thailand, Laos, and Korea gave her a feel for how the Buddhist culture created a reverence for harmony that was palatable in the spaces they lived, prayed and did commerce. Finally in 1993 she read her first book and was hooked. Not only did it make sense in design use but she felt she had been doing and observing its truths since she was a child. In 1997, she started her business as a Feng Shui Design consultant.

Forward to Bali 2011. It was here she observed the level of reverence the people of this island had for the sacred; in design, in foo and in the simple offerings made each day. This allowed her to dig deeper into the visceral aspects of what she had been practising for 0ver 18 years at this point.

It became clear to her that the Five Elemental Theory which is basis of  *Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and Healing Traditions of China and Tibet, could be expanded for application within the Western mindset of design and placement. All things, professions and people have a unique ‘elemental imprint’ and it was this that gave her the basic platform for how she could present Feng Shui. Translating this ancient art for use for the western mindset aligned with her knowledge, background.

Professions based on your elemental make up. Can you relate to any of these and add more?

These excerpts from the publication are a cross section. From a glossary of Feng Shui terms to its theory, Charlyne takes you on world wide visual journey that ends up in your home space.

Special Offer $27.00 Canadian plus Shipping for a hard cover copy, dedicated and signed by the author.

Shipping cost can be a COD or billed to you via Internet and paid via Interac


Feng Shui * Nine Star Ki & Tao / I Ching Readings


Feng Shui is all about gathering information; its core is investigative work.

Evolving in this craft and practise as an Interior Designer and Feng Shui consultant lead me to ways of individualizing my work for those who sough out help and guidance. Creating charts earlier in my career provided me with a snapshot of each clients unique imprint. Customizing how to work with each person, family and situation allows Feng Shui knowledge to be applied in any environment creating harmony and balance.

Over the years, these methods of investigation, including Nine Star Ki, Tao understanding through the I Ching, the power of the instinct expanded beyond Feng Shui Design into Personal Readings. The technique that evolved served as way of guidance at any given point in the process of change. Knowing ones elemental make up and applying it to spaces could be backed up with understanding our true nature.

These charts and elemental blueprints are unique to the person and the space, whether it be a home, an office or piece of land. Harmonizing oneself within any location is what personalized charts and readings accomplish. Its where Feng Shui meets the individual and magic happens.

The Feng Shui Chart & Beyond: Personal-Feng-Shui-Consultation-Services

  • Originally a simple elemental chart was used to determine colours, shapes and interior design features that would balance spaces.
  • Next was a quest to discover the personality of clients via the study Nine Star Ki or Feng Shui Astrology. The insights gained give me a view of the elements that form who you are. It allows me to look at you through a unique lens and giving guidance in career path, relationship harmony, health, spirituality, travel and placement. All of which are core in Feng Shui application.
  • Then using the I Ching as per family members and their trigrams, I am able to assist clients with immediate questions or concerns.  The I Ching is directly related to Bagua or Feng Shui Map and  the elements that you carry personally. The I Ching and Tao deck provides me with a deeper look into what affects you in this moment in time, regardless.


All readings start at $120.00 ~ $140.00 ( sliding scale) BASIC level

This basic reading * see below is kept on file for when a more in-depth consult or I Ching/Tao counselling is required.


Eastern ‘Feng Shui’ or Nine Star Ki astrology introduces us to key fundamental aspects of personality, career and love relationships and more. Note you can add a partner, spouse or family member for an additional $ 60.00

  1. Feng Shui Chart will show us your physical orientation on the planet and your personal Elements, re: spacial application.  This will guide you on how to balance your home or office space for increased harmony and manifestation. For example: If your chart or a combined chart with a partner, spouse, or house mate shows that the elements Water or Metal are missing, then we work with design props and Feng Shui symbology to add those elements via furnishings, colour and shapes and possible Feng Shui cures.
  2. Nine Star Ki numbers give me a deeper insight into your personalities elements. When we look at those in comparison to the Feng Shui Chart more information allows me to juxtapose who you are into your space. This information gives us a read on personality , health, career, relationship compatibility and so to assist your vision for your future.
  3. Using the I Ching  as it presents in the TAO deck. It   It can pinpoint what is creating blockages or what is assisting your goals in this moment.

Readings touch all of the above.

Basic: $ 120-$140 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle , Character and Energetic Number and one Tao/ I Ching card with a Tarot qualifying card for *guidance.

Second Tier: $170- $180 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle, Character and Energetic Number and a 3 card I Ching/Tao reading. This outlines a) where you are b) where you are heading and c) what you need to get you there.  Tarot cards are used as qualifiers* where needed for guidance.

Third Tier: $ 210.00 ~ $240.00 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle, Character and Energetic Number and a 5 card Elemental I Ching/Tao reading.  Tao cards which outline a) where you are b) where you are heading and c) what you need to get you there and Tarot cards as qualifiers where needed for guidance. This reading also includes An annual chart of your monthly movements through the Nine Star Ki path cycles shown below and the cycle you you occupy this year. H

* The Tarot gives us deeper insight to the I Ching/Tao cards that have been consulted during a reading.  The Tarot Deck used is in aligned with the I Ching/Tao deck for the most inspired and concise reading


A basic reading gives you a precise overview.  Further to this the Annual and Monthly information outlines the what stage you are in for the year and month.* See stages below. Particularly insightful for guidance in personal or business matters.

The Nine Personalities in the 9*Ki system and the path they take from one to nine.  The year you were born your Principle Number was in the centre of the system. The shape of the path is similar to the Symbol of Saturn, indicating how everything is related.

Annual movement is based what Principle # you carry. Each year these number move through the houses called the Nine Star Ki Path. The year you occupy will influence your progress and or plans. Additionally each month the movement shifts through the houses, influencing the overall energy of the year.

These are the stages the Nine Star Ki Path cycles through.

  1. Gestation Stage:  This is the start of a cycle, and allows the nurturing future aspirations.
  2. Germination Stage: This is where things start to move towards a goal but are still hidden from others, as it takes root.
  3. Sprouting Stage: This is the place where your plans become visible and really start to move into manifestation.
  4. Rapid Growth:  This is the stage where all you have been planning, whether it be for the 3 years prior or the 3 months prior really start to bear fruit and become fully manifest.
  5. Fluctuation: This is when your original idea can be modified and reshaped. You will fell a lot of energy in such a year or month but its had a cautious note and no big shifts should be made. Only if it is within a structure or idea /plan you are already working on. Not a good month or year to change jobs or move to a new location. Its called a Karmic phase and in such one will reap the rewards or feel the pressure of paying past karmic debts.
  6. Celebration: A time to bathe in the glow of your creation and all you have accomplished over the 5 years or 5 months prior. It’s the payback to a well laid plan and vision.
  7. Abundance: Now you will feel and reap the financial stability and rewards of all your hard work and planning. This can be business or personal goals giving back to you. Abundance is not just $$$ but satisfaction, stability and friendships.
  8. Stillness: In such a year of month you are preparing for the last phase and as such it allows you to take a break, step back and observe how things are flowing. It is a year or month that you will not be so visible, yet its a great time to travel and be inspired.
  9. Fame:  Now is the time to step up to the plate and be seen. The best time of show the world what you have been working on, and receive the recognition due you. Know what is visible is both good and bad. If you have done your work, prepared for this moment, the good always outweighs the mistake or pitfalls we may have succumbed to. It both the end and opportunity to see a new vision or take this one forward.

These phases are extremely helpful for planning future events and will give insight as to the best timing for any business or personal goals you may have.


A testimonial from a repeat client.

Email me direct to book a time and date

Basic Reading starting @ $120.00

Second Tier starting @ $170.00

Third Tier starting @ $210.00



2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Nine




Any object infused with the life force energy of the one who creates it. A talisman is intended to protect, heal, or activate intentions for whom they are made. They are often portable objects carried on a person, placed in a space or installed permanently in architecture. Talisman evoke the energy assigned in their creation and intention, as a reminder to the recipient.


Talisman’s in Asia, specifically China dates back over 4000 years to Daoist shamanism. Talisman use Feng Shui is not a In Asia, the use of Talisman dates back over 4000 years and was specific to Daoist shamanism in China. Talisman use Feng Shui was not a common practice with Feng Shui Masters.

Placing such cures within your home or business when they are not a part of your culture, defeats their purpose. 

As a western interpreter of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, it has become my goal to create a symbol that embodies intention and reminder of what we need to serve out higher good.


It started as creative expression and desire to craft a momento for the annual Animal and Element. Starting in 1997, I crafted 60 simple, fun, reminders of the years potential. As time went by I found myself tuning into a more etheric energy while creating these pieces.

Clients collection of Talisman

The earliest pieces were no more than construction paper with wishes attached. The OX in the photo has a small scroll with wishes inserted. In those days the New Years Events were live and I would write specifically for those in attendance who wanted them; so customized! The simple envelopes found in China town, were perfect for holding ground crystal, prayers and sand collected on travels. This is when I got more into infusing these simple fun pieces with prayer and intention. Prayer + Intention= Magic.

Each year they evolved to embody shapes, colours and calligraphy. Created toreflect not only the animal of the year but power images and hidden prayers written into the layers of laminations. Featuring at times friends artwork and sacred symbols. The beading added another dimension.


Due to the importance of the FIVE elements, featuring then in the talisman was essential.often the element of the year is dominant in colour, shape and vibrancy. The base elementlives a of that animal would also be symbolized and the all five represented in some way. This manifested in balancing shape and colour to include all elemental transitions. 

What began in the late 90’s became an dedicated exercise and lesson. I was gradually tuning into the core energy of what a true talisman was even before fully understanding its power.


  1. The Metal Ox of 2021 took over 160 hours of work from start to finish!
  2. My first client & now a dear friend has been collecting talisman for years.
  3. Calligraphy that featured FU, which means happiness or fortune will often be seen upside down. The story is that a Ming Dynasty Emperor ordered this symbol to be hung on every door in the kingdom. When he came to the place of an illiterate family, he was enraged that it was hung upside down ordered them to be killed. The Empress saved the day by pointing out that this version read as the word for ‘here’; now meaning ‘fortune is here’. This saved their lives and started a new trend. *One of the 2022 Water Tiger talisman has its calligraphy upside down.


Talisman cost $30.00 Canadian plus shipping. * ask for seniors discount!

Email me at to order yours.

Numbers of Talisman are limited. You may have to wait briefly for a custom order.


In 2022 the Water TIGER Talisman should be placed in the NORTH EAST segment of a home or room. * Refer to Part 8 of the series to learn about this direction in 2022. Link below.

Know that when placing the Talisman in this direction you should also ask for all negative influences that may affect you personally be defused as you hang it up. Placing the Talisman in any other direction may neutralize the affects unless you are very specific as to what you want your Talisman to remind you of or bring to you in 2022.

2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Eight





As I share the eighth post on this 9 part series, I stop to reflect on the number 8 and its relevance within Feng Shui and the Chinese Culture specifically. It also is the number or ‘flying star’ assigned to the NE, where the Tiger lives on the Chinese Zodiac. * see Bagua illustration below.

Eight is the number of Prosperity.  It appears and is sought out for telephone numbers, house numbers, and anywhere numerology is applied in this culture. Take note and see if it shows up in your world.

water Tiger, Feng Shui, Chinese astrologey, predictions , divination

WHAT TO DO in 2022 in your environment to activate Prosperity!

First some Fact:

  1. The Tiger resides in the ENE section of the Feng Shui Map or Bagua: which is based on the compass. The NE represents Knowledge in Feng Shui when is placed over a home or work space.
  2. In 2022, the Flying Star aspect of Feng Shui Astrology places the Grand Duke Jupiter in the NE.
  3. In Western Astrology Jupiter is known as a benefactor. It governs prosperity and growth. Jupiter influences expansiveness, travel and positive energy.
  4. In the Year of the Water Tiger, expansiveness, travel and innovation are key in moving forward.

When interpreting the overlap of Western influences and Asian belief systems, the goal to simplify Feng Shui and its applications. When delving this Asian art form one discovers it is a many layered onion. Feng Shui is also seen as a discipline and science. Thus it has many interpretations depending on who you speak to, follow or study.

Having said that all suggestions are designed to open ones awareness to the potential and possibilities available in 2022.

About the Northeast:

  • The NE, attributed to both self and general knowledge is also the location of the I Chine Trigram, Mountain. It’s a location that monks go to, to find enlightenment this this location is one of contemplation.
  • The Northeast section of a home, business or piece of land should have the least amount of disturbances. Think of the of the sages & monks who spend lifetimes in the mountains of Tibet, China and India.
  • In Feng Shui, the Northeast is the location which should have minimal interruptions or anomalies, such as a missing area, large addition or primary entry way. Less so for a business that a home.
  • The NE are of the Bagua is opposite the SW. The SW symbolizes Relationship. Inner knowledge plays a vital part in how deep and connected we are in Relationship to others. The relationship between this two areas is profound. If there are issues in the NE, it will affect the energy of the SW and vice versa.

Keeping the above in mind, in 2022 we will be adjusting the energies for both the NE and the SW. The goal lis to minimize disturbances in the NE yet activate the energy of prosperity and abundance. The Key is to balance and activate both NE and SW without over stimulation.


The BAGUA as taken from the authors publication ‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’ circa 2018.

To activate prosperity and growth in your home, business or on land:

  • First is to identify those locations in your home business and or land. If using the 3 Door System as opposed to Traditional Compass school stay true to that method. If you are unfamiliar with the 3 Door System, find these locations using a compass. Most smart phones have this option or download a simple free compass  app. Take 3 readings to make sure you are calculating them correctly. Find the rooms or spaces that are in NE and SW areas of a home, room or piece of land or property.
  • These areas can be influenced from one of three different perspectives. The first perspective is evaluating land or property; this is the macrocosm. The second and most applicable in Feng Shui, is evaluating the actual rooms in these directions of a home or business. The third, or microcosm would have you work with these direction is one room of a home or business. One would simplify the quest of creating balance and harmony  by addressing a small space. Perfect for a one room apartment/ loft or a room where one works.
  • Activating prosperity and growth is to insure these areas are in balance. When working with one room the elements must be balanced. * See post # 6 in this series for an ‘elemental refresher’.

Example of an anomaly in the NE area, when the Bagua is placed over a square space (room, house or land).

The devil is in the details:


  • Determine if the area is functional and clutter free?  If not, that is where you start.
  • If the space is overactive, such as the entrance to a home, a simple but welcoming space is optimal.  Organize personal belongings, and make sure there is proper lighting, functional yet not glaring.
  • If a business entry, make sure it is visible, well marked and engaging. The exterior of the business reflects the interior; both are equally important.
  • If the NE is the entry to your property, ensure it is free from garbage, clutter and is well defined.
  • Should the NE be a quiet area of your home, you are lucky. Make sure colours are balances and pleasing.
  • If designing a home or business this is not a location for a home office, entrance, garage or kitchen. Its a better location for a meditation space, bedroom or library.

The object is to beautify and balance the NE area without over stimulating it. A subtle activation that brings attention to the area can be achieved by placing a plant or flowers there. Attending to a ‘new plant’, especially one that can handle the lower light of a NE direction, serves to keep ‘attention on an intention’; that of prosperity and growth.


  • check the location to make sure this area is in balance with the rest of the home or office space. If it is missing such as an L shaped may create then the area should be an outdoor living space.
  • The relationship area should reflect harmony in your relationships. Photos of loved ones, partners and family and friends are optimal here.
  • It is an earth area and should feel grounded, with heavy pieces of furniture. Balance is key.
  • Also make sure the space is functional , clean and well cared for.
  • Place coins in this location to optimize prosperity. It will active energies in the NW without stimulating it.

2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Seven



What a reading can do for you….


               Nine Star Ki and Elemental I Ching reading Testimonial on 02/22/2022

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  1. Feng Shui Chart & Nine Star Ki calculations for your unique profile
  2. Annual and monthly charts analysis
  3. Photos of Tao deck & to email dialogue

ALSO have your smart phone or computer able to voice record the reading.

Three Card Tao Deck Layout ~ An alternative to tossing the I Ching, it provides a rich & beautiful interpretation. 1) where you are  2)  where you are going  3) the influences that will assist you in your quest or journey. 


Feng Shui, 9 * Ki and Three Card I Ching

  • Feng Shui elemental analysis c/w  directions and tips for balancing your space 
  • Nine Star ki analysis
  • 2022 Chart & Monthly analysis
  • 3 card Tao reading

This combination is $ 180.00  TIGER YEAR Discount  $ 150.00 

 90 minutes one on one ( plus 45 minutes prior )


Feng Shui, 9 * Ki and Five Card I Ching

  • Feng Shui elemental analysis c/w  directions and tips for balancing your space 
  • Nine Star ki analysis
  • 2022 Chart & Monthly analysis
  • 5  card Elemental Tao reading * See next illustration

This combination is $ 210.00*   TIGER YEAR Discount $ 175.00

 120 minutes one on one ( plus 45 minutes prior )


Create your own reading based on need. Go to this link, scroll to Personal Feng Shui Astrology Readings to find what may work for you.

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Five Elemental Logo for ADARSA:Elemental Design

FIVE CARD READING places a card from the TAO DECK on each of the elements. Starting with Wood, this tells us what is affecting the start of a project or quest. Fire informs us what is affecting the overall vision and what you are contributing personally. Earth tells us about what is grounding the issue. Metal gives us the key to unlock the alchemy and move forward and Water tells us what is subliminally at work in this query or quest.


The Five Elemental Card Reading Layout

* Former Feng Shui Clients & Feng Shui Reading Recipients

  • 3 card reading
  • Annual chart for each month of 2022
  • Update for you personal Animal & Element

This combination is $ 60.00  TIGER YEAR Discount $ 45.00

The I CHING Trigrams relate to the numbers of the Nine Star Ki System, found on the Feng Shui Map or Bagua 

2022 Water Tiger Year ~ Part Six

water Tiger, Feng Shui, Chinese astrologey, predictions , divination


For the Water Tiger year Free presentation, I focused on the annual animal prediction. For each participant, I  read for their specific year of birth. In a brief overview I anchored the yearly energetic over their animal and element for a personalized peek into what to expect in 2022.

Prior to this presentation, 108 predictions were crafted and will be shared over the next several weeks in videos on my YouTube channel. To know more follow and subscribe to ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’, at this link:


This section offers an eye on the Elements. Known as the Five Elemental Theory, it is a scientific and energetic theory that constitutes the core of all Asian healing modalities. From Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Tibetan Elemental Healing to Feng Shui, Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The elemental dance is everywhere. It is represented and reflected in the cycles of time; each day, season and year.

Energy or Chi has two components; Yin and Yang. Although these energetics span many definitions, most understand the Yang as Male and Yin as Female. In that context, I playfully view the 5 Elements as Yin and Yangs children, whose interactions manifest life as we know it.

Five Elemental Symbol of ADARSA:Elemental Design


For the Water Tiger year Free presentation, I focused on the annual animal prediction. For each participant, I  read pin pointed their specific animals element. In brief overview I anchored the yearly energetic for a personalized peek into what to expect in 2022.

Prior to this presentation, 108 predictions were crafted and will be shared over the next several weeks in videos on my YouTube channel. To know more follow and subscribe to ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’, at this link:


This section offers an eye on the Elements. Known as the Five Elemental Theory, it is a scientific and energetic theory that  asian healing and martial arts. Tai Chi Qi Gong, Tibetan Healing, Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui & Nine Star Ki Astrology.

With that I offer mini perditions , which I usually include at the end of all more former presentations over the years.

in 2022 I personalized the presentation for each and every person on he call. To this end I am encouraging you to book  contact me directly should you want this information.


Also known as the Five Elemental Theory. The following is an except from Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation, written by the author of this piece. Should you want to further your study of Feng Shui, its origins and its use in homes, businesses and environments please link to this site:

The five elements or five elemental theory, aka The Five Transformations is the basis of all Asian healing modalities. These include Qi-Gong, Tibetan Healing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What is shared here is but a glimpse into its depths. Know that it is a life long study for pratitioners of the above healing and physical arts.

The FIVE ELEMENTS are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is most beneficial.

The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram below

FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.

The Controlling Cycle: follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram below

FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE. 

This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year and for each animal in each year.
With Metal being the parent and giver to the Water element of 2022 there is hope for Metal relinquishing control and allowing flow.

Annual Predictions

NOTE: This is a shortened version of what was presented on February 1, duding the Zoom gathering. For personalized forecast for your element please subscribe to “Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne” on YouTube to learn more about your ‘elemental’ info.

Videos will be released thought out February 2022. See link above.

asian_ Zodiac_wheel_see ox_top_right



Tigers: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 & 1998

Not always an easy year when your animal is in the spotlight. Tigers of all elements will have to choose to embrace change. There will be no end of challengers or problems to solve. For Tigers in general, this goes with the territory; independent, proactive and always on the ready. Guard against exhaustion and butting heads with other Tigers. Its in your nature to be competitive and want all the goodies. When Tiger embrace  collaboration they will reap the benefits of a win/win vibration. This is especially true in a Water Tiger year. Know  2022 is a huge opportunity for growth. Take care not to alienate loved ones and people who don’t see things your way. Examine your methods to find the harmony you desire.

Water Tiger *born ’62

Wood Tigers *born ’74

Fire Tigers * born ’86

Earth Tigers * born ’98

 Metal Tigers * born ’50, 2010

Rabbit: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 & 1999

A good year for Rabbits of all elements to reach out to others for collaboration or socially.  It will lead to opportunities when you are able to take advantage of group brain storming & idea sharing. In 2022 be observant and follow the Tigers lead into new, outstanding technology. Any pressures are relieved when you are surrounded by a good team, good friends and good food. 2023 is Year of the Water Rabbit. It’s wise to have your ducks in a row before then. You are learning how to be your own visionary.

Metal Rabbit * born ’51, 2011
Water Rabbit *born ’63,
Wood Rabbit * born ’75
Fire Rabbit * born *87
Earth Rabbit * born ’39, ’99

Dragon: 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

This is a year to step back and access where you are overall. Tigers and Dragons are both powerful and dynamic animals. Tiger is a good business alli and can energize the Dragon. When Tiger is at the helm it’s a prime year for the Dragon to be reflecting on what they have achieved and move from that place of strength. Only two years away from the Wood Dragon year, now is the time good to strategize.  2022 can be a great  travel year. Also spending time with family and delving into esoteric pursuits suit the energy coming forth in a Water Tiger year.

Wood Dragon *born 1964
Fire Dragon * born 1976
Earth Dragon *born 1988
Metal Dragon *born 2000
Water Dragon * born 1952

Snake Caligraphy

Snake: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 & 2001

This year may feel like a sleeper year for Snake born. It will, however it will bring its delightful surprises. Opportunities will come from places you least expect. Key is to be ready and aware. Make sure to follow your intuition. Although you tend to trust what you have created and how you do things this is a year to step out of the box in your thinking. New and exciting opportunities will show up that you could otherwise miss by stay with the status quo.

KEY WORDS: Expansion, Grounding & Trust

Wood Snake *born in 1965
Fire Snake * born in 1977
Earth Snake * born in 1989
Metal Snake * born in 1941 and 2001
Water Snake * born in 1953

Horse: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 & 2002

The Horse, being an ally of Tiger, stand to do well in 2022. As part of the Power Triad,( Dog /Horse/Tiger power triad)  it will be a  great year to launch a new business venture. The independent nature of the Tiger is well understood by Horse. Even though Horse is a herd animal, it’s gets its joy from breaking free and forging new paths and having exceptional experiences. The gift of Horse born is they bring this energy back to the herd to share.

Wood Horse * born 1954, 2014
Fire Horse * born in 1966
Earth Horse * born 1978
Metal Horse * born 1990
Water Horse *born 1942, 2002

Sheep: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

A moderate year for Sheep, yet you can gain much if you are hopeful and remain true to your path. Relationships look promising, whether looking to find that special person or deepen existing relationships, luck is with you. Career choices may be a focus. The prevailing Tiger energy in 2022  is ‘innovation’ so strive to go beyond. Look beyond your comfort zone, get creative and you may make more progress than expected. Pleasantly surprises are in store if you keep your eyes open and know what to focus on.

Wood Sheep * born 1955
Fire Sheep * born 1967

Earth Sheep * born 1979
Metal Sheep * 1931, 1991  

Water Sheep * born 1943, 2003

Monkey: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

Tigers are Monkeys nemesis and this can create friction for you this year. Although you  respect each others intelligence, neither can truly trust the other. An odd star does favour Monkeys efforts this year so if you are willing to work hard and stay under the radar some surprizes are in store. Keep your businesses and finances  in order. Not a good year to let anything slide. This follows into all aspects of life including relationships and health. A year to be on guard, move forward and restore order where necessary.

Wood Monkey * born 1944, 2004
Fire Monkey * born 1956
Earth Monkey * born 1968
Metal Monkey  * born 1980
Water Monkey * born 1992, 2004

Rooster: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

The wisdom of the Rooster will be recognized by the Tiger in 2022. Other animals of the Chinese zodiac will seek the assistance of Rooster. Be honoured and happy to oblige. Rooster will be able to make good of all and any challenging situations. Rooster will do well to also be on the receiving end as well as unexpected opportunities will present themselves.  Balancing both will allow you to stay humble yet noble.

Wood Rooster * 1945, 2005
Fire Rooster * born 1957, 2006
Earth Rooster * born 1969
Metal Rooster * born 1981
Water Rooster *  born 1933, 1993

Dog: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 & 2006

Dogs should do very well in 2022 as its Tiger’s co-conspirator as part of the Power Triad ( Dog /Horse/Tiger). Creativity soars, ideas pop and people who may have not noticed you prior will suddenly acknowledge your gifts. Career advancement is what you make them. Opportunities will be there, yet must be moved upon in  good timing. Make sure you maintain your independence as it will be key to your confidence in this power year. Clear autonomy will bode well for relationships as well in 2022.

Wood Dog * born  1947, 1994
Fire Dog * born 1946, 2006
Earth Dog * born1958
Metal Dog *born 1970
Water Dog * born in 1970

Pigs: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

The focus for the Pig will be more in the social arena than in career. A dynamic year when it comes to adventure, travel and deepening relationships. You will feel less inhibited than the past few years and can forge ahead with creative ideas while gaining wisdom from others. A blessed, wide open year begs you to watch health and finances. Being observant will allow your career to maintain an even keel. Gather momentum from outside sources to apply to your work in 2023.

Wood Pig * born 1995
Fire Pig * born 1947, 2007
Earth Pig * born 1959
Metal Pig  * born in 1971
Water Pig * born 1983

Rats: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984 ,1996 & 2008

The Rat will glide through the Tiger year with alertness yet from behind the scenes. A good year to reflect and come up with new ideas and plans. It will be important not to resist the any change or challenges the Tiger year may bring. Spiritual endeavours are favoured and will ground you in a year that may shake you. Rat born individuals should watch their health this year in regards to kidneys and bladder.

Wood Rat 1984 * born 1984
Fire Rat 1972 * born 1972
Earth Rat * born 1948, 1984
Metal Rat  * born 1960
Water Rat * born 1996

Oxen: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 & 1997

Now that your year is over, it’s an opportune time to chill and take it easy. Reflect on the lessons of this past year and know you deserve a rest and time to contemplate. From this stance you will be able to let go of stress and allow romance and connections with new and old friends to flourish. 2021 was too frantic for you to create the space to enjoy the year. Know it’s always the year after our animal year where the gold can be mined. Just know where to look.

Earth Ox * born 1949, 2009
Metal Ox * born ’61
Water Ox * born ’73
Wood Ox * born ’85
Fire Ox  *born 1997


2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Five



The Water Tiger arrives at a time when we are all ready for a shift. 

water Tiger, Feng Shui, Chinese astrologey, predictions , divination

In this January 4th interview with Ashala Yardley,  I talk at length about this transition. The basic shift is one from two Metal years ( 2020 & 2021 ) into two Water Years; the Water Tiger 2022 and Water Rabbit 2023.

The implication & symbology is that Metal is loosing its grip and is fighting hard to maintain the Status Quo. This was being felt throughout latter January with the transition being complete on the Full Moon on February 14th. Looking at unfolding world events during this period, we see can sense tension, struggles and and power shift.

Welcome Water!  It has the ability to shift and flow in new directions or, all directions at once. 

FIRST let’s look at what animals will do well in a Tiger Year. When you look at the image below, note the Triangles joining groups of three animals. The Tiger, Horse and Dog are in an  affinity triangle or power triad. 

Feng Shui, Feng Shui astrology Chinese Zodiac

The Affinity Triangle or Power Triad.

Each animal of the Chinese zodiac has its ‘power triad’. These two animals that are your best mates. They make great friends, partners and colleagues. There is a flow of energy and respect that allows communication and generally life, flow with ease. Consequently the Animal directly across from you is your nemesis. This person will be your challenge and someone, if you are brave enough, to face growth with.

When you are in your animal year, it will be these animals who stand with you and also succeed. When in the spotlight, in your year, it can be distracting and stressful. This does not mean you will not do well, you will, however you must be ready for growth and change. Your animal year is unique to you and will put you through the paces. Know to use the year prior to prepare yourself. If you do, then you will be rewarded. The year after your year willl offer time and space to catch up, relax and harvest the rewards of your good work.

RABBITS take note; prep and get ready in 2022 for 2023 


The animal across from the animal of the year is its nemesis. This year it’s the Monkey, and more specifically, the Fire Monkey. The Water Element of this Tiger year will seek to extinguish, or at least, dampen the Fire of this Monkey. All animals with Fire as a prominent Element should beware and conscious of the this energetic.

* Note: if you are in a relationship with someone who is across from you it is believed that you both are in a deep ‘karmic’ relationship. When these relationships last they can be life altering.  

OVERALL: Rabbit, Horse, Rooster and the Dog will do well in a Water Tiger year. The video below speaks about the Power Triad of Tiger, Horse & Dog. Filmed on February 1, the first day of the Water Tiger year.


  • Tigers are solo creatures and as such may not easily share information. See if you can tap into that loner energy to source out your important moves this year.
  • Tigers of the Water Variety are more personable that others.Being carnivores they can go for the jugular. Beware of the hidden dangers that present in taking on new ventures and projects.
  • The Water element is mysterious and ever moving except when its in an icy state. Get to know water by spend time near and in it if you have not recently. Water runs deep and is at the core of our human ‘being’.
  • The many aspects of Water creates an unpredictability. Watch how this affects world dynamics; especially  the marketplace in 2022. 
  • Expect the unexpected! We were in training during the pandemic. Having acquired now coping skill skills we will prepare us for future events. Take note of your geography and what you need to be prepared for in a natural disaster. This also applies to financial stress, mental health and emotional challenges.
  • Know that trusting your instinct in a Water Tiger year is crucial. The Water Tiger is intuitively gifted and this energy will be accessible to all of us. Let go of the ‘head mind’ and drop into the ‘heart mind’.
  • Pay attention to the Elements. Water diminishes Fire, Earth controls it. This includes its colours and shapes and directional energy. In Post # 7 in this series I will go into depth about the elements. My publication is called ‘Elemental Feng Shui’ for good reason. 


Think of water and its symbology.  Water is represented visually as curvy wavy lines. Yet when we spill water, its movement is unpredictable. This is why abstract paintings are considered ‘water symbology’ in home decor and interior design. It is also applied to Architecture in many ways. I refer to the home below, that of a clients, as  the ‘Water house’. Although its prominently Wood construction its the Watery sloped roof that makes it stand out.

water element, Wood element

Water symbology shapes the Wood of its construction. Water feeds Wood; a harmonious combination in the elemental flow.

This year will be dynamic and ever changing.  At times water is bubbly, and effervescent. At other times, its penetrating quality lies in the depths of the ocean, making it hare to read. Water is also a symbol for emotion.

Simple Tips

  • Keep Water symbology in mind while navigating the Water Tiger Year. Things can change quickly and probably will. Attuning to this powerful element will assist all and any transitional challenges.
  • Be prepared to experience all aspects of your emotional body. The Water Tiger is an excellent year to grow emotionally. Start with understanding the self first; only then can you move outwards into relationships.
  • Water aligns with the organs kidney, bladder and reproductive system. Tune into their function, have them checked out if you suspect abnormalities and protect them from malfunction. Stay warm & drink lots of Water.  Urinary track infections are particularly careful to watch out for this year. Non-Sweetened Cranberry in a non diluted form in water, daily is an excellent tonic for bladder and Kidney health.
  • Know that the Water Tiger year arrives with the Tiger month. It may have an impact, depending on your sign and animal.  Go slow, tune into your intuition or gut feelings and know that by March 5th things will ease up.

In the next post I will outline all animals, elements, years and mini predictions. 

A few more fun facts about Tiger born:

  • Tigers charm is its love for adventure and travelling. This could be to the next town or continent.
  • Tigers have altruistic streak. Admirable unless you are married to one as it will side track them. They will often ignore important issues when fixated on one particular cause. This will interfere with personal relationships and commitments especially if Water is in their transformation.
  • The Water Tiger specifically, is intuitive by nature. They form deep relationships and give their all when in the moment. In 2022, when distracted by bigger issues they may come into conflict with those who do not understand this about them.
  • Tigers, although solo by nature have a fun and lively side. Make sure you take your Tiger out to play this year. You will be rewarded and have a hell or a time.

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Lets welcome the empowering Water Tiger together !

The blue image reflects the Water Tiger in 2022

2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Four



The last Water Tiger Year was 1962, between Feb 4, 1962 & January 24th 1963  

Looking back at world events we see the transitional influences Water tiger created. 

These are included annually for both entertainment and reflection.

 Some notable historic events in 1962:  * not in exact time lines 

  • The Cuban missile crisis hits its peak in October 1962
  • President De Gaulle of France grants sovereignty to Algeria
  • Burundi, Jamaica, Western Samoa Uganda & Trinidad and Tobago are all given their independence 
  • Lt. Col.John H. Glenn Jr. is first American to orbit Earth, 
  • James H. Meredith, escorted by federal marshals, registers at the University of Mississippi; a state known for its segregation and racism. An event in  civil rights movement which was gaining momentum.
  • Saudi Arabia abolished slavery
  • Nuclear tests reached its peak 178 tests;  96 by the United States & 79 by Soviet Union.  
  • Mt Huascaran in Peru erupts and kills 3,500 the first day and 4000 in a landslide the next day.
  • The first airborne combat mission was flown in Vietnam
  • The first James Bond movie ‘Dr No” is filmed starring Sean Connery 
  • A Canadian figure skater, Donald Jackson, is the first to land a ‘triplelutz’
  • Marlyn Munro dies in NYC from an overdose
  • The Beatles become a phenomena in North America 

Reflecting on the last Water Tiger year 1962, we may get a flavour for the type of events which occur in 2022.  As Metal loosens its grip we are watching world events unfold that have a greater impact than we may know in this moment. 2022 is a year to pay attention as barriers are broken and understanding and acceptance is in the forefront.

We are currently and have been experiencing events that are not getting the news coverage they deserve. From Native Rights and sovereignty to the largest peaceful demonstrations ever staged in Canada.

These include

  • The blockade at Ferry Creek on Vancouver Island protesting the cutting of some of the last Ancient old growth forests in Canada.
  • At his moment the USA is reporting that Canada has a media blackout regarding the massive truck convoy crossing from B.C. to Ottawa, Ontario, to protest vaccine mandates that are affecting both countries.

Media and internet coverage is symbolic of communications ruled by the Metal element. As the Metal Ox year bows out we can feel its influence still.

Will the incoming energy of Water break through and allow communication to flow?

 I cannot help but think of the recent Tsunami warnings on the west coast. I heard about it from friends in Ontario and Vancouver before any prominent media warnings. 

As the Water Tiger arrives Be Prepared :

  • Install warning systems on your devices, for disaster alerts
  • Prepare emergency kits for your home, office and car for any and all disasters
  • Notify family and friends of your plans should anything occur and telecommunications break down

Know that the Water Tigers true altruistic nature will force the unseen to be seen this year. Tigers gift to humanity is putting the planet first. Although they may forsake family and friends to do so, they act for the good of all. Tiger’s protective and powerful energy will be felt on a global scale in 2022

On a lighter note here are some celebrities born in Tiger years.

Queen Elizibeth 2nd, Lady Gaga, Martin Short, Jon Bon Jovi, Leonardo Di Caprio, Penelope Cruz , Stevie Wonder, Christoper Lloyd, Shawn Mendes, Jon Batiste, Paula Abdul, Ralph Fiennes, Jim Carey, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick, Wesley Snipes, Jon Steward, Anthony Kiedis, Jodie Foster, Kelly Preston, Cheryl Crow and Emilo Estavan to name a few.

Can you recognize Tiger energy in any of these power houses ?


Mark your calandar for a FREE online Zoom presentation on February 1, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST which will last 90 minutes. To join me for the Zoom hook up information its as simple as sending me an email at and copying this line in the subject line, Yes, count me in!

You will immediately get a Zoom invitation and a request for your Birth Year and Date so I can have your animal identity and Element ready. I will address each animal who shows up with specific information for your element and animal re; 2022 Predictions.

2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Three



Tigers are viewed as magnificent animals to be respected and feared. In Asian Cultures the TIGER is found in art, mythology and notably in Feng Shui symbology. Although Tiger imagery powerfully impacts the countries where it is found, we can learn much from the richness of these cultures in 2022.

Those countries and cultures are:

  • Northern Russia
  • China
  • Korea
  • Myanmar
  • India
  • Indonesian Islands of Sumatra, Java and . Bali

We enter both Year and Month of the TIGER in early February 2022  and will feel the impact. How can we translate its primary attributes into modern application via symbology through mythology?


Tigers ferociously protect their territory. Practically this is applied in Asia for commercial and financial security. In the west we can use Tiger images to remind us to create boundaries,                                                                                   whether they are physical, emotional or psychological.


Tiger cubs are raised by both parents until the age of two. Afterwards they live an independent existence. My earlier reference to the power of ‘innovation’ in 2022 derives from this singular and independent energy. This means we must go deep to source our own ideas, before we collaborate with others to put things into motion. Connecting to our emotional and life force energy, we learn how capable we are in a Tiger year.


 All of us learn through our mistakes and can turn each failure into lesson. Although Tiger is but one animal on Chinese Zodiac it is the one that can move forward from its trials and errors. As such we can emulate its power, strength and ability to bounce back. Facing our deepest fears we test and building confidence in our abilities. In A Water Tiger year we will be tested. While reaching for success we will learn how weather failures. The multi faces of the Water element are many and in a Tiger year will force us to be honest.  Use Tiger’s confidence to face what needs to be faced and make the corrections needed to move forward.


Tiger rules the jungle both through its physical strength and force. The largest male can be stand 1 meter tall and grow to 600 lbs., yet without its ability to understand the practical ways of its surroundings it would not survive. Tiger energy will awaken ‘street skills’ this year. No amount of education or following the Status Quo can prepare us for the unexpected. Step out of the comfort zone, learn new practical skills and apply that along with what you already know to succeed 2022. Tigers’ intuition may be their greatest power.


Some believe that the Lion is the king of the jungle as it too has a majestic countenance. Yet as a communal animal its focus is to take care and be close to the pride. Tigers solo existence and ability to respond creates more of a mythological, immortal energy. Regardless of who rules, Tigers’ cultivated, majestic image is one that we can adopt and emulate to further our own goals and intentions this year. 2022 will be provocative and powerful and demand that we use our own majestic, unique gifts to love our best life to the fullest .

The blue image reflects the Water Tiger in 2022


TIGERS in Indian, and Asian cultures are portrayed with a multitude of attributes plus those noted above. Next is a distillation of qualities taken from the rich and vibrant stories of the east. Choose those that resonate with you. They may be key to channeling the Tiger as intuitive guide in 2022.

  • Virtue
  • Regeneration
  • Courage
  • Destroyer of Evil
  • Guardian
  • Spirit Guide
  • Respect
  • Fierceness
  • Habitat protector


In Feng Shui Tigers are a key part of Five Transformations or the Five Elemental Theory. Tigers are represented by  Metal element that lived in the West, & NW. The visual of a White tiger, as it is a key colour that represents Metal.

Its West placement is aligned with autum and fall harvest. In Chinese mythology Tiger related to fall and harvest, when it descends from the mountains, into the villages.

*An interesting fact: Feng Shui practise was originally used to site graves. It was believed that if the ancestors were laid to rest in an auspicious location that future generations would have ongoing luck.

In Mythology Tigers are protectors of evil spirits which protect the dead. They are often carved on tombstones or monuments in the east. The right hand is considered the power side, as most of us are right handed.  When a the grave is laid out, the right side will be higher than the left of the deceased’s body.

Modern day Feng Shui application evolved from ‘Former Heaven Gua’, which was used for grave sitings. The ‘Later Heaven Gua’ evolved for its application and placement of the living not the dead. In buildings and geomantic placement  Tiger is still on the right, yet now it is assigned to be lower, not higher.

NOTE: In Feng Shui, South is at the top of the BAGUA ( Feng Shui map) not at the bottom as in modern day cartography.

Dragon, another animal associated with  Five Elements, sits on the Left and is associated with East, SE,  the Wood element and Yang qualities. Tiger although it embodies Yang Qualities, in Feng Shui takes is also Yin, reflected in its placement to the right and in the West, NW directions.

In modern interpretation, we can see Tiger as holding both the Yin and Yang balance: giving it additional power and potency.