Power Gardens ~ Activating Feng Shui Energy to the Maximum


The What & Why of Power Gardens

During the times when the Silk Road was the main trade route from Europe to Asia information as well as goods were shared.

The famous Zen Gardens in Japan and the elaborate European Gardens found were influenced by the information and observation of many cultures. It is believed that the Ancient Persian Gardens played a major role as they were the first cultivated gardens for meditation and beauty beyond food and survival.

The evolution of Feng Shui and its application to exterior garden spaces has as much to do with geomantic principles as it does with natural flora and fauna. To this end we find today and endless variety of styles and formats for gardens that  Feng Shui principles can be or have been applied to.

I have introduced the idea of one of the most simplified yet potent gardens on my YouTue Channel ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ called the Power Garden. This garden is a miniature or microcosmic representation of the macrocosm of Feng Shui. A very core principle of the Zen Garden which

Principles of a Power Garden

The Power Garden replicates the Bagua and all it represents. A Power Garden harnesses all the energies of the Bagua specifically for the one who builds it and cares for it. Power Gardens are a very private and meditative talk to self, the earth and the creator. As such it can bring peace and insight into the life of those who take the time and intention to craft them.

The Power Garden mimics the shape of the Bagua and uses the colours of the elements dictate the colours of the plants used in each Gua or Section of the Bagua

* Stay tuned for more …..

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2024 Wood Dragon Good Luck Talisman


Wood Dragon Talisman for 2024 ~ good luck charm - Dragon year - auspicious energy - Feng Shui basics


The 2024 good luck Talisman reminds us of what we seek to manifest and create in our lived using Feng Shui Astrology and symbolism.

This year the Wood Dragon energy came to be while playing with Water colours while in Central America. Using blues, greens and purples on a small pad of Water colour paper, when finished I was rotating this Somewhat abstract piece and recognized the Dragon head and realized I’d channeled the years image from a simple doodle with colour. Later a friend pointed out a serphants head. With 2025 being the year is the year of the Wood Snake, this felt like a gift and the correct image to use for the 2024 Talisman.

water_ colour_ dragon_ Feng_ Shui_ year_ of_ the_ Dragon_ 2024_ good_ luck_ charms

A simple doodle with water colour became the Wood Dragon Symbol of ‘free flow energy’ and mystical revelations.

It did take more time to craft the Talisman as I was in contact travel mode. I had the image, then I had to find the art paper, decide on the Calligraphy to draw and find the beads and semi- precious stone that I would use in finishing it.

This years Talisman is infused with tropical jungle energy, the freshness of the Pacific Ocean both tropical and northern. Prayers for the planet and our constant evolution and the magic of this mystical creature. 

I am taking orders of the Wood Dragon Talisman and will infuse these hand crafted pieces with your personal aspirations, hopes and prayers. I will also dowse for the crystal and stones personal to your healing and higher intentions.

Darkness vs. Light_ Good Luck Charms for 2024_ personalized good luck pieces



Any object infused with the life force energy of the one who creates it. A talisman is intended to protect, heal, or activate intentions for whom they are made. They are often portable objects carried on a person, placed in a space or installed permanently in architecture. Talisman evoke the energy assigned in their creation and intention, as a reminder to the recipient.

Talisman’s in Asia, specifically China dates back over 4000 years to Daoist shamanism. Talisman use Feng Shui is not a In Asia, the use of Talisman dates back over 4000 years and was specific to Daoist shamanism in China. Talisman use Feng Shui was not a common practice with Feng Shui Masters.

Placing such cures within your home or business when they are not a part of your culture, defeats their purpose.

As a western interpreter of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, it has become my goal to create a symbol that embodies intention and reminder of what we need to serve out higher good.


It started as creative expression and desire to craft a momento for the annual Animal and Element. Starting in 1997, I crafted 60 simple, fun, reminders of the years potential. As time went by I found myself tuning into a more etheric energy while creating these pieces, creating fewer and now only making 9 to 12 pieces.  I will make them now upon request only.

Tiger_ Rabbit_ Dragon , Good Luck pieces over the years_ 2022_2023_ 2024

Talismans over the years.


Until June 21 I will offer the personalized Talisman for $30.00 with the price of the pieces at $45.00 after this date. These pieces, although used for the year of the Dragon will become a life long talisman into the future when crafted specifically for you.

If you are a Wood Dragon the price is $15.00.

Over 100 hours go into the crafting of the Talisman with all the single steps and preparations that make each one different and unique.  

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Wood Dragon Person: Born 1964 Special 

Good luck charms in windows_ dragon year good luck charm

A reminder of what we are manifesting for 2024.

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Year of the Wood Dragon Reading

A new reading for the Wood Dragon Year

Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Five ANIMAL PREDICTIONS FOR 2024


The Dragons of Vietnam 2024 ~ photo credit with thanks to Anne Mackie


Overall Predictions for the Wood Dragon Year: 

DRAGON:  1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012   

Dragons in a Dragon year will feel invigorated and motivated. Nothing can stop you so 2024 will be akin to being on steroids. Your fighting spirit and strength will be boosted with the triple force; first, it being  your year and then the influence of a double Wood. 2024 will draw our your vast talents and showcase them for the world to see. Your natural charisma and leadership skills will see your ideas put into action. Combined with your natural diplomacy and humour your light will shine on all of us. It is wise to be prepared and know what it is you want to manifest. Know you will need the support of a good team to achieve all your goals. The trick this year is being aware of your vulnerability and your habit not to admit when you have made a mistake. Although there will be moments of euphoria, the over amped wood influence will also bring times of stress and overload. Watch for burnout and overwhelm. For these moments know how to trust those who support you to take up the slack. Many of your dreams will come true if you do. Striking a balance between work, home and health will be ultimately important for the Dragon born. Only then can you enjoy all that you deserve and will achieve this year.

KEY WORDS: Balance, Pause and Humour 

SNAKE:  1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Snakes in A Dragon Year: Snakes will indeed do well in a Dragon year as they have a sweet compatibility and respect for the Dragon. Dragon years tend to be ones of personal and spiritual growth. Dragon years lead the sly intelligent Snake into deeper actualization of self, purpose and inner peace. In such a dynamic year it is Snakes challenge to use the Dragons influence for its own development. Snake are natural observers and they will know when and how to harness the energy of the year to move towards financial and career successes. They will also do well to ‘re-invent’ themselves and going inward for Snake is the key to being successful in the outer world. Your personal life will thrive and may prove to be more exciting than usual. Health matters will only surface if you overextend yourself, so take care on all levels to maintain balance.

KEY WORDS: Introspection, Defined Action, Enjoyment 

HORSE: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 

Horses in a Dragon Year:  Horses could find the super charged Dragon year more challenging than these past few due to demands of people and circumstance. Horses are fully able to navigate wood energy with style but must know when to take the lead and when to relinquish. To that end the independent stance of the Horse will have to give way to the herd, making decisions based on more group consensus. This way you can find your own groove and know you have good backing when you need to step back. The energy of the Dragon matches the Horse born and you will have high moments when you least expect it and even when you do. Know it is a year to seek guidance from trusted mentors in both career and financial areas of your life. Your personal life will follow your motivations and intentions this year. This will allow you to feel the inner peace needed to achieve goals even when you are overwhelmed. Keeping your joy alive will keep you balanced and healthy while inspiring others. 

KEY WORDS: Trust, Letting Go and Community 

SHEEP~ GOAT: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 

Sheep/Goat in a Dragon Year:  The sure footed goat may find the high energy of the Dragon year destabilizing. The unpredictable energy will not sit well with you so be prepared to shift courses rapidly, relying on your stealth and experience to see you through. This may find you letting go of things that do not serve you, whether that be a place, a job or a relationship. But know, ultimately this will lead you to a place of joy and freedom; the gift of the Dragon year! When you stay true to your abilities to adapt, you will find your grounding and forge your way ahead. If signs of stress appear, to take time to pause and return to nature. Being with family and friends will allow you to sooth feelings of vulnerability. These moments will open you up, revealing new attitudes which will lead to opportunities for future success.

KEY WORDS: Adaptability, Sharing and Gratitude 

MONKEY: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Monkeys in a Dragon Year: Monkeys have been waiting for a breakthrough and in 2024, with the Dragon a part of your power triad, it will happen. If you have been doing your work over the past several years your harmonious alignment with Dragon will lead you to success on many levels. Whether this be of a personal nature, career or in the financial realm you will have more choice and opportunities than in the past several years. Monkey born will be seen this year so let’s hope you are able and ready to stand up to your potential. Regardless, this will be a year of growth and development. New opportunities must be well considered before commitments are made. Take care not to overdue it, as the Dragon energy is very compelling. Take time to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy family and friends. Knowing how to ride the wave while enjoying the process is key for Monkeys in 2024.

KEY WORDS : Balance, Perseverance, Gratitude 

ROOSTER: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Roosters in a Dragon year: The Rooster born you will find themselves in a sweet spot. Share the showmanship energy of the Dragon will reveal of year of mixed blessings. Good fortune and opportunities sit next to to inauspicious energies this year for Roosters, so its best to navigate with a clear head and positive intentions. Being in the limelight of Dragon energy will boost your personal life as you share Dragons charm and demeanour. Make this your secret weapon when dealing with tricky business situations. Faking it till you make it will work only so long, it’s what you learn along the way that will last a lifetime. Roosters will be called on to use their wits, resources and courage to face uncertainties. Practising balance mentally, physically and spiritually will enable you to maneuver any challenges that show up this year. Definitely  not a year to back down. The test will be how to forge ahead with determination and when to back off with grace.

KEY WORDS: Awareness, Self examination, Fortitude 

DOG: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Dogs in a Dragon Year: Dragons are both your nemesis and your attraction, so it will be compelling to meet the challenges brought on in such a dynamic year. Do not be afraid of standing your ground and meeting all that comes at you with courage and determination. Although forces may seem to be in opposition, you can prove successful if you are clear, measured and focused. Know that there will be moments of hesitation and uncertainty. When these show, be ready to take time for self reflection and rejuvenation. The year for many is flavoured by the unknown. Know you are able to meet the challenges and triumph, feeling successful and empowered. The key is to be patient with yourself, others and circumstance. ‘Let go, let god’ is your mantra so take time to both be alone and seek out support. Being seen and being met on personal levels allow you to navigate this year with grace and adaptability. 

KEY WORDS: Courage, Vulnerability and Humour 

PIG: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Pigs in a Dragon year: For the Pig born the Dragon will infuse you with ideas and the energy to see them through. You may have been pondering many new avenues over the past few years yet this will be the year for clarity and action. The wood infused, dynamic prompting of the Dragon year will uplift you and inspire you. Normally in such a climate the Pig would feel intimidated but you are ready now in a way that has not presented in recent years. My advice is to go with it. Know that the opportunities that arise are limited yet provoking. Not a year to ponder. Make sure you do your due diligence before proceeding. Know motivation and luck is on your side; especially in your personal life. Expect the unexpected and perhaps a new romance will sweep you off your feet. The Pig knows about self preservation but maintaining a high quality food and exercise will see you navigate this potentially powerful personal year with health and vitality.

KEY WORDS: Trust, Manifest, Joy 

RAT: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020   

Rats in a Dragon Year. As one of a Power Triad with Dragon and Monkey, the Rat should have a prosperous year in 2024. If you have been astute and careful in the past few years you will enjoy the fruits of your labour, so be poised for great success. If you have fallen behind in your planning know that this year will be a good one to restart your engines and go for it. The double wood energy will be a boost for your business and in your personal life. It is a year to stay focused with an eye open to the opportunities that will present. Health issues will stem from overexertion, so well appointed down time is advised. Your personal life will thrive if you make time for those you love while taking time to nurture yourself.

KEY WORDS : Awareness, Balance and Flow

OXEN: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Oxen in a Dragon year may be challenged due to your more traditional approach to finding solutions. Having your base element as Water, you may tend to give too much in a Dragon year. Reevaluate how you operate while bringing a fresh approach to the tricks that work well for you. If Oxen is keenly observant this year they will find new ways to manifest. Stepping out of the comfort zone and seeking assistance from experts in your field is essential in 2024. All will pay off in next year when join the power triad with Rooster in 2025’s Wood Snake. 2024 will present new opportunities in both business and in your personal life. Take time off and relax so you can meet the growth with fresh energy. Any health issues that arise should be taken care of immediately especially if they involve the reproductive system, bladder and kidneys.

KEY WORDS: Patience, Due Diligence and Openmindedness

TIGERS: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Tigers in a Dragon Year:  Tiger energy is very different than Dragon energy so it is wise for the Tiger born to take a back seat and watch for hidden opportunities that may arise. Break from your normal routines so you become more observant. This will allow you to focus and see things you may have overlooked. The double wood energy will activate your base element wood, so follow the Dragons lead while striking a balance between introspection and action. A good year to formulate new plans and ideas while using your power of discernment. Know what works for you and what does not. As for your often neglected personal life, there may be some movement in the areas of romance when you stop taking care of everyone else. Pay attention to you inner callings and this itself will attract those who will nurture you.

KEY WORDS: Introspection, Rest & Breaking Habits

RABBIT: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 & 1999, 2011, 2023

Rabbits in a Dragon Year: You are finally out of the limelight and can breath a sigh of relief. This past year took you by surprise as it often felt like the right hand did not know the impact of what the left hand was producing. Time now rest up and regroup. 2024 is a good year to take a measured and unhurried approach to what is next. Take heed of all that you have learned in 2023 to reformulate plans as you navigate any challenges in your finances and career path. There is a lot of growth potential for Rabbits when you observe and refrain from reacting. The Wood Dragon may lure you into high production mode but know that this is not your style. Instead keep a stealthy eye open for possibilities and places in you life that could use subltle shifts. Personally you will do well to be more present and take care of your health and well being. Make time to do the things you love with those you love.

KEY WORDS. Relaxation, Observation, Remedy

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Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Four MYTHICAL BEINGS IN TODAYS WORLD


Dragons of Vietnam! Photo Credit Anne Mackie, February 2024


In Part One of this series, I talk about the power of the Wood element. In a dynamic Dragon year, an animal with as much buzz as mystery, it is fuelled by the Yang, outgoing energy of Wood times two.

What creates a double wood year?

First; the base element of the Dragon is wood as it sits in the ESE portion of the SW of the Bagua or Feng Shui Map. This is the energy of WIND, the Trigram of the I Ching that is represented there in the SE. Also referred to as the Fortunate Blessings Gua of the Bagua. The Wood element embodies sunrise, a new day and new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to ’start over’. It is inspiriting and engaging and infectious.

Just think of how you feel on a day off  when you wake to the sun shining into your room. Most of us are inspired by the energy of the sun, thus the Dragon offers this as a gift for us to use this year. Not only does 2024 bring us the Wood Dragon, it is amplified by being doubled with such an activating element. In 2024, potential rules; double bright, doubly motivating, doubly engaging and doubly inspiring. This may also mean double challenging for some yet there is magic in the air and mysticism to consider. 

The Question is, are we able, ready and prepared to engage much less keep up? Understanding more about Dragon Mythology may allow us to intuit what is required internally to move forward or how and when  to hold and observe. 

Mythological Roots of the Dragon  

The word dragon comes from the latin word dracōnis and Greek word drakōns. It appeared in the English language in the 13th century and was traced back to what was then called Mesopotamia, which is current day Iraq, also know as the seat of the Persian Empire.  The portrayal of dragons and snakes was a part of the creation story of West Asia. Over the ensuing centuries we find references to Dragons as a powerful symbol in China. Dragon also appears in various legends throughout India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and other SE Asian countries. 

Its Symbology also migrated south into Egyptian lore and also showed up in Roman Mythology which moved across the vastness of Roman Empire over the centuries. I am speculating but there is much written about Dragon and Snake lore in many cultures. Dragon/Snake symbology appears in the America’s in First Nations cultures from the Eastern US to the Aztec’s  of Mexico and the Meso-American cultures of Central America. We also find reference to double headed snakes or dragon like entities in both Incan and Andean civilizations. Overall we find Dragon represented as deities and power talismans in many civilizations worldwide.

In European mythology, Dragon characteristics were depicted as cruel, greedy and gluttonous, thus evolving as a symbols to be feared.

Reading the Clouds of an outgoing Rabbit Year

Taken days ago by my daughter in Uvita, Costa Rica. I saw the Rabbit in the clouds and immediately felt its fleeing presence and good bye. For me it symbolizes the old making way for the new Wood Dragon Year. 02/09024

2024~ Evolution of Dragon Mythos

In this Wood Dragon year and in current times, the Dragon is quintessentially Asian. 

The eastern temperament, although quietly unassuming, choose this mystical creature to represent it as a powerful, lucky and beneficent being. We find it at the core of East Asian philosophy.  And we have seen Asian culture appear more prominently on the world stage in recent years. The influence of Asian culture has had an impact. Yet at its core it represents the Tao. Simply put, the Tao is not a religion, but an observation of ‘what is’. 

For example; In breath/ out breath our personal ‘Wind’ which translates into the word FENG in Feng Shui. 
What goes up/comes down; a simple observation follows through to the flow of life. We wake/we sleep. When applied to wealth or success it illustrates times of highs and lows. As these natural pattern are observed, we can become tolerant of down periods, using them to rest.  And then for fully partake when the energy shifts and requires us to engage and flow with movement and the feeling of  success when it’s happening. 

To go deeper into the Feng Shui or Wind Water, we understand that its based on natural rhythms and our attainment with them, ourselves and our placement. Our very essence requires looking inward in order to move outward. The art of meditation allows the internal compass to observe the busy mind and answers come for that place of stillness that the mind can bring to fruition. 

Feng Shui seeks to place you in locations where you can have it all. The quiet solitude when you need it and the out going, dynamic and motivational energy when it’s required. It’s always about striking a balance and within and in our environments.

Understanding the nature of the Tao, we can flow with the in and out breaths in a rhythmic way. Allowing periods of observation, mediation and self reflection to harmonize and balance out the powerful forces of this years Dragon compelling influences.

Returning to the Asian outlook; one belief system sees the Dragon as Harbinger of  four powerful energetics.

  1. Prosperity 
  2. Virtue
  3. Peace
  4. Longevity

Should we choose to delve into Dragon lore or simply observe its influences in 2024, know how powerful the double Wood element will affect us throughout the year.

To conclude, know that the Wind Trigram on the Bagua alludes to   Winds of change. We can decide to partake or simply observe. Either way it will be more open and dynamic and less subversive and hidden  than the Water Rabbit. In 2024 know that we will sense a shift. 


Considering this years unabashed  Dragon energy, we may find the deeper dysfunctions on the planet being flushed out. Exposing the villains, while giving the underdogs the courage and fortitude. We can count on Dragons support and sense of justice to correct and shift the  disharmony we faced in 2024. 

2024 will be a  year to watch for certain. Will  the Dragon will use its noble standing to seek out subversive energies to conquer or will the Dragon be mislead and tempted to the shadow side?

We have learned in past years that nothing is a certain. Health, relationships, careers, travel and communities have been tested on many levels. The Dragons fierceness and relentlessness seeks to expose the truth, not only on a world scale, but in our homes and beings as well. Many things will come into focus this year. For some this will be exhilarating and for some it will creating a major shifts. My only advice is to be open and know that only way to get through issues and challenges is to walk straight ahead. Dragon energy will give us courage and strength to deal with everything in our paths.

As I mentioned earlier and in my live interview with Ashala*,  intention will play a huge role in your success. Seeing prayer as another form of intentional energy, we can harness its power for ourselves and the greater good.

*link to live interview on the Wood Dragon year   https://www.youtube.com/live/BTwNWhMGF_c?si=rfM29j3mSzhHJJ3E

The quietly altruistic yet intrinsicley justice seeking Dragon can quell the more nefarious influences from taking over. When given control, the Dragons pure nature will seek solutions in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible.

It is not Dragons habit to ruffle the feathers of authority, be it on a personal, local or international scale. Just know its confidence and determination will effect change in 2024 that will be noteworthy.

Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Three  THE NON MYTHICAL ANIMALS IN A DRAGON YEAR 




Knowing full well the the Dragon is a magical Mythical being, where does that leave the all the other animals of the Asian Zodiac?

First I would have to say that in a double wood Dragon year there are opportunities for each and everyone. My Feng Shui Master would never reveal his age to us. He instead said we can change our ‘astrology’ with intention.  I sense this as  mixture of luck, prayer & focus. So we all overcome. Knowing your personal Elements is a more profound and deeper way to addressing how to navigate this Double wood energy. A link to the Videos which address ‘element influecnes from our birth charts”.

We have to look at the whole zodiac and take into account the elements of your animal and your year. These video links on YouTube tell you more about the how your elements fare. See* Part Two for the chart to know what element & animal you were born under.


Fire and Earth People in the Dragon Year


Water People in the Dragon Year


To that end and before getting really specific about each animals predictions * see Part Five,  let’s look at the Power Triads.


The tertiaries are the first thing to look at. Your Tertiary or Power Triad groups are the two animals other than your Animal who resonates best with your energy, work ethic and sensibilities. They are your best friends, your most supportive colleagues and can make the best partners in life in a Romantic way as well.

Feng Shui, Feng Shui astrology Chinese Zodiac

The Affinity Triangle shows your Power Triad. Know that the animal across from your animal is both a nemesis & attraction.


Therefore, it is the Monkey and Rat of the Dragons Power Triad will be affected most profoundly this year. They will feel the boost of their soulmates year and if they are smart and astute, they will run with it. As they flank the Dragon, they can use the powerful determined influences to their out end.

This is an opportunity to for these animals to infuse their businesses, romantic lives, health and well being for the most desirable outcomes. They are the true supporters of Dragon energy and they know how to use magic .


This is the animal that sits directly across from the Dragon this year, therefore we say Dog it is in direct conflict to the Dragon Born. You might also say that as its opposite this at also an attraction, which is the case in Western Astrology. Examining this traditionally ‘adverse relationship’ we can infused it with a positive spin, especially in such a dynamic year. Why not  call on the Magic and Mystical elements of the Dragon year to be reflected towards the Dog instead of it being adverse. The Dog born, along with their Tertiary Animals the Tiger and Horse will all feel the challenges of the year. The Key is to temper your inherent reactive qualities and instead work with Dragon energy and the elements to your best advantage. In truth, the Tiger has a Wood base which aligns with the double wood energy of the year. The Horse base element is Fire and thus will be double infused with Wood as inspiration this year. The Dog’s base element being MetalL can cut or destroy Wood. Yet instead of likening itself to a sharp sword or knife,  the Key is for Metal to stay closer to its liquid, creative and alchemical nature.


The Rooster and the Dragon have a special affection for each other. The Roosters self assured and showy side appeals, yet does not threaten the Dragon energy. The Roosters’ bright colour and flashy comb are also factors in the ‘shall be seen’ personality.  This makes them similar enough to Dragon to share the spot light yet different enough not to seen at  the same cocktail parties. Pun Intended. Roosters base element is also Metal yet as Rooster takes up the due west position which enjoys the energy of the I CHING Trigram, Lake, its tendency is towards fun not fury. The Ox’s base element is Water which feeds Wood in a powerful way this year. So aside from burnout and giving a bit more than usual this should fare well for most Oxen. The Snake has a base element Fire and like the Horse above will be infused by double Wood Dragon energy. Being in the shadow of lime light of the Dragon in  2024 these animals should watch and learn how to harness its power. After all 2025 is a Wood Snake year and this is a great prep year for Snake born.


The last of the power trials will feel this year as one of transition. They all were in the spot light last year with the Water Rabbits rule, so this year, if they have had any success in 2023, this should be a year to relax and recoup. Not to say that change is not it the air, it is. For the Rabbit, recently out of the spot light, its a time to integrate all it has learned to mould a fresh approach. The Wood energy of its base element can indeed help or hinder its continued progress. The Goats’ Fire energy will also be double fuelled by Dragon, yet it will be important to be extra stealthy on those steep mountains symbolizing Challenges in real time. As for the Pig, its Water energy feed the Wood so it will need to take care not to overdo it in 2024.

In Conclusion: The double Wood Dragon year will amplify all the actions, intentions and thoughts for all animals of the Zodiac. The Key is ‘commitment without hesitation’. It means  having ‘skin in the game’. No matter what, we will fall and scrape ourselves this year in one way or another. Its enviable so best to be prepared and ready with a plan and a smile.

Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Two DEFINING THIS MAGICAL BEAST




If you are a Dragon be prepared to take off into a dynamic new way of being. This can be true for all of us but definitely a power plus year for the Dragon Born. Know that the last dragon year was 2012 and the Element was Water. If you are not sure of your Animal or the Element of the year you were born hit this link to take you to the Chart to clarify for yourself. 

Should you want to know animals and elements beyond the 2019 cut off of this chart drop me a line at shuideva@gmail.com.

Know that your year will be demanding and outstanding. There are many sides of the Dragon but know that it is understood that Although Dragons are Ambitious and Dynamic they are also Benevolent and caring. It will be a year for Dragons and all of us to exercise the positive qualities of Dragon Energy and work on the Weaknesses within ourselves to make our lives and those around us better. 

Let have a look:

Positive Qualities: independent, magnetic, sincere, self assured, ambitious, determined, energetic, fun loving & popular with friends 

Weaknesses: do not like to admit defeat, will give up to easily ,  lack will power to stay with it. 

This last weakness trait seems totally contradictory to what Dragons represent. Keep in mind that mythologic creature in the Asian Zodiac is the front man, the image , and the mascot. Our images are of the Breathing dragon who creates an impact and  leaves an impression. What we do not see is its shadow side or experience the moments  when Dragon looses faith and hope.  

This is the difference between Dragon being a non reality animal. All the other animals of the Zodiac are breed on Animal we know and can study their behaviour, patterns and personalities.  We know little of Dragons habits, habitation or intrinsic personalities beyond the what we see in movies or read in books. It adds to the Mystic of Dragon but impels us to show up, be curious, be interactive, while  taking the best of what  Dragon energy represents. This way we all stand to gain when we merge Magic with Ambition in our own lives. 

The fierceness of the Dragon will leave nothing to the imagination in 2024. It will then be important to monitor the energy of the year in terms of positive and negative tendencies.  Knowing that the Dragon is a justice seeking entity, who supports altruism and fights the good fight, we must encourage ourselves and Dragon to not be discouraged to avoid any subversive negative powers to take over. 

How does this affect us?

Dragons are natural visionaries. When they have an idea they seek out every possible avenue to manifest it. For our human ‘operating systems’ this means due diligence. It also means seeking council, hiring experts while always having a group of like minded peers for feedback. 

Dragons have an inherent leadership qualities but as a loner he may not have the support needed to succeed.  This may be a key factor in why they give up easily or loose focus, especially in important pursuits.  Dragons need prompting, community and support as do we. Here in lies the paradox  and what we need to be aware as we move thru 2024 and into our futures. 

Dragon energy is infectious, and this alone contributes to their success provided they do have support.  Their innovative approach & is admirable and inspiring. Dragons are also chivalrous and care deeply about others while seeming to be  indifferent at the same time.  

 How to maneuver these facts and influences is to be aware of the our own tendencies…

  • Know what sabotages we use to avoid action
  • Be clear on what we want . Being wishy /washy in a double wood Dragon year is not an option
  • Know the power of Intention, prayer and community. 

The more impulsive Dragons can bite off more than they can chew and often find themselves in situations that are less than savoury. The Magic of Dragons charm shines through and they, like cats always seem to Land on their feet.

Luck plays a role in Dragon energy however some would say that if you look deeply into the stars or have expertise in the vast types of Asian Astrology, that this year the Dragon lives under an unlucky star.

Dragon image and Calligraphy

In spite of that as well as because of that,  it will be a year to be on alert for opportunities, people and situations that we can turn to our advantage. Also know how to recognize the red flags and follow your intuition.

Having a clear vision and seeing it towards completion is lesson and gift of a Wood Dragon year. Know that we must look beyond the power of potential to create a new future. It will work well for all of those who are prepared, determined and ready Maintaining a Balance this year is Key.

To that end, 2024 is a great year for sports,  activities and practices that  have Balance as their core component. This will train us to tune into our  intuitive sixth sense. I suspect you will see how powerful that is when it shows up in our day to day ‘outer world’. 


Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part One NAVIGATING THE DRAGON YEAR


Major Characteristics of the Year



Knowing the nature of the Dragon and how it forges its path is a big part of managing your year. Starting on February 10 2024, it shifts to the Wood Snake on January 29, 2025.

Dragons have an uncompromising attitude towards life and tend to have luck beyond the norm.  This could be due to the fact that they are the only Mystical animal in the Chinese horoscope. Either way, know that the power and energy a foot this year will be palatable. My advice; Read on and be ready! 

It will be key for all ‘Animals of the Chinese Zodiac’ to tune into your intrinsic nature. This way you can measure your abilities, strengths and weaknesses in regards to what this powerful Dragon will bring! Knowing what you can do will give you the power to move forward with confidence. You must intuit when the timing is right to move forward and when to back off and take breaks when the flow of energy shifts. And be assured, in a Dragon year you will know!  

Learning new ways to manifest is possible and with a little savvy you can use the brilliance of this unbridled double wood Dragon energy to move forward in a focused and empowering way. 

A Wood Dragon Year is one to harness the power of  ‘intention’. Suffice to say you must know what it is you are heading towards in order to achieve your goals. The energy of this double Wood Dragon can threaten even the Dragon born. It will be a big wave or set of waves to surf this year so it is vital to know how to go with the flow, keeping in mind exactly what you want to achieve. Also, whenever it is our own animal year it will be challenging. This too will be true for Dragon born, especially with all this Wood energy at play.

Let’s first  look at the power behind this element. The Wood Element, when referencing it on the Bagua, or Feng Shui Map, lives in the East & South East. It is the energy of sunrise, new beginnings, growth, and movement forward. It is also the area of Fortunate Blessings.


The BAGUA or Feng Shui Compass show where the elements live. Wood is in the East and South East

The Dragon itself lives in location between the Rabbit /East and the Snake SSE. Dragon is located specifically in the ESE. This is why its base element is Wood. This factor, combined with the rotating elements (the last two years were Water, these next two will be Wood )  make it the a Wood Dragon year. This amps up wood energy which is a very yang, dynamic and ultimately ‘awakening’.

NOTE: The 12 animals rotate between 5 elements, thus 12×5 = 60 . This is why we only ever reach the element of our birth year every 60 years. If your 60th birthday is between  Feb 10,2024 and Jan 29, 2025 you are a Wood Dragon, with the last Wood Dragon year being 1964! Congratulations if you are a Wood Dragon! *More about Dragons and what it will be like specifically for you in Part Two.

Now that we understand the power of the what can be manifested  in a double wood year, what do we do with it?

  1. Understand our personal dynamics so we know when and how to harness what is needed to create change.
  2. Make plans that are intentional yet flexible.
  3. Gather a good team of collaborators, friends and confidants to ensure you do not lose motivation, completing what you have set out to do.

Dragons and the inherent energy of the Wood element is visionary! Wood energy brings forth ideas and possibilities yet is flaw is in its vulnerability and too often its inability to follow through. This is why being flexible and thorough is a must if you want to move ahead and manifest things that have been on the back burner. Teamwork & collaborations are favourable in this  double Wood year. Even if you are a solo operator, as many Dragons are, this is a year to have or set up a good network and use them.

Being independent and adaptable in a Dragon year is optimal yet especially so with this spring like energy arriving with the winds of change.  Tapping into our motivations and being prepared will go a long way in creating success this year. And even though you may not be naturally ambitious, this years energy may surprise and inspire you in ways you never dreamed of. 

NOTE: The two Trigrams of the I Ching, also located on the Bagua Map are associated with Wood are Thunder and Wind.

Both are hard to ignore. There will be times when you will feel the need to retreat and regroup in a double wood year. With  such power and force about to infuse our worlds it will be equally important to rest and get in touch with all levels of what inspires us in any and all aspects of life.

From the spiritual to the physical, emotional and mental, knowing our strengths will allow us to define our personal goals in the best of ways. And as always, striking a BALANCE will be a personal quest for each of us this year. 

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