Energizing Spaces for Resale


This 2 part course for realtors is certified by a Qi-Mag International Feng Shui consultant and qualifies as a re licensing course. It will cover the many areas of a property, home or business that can be activated with tips and insights from a Design and Feng Shui perspective.

Charlyne will share information that will increase your already ‘expert eyes’ allowing you to bring new energy to your listings. Designed to assist you with both sellers and buyers the information is presented graphically with clarity.

Her years of experience as a designer and Feng Shui expert is fine tuned. Charlyne will share with you the most important design aspects of properties, buildings and houses and how to tweak them for maximum positive impact.

2 Day course will run through until Spring 2021

Charlyne is a B.C. based consultant who divides her time between Nelson and Victoria and travels when possible to work with clients. She has 27 years experience in Feng Shui Design.

All courses will be taught in Pacific Standard Time (PST) Should you want to chat directly about the courses email her at shuideva@gmail.com

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  • Stay posted for more class dates in the Fall of 2021
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