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Feng Shui Services for a Home


Feng Shui and Feng Shui Design Services For a Home

Feng Shui Dining Room

Feng Shui Design modern condo renovation. It features the original flooring and a retro design concept. Colours and furniture layout integrates the clients’ style and personal artwork.

Feng Shui Home Consultations are personal and are not a ‘one fits all’ scenario. The more specific your personal fr and concerns, the better a professional consultant or Feng Shui interior designer can assist you. Know that a Feng Shui expert may uncover issues that you may not be aware of.

The Art of Feng Shui interior design starts with a qualified designer who uses Feng Shui philosophy. The rules may vary with the type of Feng Shui theory used. Feng Shui concepts in design have become standard in Modern Interiors.

Whether the basic principles of Feng Shui interior design are applied via Traditional Compass School or Western Form School a Feng Shui consult is an empowering step towards change. Elemental Birth chart determines elemental balance within a space.

Preparing a Feng Shui Floor Plan For a Home

Providing a pre-drawn floor plan/ layout is advised for proper assessment. New designs or a renovation will require a Feng Shui Designer or Architect to create plans and or suggestions for the best Feng Shui.

A Feng Shui professional will pay attention to the surrounding environment, building placement for a Feng Shui Landscape evaluation.

Using the Bagua Compass For a Home

Only then will the Bagua Compass Bagua placed on the land, and home to determine where energies lie. Special attention is given to entrance ways, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The BAGUA will indicate

  • Career
  • Knowledge,
  • Ancestors, Community & Health,
  • Fortunate Blessings & Wealth,
  • Vision, Expansion & Fame
  • Relationship
  • Children & Creativity
  • Helpful People & Travel.

Each Section of these areas of the Bagua has an element that rules it related to it. These Five elements will be balanced in accordance to the clients Eastern Astrology. The Bagua detects challenges on the property, whether in the residential application or for business.

A Feng Shui consultant will remedy challenged areas, with remedies that include furniture placement, lighting, elemental balance, remedial or new design, energy clearing etc.

Feng Shui Floor Plans for a Home

Residential Kitchen /Family room renovation expands the existing kitchen to include a coffee area, countertop seating and a proper work triangle. The family /play area focuses on an existing fireplace and the new dining area is an expansion of the space into an existing outdoor area that is not used. This kitchen remodel used existing features to reduce overall costs.

Feng Shui Home Renovation Consulting

Residential Kitchen /Family room renovation expands the existing kitchen to include a coffee area, countertop seating and a proper work triangle.

The family /play area focuses on an existing fireplace and the new dining area is an expansion of the space into an existing outdoor area that is not used.

This kitchen remodel used existing features to reduce overall costs.

Benefits of hiring a Feng Shui Design Expert when renovating.

  • A well though out plan/ program for the design and renovation
  • A professional design process which will cover schedules and budget plans
  • An expert design based on optimal design principles for your specific requirements
  • A Balanced and effective layout incorporating Feng Shui Design principles
  • Personal elemental balance through the use of Color, texture, lighting and layout
  • Optimal energy flow patterns for pooling chi and circulation
  • Information on the best dates for renovations, demolition, and move in.
  • Blessing ceremonies, dates and optimal move in information

An excellent time to hire a Feng Shui design consultant. The benefits of Feng Shui analysis when doing a minor or major house redesign are immense Feng Shui Design experts are skilled in interior design and Feng Shui.

Renovations are stressful, time consuming and expensive. Hiring a Feng Shui Design partitioner before a renovation elevates the guess work and creates a positive experience when changing your home.

A Feng Shui Design Consultant can be hired at any part of the process. Existing floor plans are easily evaluated by a skilled practitioner.

Obvious Feng Shui problems are addressed and corrected saving time and resources.

Changes during construction can make budgets soar.

Special Feng Shui applications for entrances and kitchen renovations can increase a families overall potential, prosperity and health. Exact renovation locations within the home and the dates of construction also impact residents.

Feng Shui Space Clearing Consultation For a Home


Geomantic Dowsing for Home Energy Clearing

Photo of Dowsing Rods for Feng Shui Geomantic Dowsing

Dowsing tools include rods and Pendelums

Geomancy and dowsing detect any unseen influences affecting your home, property or office building. Negative energy can be addressed with ritual, prayer, smudging with sage, using his frequency clearing bells and the use of salt and rice in various ways. These methods are often temporary.

The use of crystals for clearing electromagnetic energy is now common yet they must be cleared and cleaned on a regular basis.

Culture and religious beliefs can dictate particular practices for clearing energy, such as

protection symbols etc yet permanent solutions to issued are best found by a qualified dowser.

Negative energy can have a stress affect on the human immune system, and on plants and animals. A skilled Geomantic Feng Shui expert can shift energy permanently. The categories that are distinguished as:

Geopathic stress refers to influence of natural occurring water lines, fault lines, gamma radiation and microwave radiation. When found under a home they can affect occupants. Exact locations are detected with dowsing tools as is their levels of interference.

Their locations will also be impactive with bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms more susceptible as we spend more time in these locations.

EMF radiation refers to electromagnetic emissions from electron devices, microwave ovens and towers, power boxes, and any electrically transported energy. It can affect the health and well being of those occupying the space that are have high radiation levels.

There are experts who use devices to detect EMF radiation and their affects. Geomantic dowsers, which include some Feng Shui pratitioners can detect and work with the energies to minimize their effects.

Metaphysical energy that is often left behind from human interactions that were disturbing. Arguments, death, war leave ‘human memory imprint’ and people who are sensitive can feel their effects. Not all Metaphysical energy is disturbing.

Power places like Stonehenge, Niagara Falls and special places in nature are not human influenced but planet power spots. When When these metaphysical energies are disturbing, a qualified Geomancer can clear land, buildings and homes of any detrimental influences or affects. This is known as space clearing.

Feng Shui Real Estate Consulting For a Home

Feng Shui Real Estate Consulting

Hiring a professional Feng Shui consultant provides designers, builders and developers with an advantage in today’s competitive reality markets. This is especially true in western cities such as Vancouver larger Canadian cities.

With the real estate markets in constant flux, working with a qualified Feng Shui expert skilled in energy clearing can be a bonus that pays off.

A Feng Shui consultant who practices geomantic dowsing can detect unseen anomalies in properties and developments that may be preventing a sale due to geophysical, metaphysical or EMF disturbance. Land and building energy clearing can be used to shift a bad investment into a brilliant one.

Whether selling an empty house or recently developed property, a Feng Shui professional may assist in your real estate sales.

Advantages for real estate agents

  • Promotes a competitive edge.
  • A skill for recognizing energized homes.
  • A powerful career tool
  • Expanding awareness of optimal environments, buildings and homes.

Many variables affect why realty sells and for buyers and sellers it can be daunting and emotional process. Feng Shui experts can make the process easier.

Advantages for buyers

  • Learning how and why birth information and home numbers have significance
  • Purchasing for optimal health and abundance
  • Aligning and optimizing requirements with financial limitations.

Advantages for private sales

  • Tips for selling quickly and efficiently
  • Optimizing a space so the buyer sees their vision
  • Remdial cures for issues compromising a sale
  • Feng Shui can optimizes sales
  • Clutter clearing, energy cleaning and staging to attract buyers
  • Techniques and cures for relinquishing spaces

Photo of a Kitchen That is Renovated With Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design Consulting For a Home Garden & Landscape

Feng Shui Garden Layout

Gardens and landscapes are a vital part of home design. A Feng Shui Geomatic partitioner has the skill to accentuate and elevate the energy in landscapes and connect it to inside spaces. Water features can bring luck to homes and businesses but their design and execution is crucial.

A Feng Shui expert will assess and apply a specific style of analysis called Landscape Feng Shui. This methodology becomes crucial for creating balance both within and and outside homes and buildings.

A Feng Shui expert will create aesthetic, impactive and beautiful exterior spaces as a vital part of Feng Shui practise.

The timelessness of the serenity Zen /Tao & Persian Garden design principles are long- lasting. They draw from ancient techniques that are becoming lost. Feng Shui uses these garden design ideas and principles for creating sustainable, balanced environments.

Important garden features include

  • Entrance placement to various areas
  • The importance of front yard garden design
  • Water feature placement and pond design
  • How to create the snake landscape design or the powerful serpentine flow pattern
  • Power spots and positive energy locations such as the male and female power spots
  • Location the Heart of the garden or property
  • Backyard design ideas and courtyard design
  • Patios and decks as an extension of the home
  • Overall property design before construction based on geomancy
  • Material, plants and textures which create pleasing aesthetic fences and barriers

Feng Shui can optimize vegetable garden productivity and sustainability. With the use of Feng Shui color and elemental understanding exterior spaces can affect those living in spaces.

Good Feng Shui Landscape and garden design actives and elevates a homes energy which improves both physical and emotional health for occupants.

Extending A Feng Shui home consultation into the front garden the Exterior environments take on a new dimension when a Feng Shui partitioner applies the Bagua to the property or specific garden areas.

By using either Traditional Compass School and Western Style Feng Shui or the 3 Door System will be a client choice and or limited by the Feng Shui pratitioners skill.

Benefits of employing a Feng Shui Geomatic Design expert for Landscape Garden layouts

Having a Feng Shui Geomantic designer assist with garden layout ensures these criteria are met

  • A layout which features the 5 power spots of the garden
  • Finding the optimal location for a single or specialty gardens on a property
  • Garden activation for optimal growth and health benefits for plants and humans
  • Elemental balance using the Bagua and Landscape Gardening techniques

Geophysical, Metaphysical and Electromagnetic disturbances in landscapes can be  detected by a geomantic expert and remedied in many cases. Whether it be a new design or an existing space, Feng Shui garden and geomantic expertise creates superlative surroundings

Feng Shui Services For a Business

Feng Shui Services For a Business

Feng Shui Interior Design Consulting For a Business

Feng Shui Design is applied to the location and layout of change rooms in a new retail clothing store. This layout creates an intimate area for customers to change and a seating area for friends keeps viewing private. Good mirror placement for inside and outside the area is important.

Expert Feng Shui, when applied to a business, will vitalize both the workers and the business itself. Entrances, furnishings and layouts are crucial to a businesses success.

Photo of an Office With a Desk in a Feng Shui Layout

This Feng Shui inspired office features a desk facing the window for good Ming Tang and a strong art piece for good backing according to proper Landscape Feng Shui principles. The colours are specific to the business type and are balanced elementally.

The plant placement is in the Fortunate Blessings area according to the Compass School. This corner is SE which features the element wood and is an aesthetic design feature when you enter the office.

Protocol for a Feng Shui Business Consultation

Feng Shui consultations for businesses are unique to its purpose, focus, location and target market. A Feng Shui consultation starts with the intent of the business owner whether it be

  • Start up of a new business
  • Jumpstarting an old business
  • Increasing business sales
  • Expansion of the business
  • Relocation of a business
  • Renovation and design
  • Business energy clearing

A Feng Shui expert will consider the intent then create a plan to achieve goals. A consult should include a Landscape evaluation and elemental analysis. The Bagua is placed over the space to detect energies and issues.

Either Traditional Compass Layout or Form School Feng Shui and 3 Door Analysis is used for Bagua placement.

Important aspects of a Feng Shui Business consultation

  • Analyzing the business type, location and accessibility
  • Business address numbers are analyzed
  • Proximities and influences of adjacent businesses
  • Businesses owner(s) elemental charts are calculated and balanced
  • Office colors, door colors, layouts and logos are elementally evaluated
  • Main Entrances and door directions are evaluated
  • Evaluation of desk placements and desk direction
  • Shop entrance and machinery placement
  • Plants for businesses and their placement
  • Use and placement of water features
  • Application of good Feng Shui for home based businesses.

The Bagua layout(s) will determine specific energies and challenges. Implementing changes and cures are in accordance to the business owners goals.

There are numerous ways to do remedial work for businesses in Feng Shui practise. The elemental balance, within the landscape may play a large role in remedial Feng Shui or renovation work.

New designs take into account the overall. Shifting entrance energy, changing circulation and flow patterns with furniture placements, changing lightning and colour schemes can go a long way on rejuvenating a business or creating a new one.

Space clearing is an other excellent option for energizing a business. An expert Feng Shui practitioner will offer sound solutions for heightened success. A skilled expert will be able to suggest a business opening date if applicable.

Feng Shui Space Clearing Geomancy Consultation For Business

Space Clearing for Business

Narrow alleys are intimate locations for businesses, yet in this Chinatown setting may have many unseen energy influences that can be dowsed for. Geography and location is key.

Business and their success may very well depend not only on their location and adjacent businesses but on the unseen energy surrounding them. Subterranean anomalies such as water lines, fault lines or metaphysical phenomena are also a factor and can be detected by a professional Feng Shui Geomantic Dowser. Energies can then be diverted or cleared.

Whether a new design or an existing environment applying Feng Shui geomantic expertise may be the key to a successful business.

Geomancy and Space clearing and cleansing can jump start a business and or revive the energy of a business that is stuck or failing. There are many hidden energies, which when detected by a professional dowers can be shifted to ensure that business thrive.

When taking over a previously occupied locationSpace Clearing is a excellent option. Realtors or Building owners do not divulge information that may a negative impact on a space. These may be business failure or bankruptcies.

A Feng Shui expert who excels in geomancy and dowsing can quickly detect anomalies in a space prior to occupancy and proceed to clear it.

Referred to as the metaphysical energy, unfavourable ‘human memory imprints’ can be left by a past occupants. These influences may create shifts in moods, morale and production of employees. Should this be noticeable it is a strong indication there may be a need for energy or space clearing.

Electromagnetic influences, present in many businesses may have negative affects on the health and well being of owners and employees.

Exposure to Microwaves towers, microwave ovens, power boxes, and electronic devices creates an overload on the immune system. A Feng Shui dowsing professional will determine if

EMF radiation is a factor. They will make suggestions or clear energy to to create a more balanced and healthy work space.

Subterranean energies can appear as geopathic stress. These to may influence both occupants and the success of a business. Natural occurring water lines, fault lines and gamma, microwave and radon sources are unseen yet can be detected.

Radon experts are available and known yet many are unaware of the effects of other underground influences.

When seeking a positive business location find locations where past occupants relocated for expansion. Where past occupants were successful is a not just common sense but good rule in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Design Landscaping Consulting For a Business

Photo of an Airport in a Feng Shui Layout-Ngurah Rai

Landscape design is a major factor in public spaces. For this Asian airport the landscape is as much an interior as an interior feature, part of in public space. Whether it be a box store or a book store the landscape surrounding and adjacent to businesses have an impact.

Many businesses are located in or a part of in public space. Whether it be a box store or a book store the landscape surrounding and adjacent to businesses have an impact.

Feng Shui Design and Landscape consultation for business can make a huge impact on the success of your business and the clients you attract. A business surrounding should be balanced and in alignment with the owner and business

A Feng Shui expert may be consulted to find space for a new business, for relocating a

business or for a new building design . A skilled Feng Shui practitioner takes into consideration many factors as each business is different and and as unique as the owner operator. A Feng Shui Landscape and Geomancy Consultation ensures the best chance for success as the consult is specific to the client and business needs.

A Feng Shui design partitionesr assessment for optimal Landscape design

The important criteria are:

  • The location’s suitability for business and location alignment with the owner
  • The entrance way to the business and all aspects that attract a client or deters them
  • The purpose of a business and what it needs to convey
  • Whether Geomantic anomalies occur under the business space
  • How adjacent businesses affect your business landscape
  • What you are wanting to convey in your business as translated into the landscape

The flow to a business and what surrounds it can attract or repel clients. Landscape Feng Shui is a specific part of Feng Shui that can improve existing businesses and attract new clients.

A Feng Shui Geomatic expert can elevate the energy in landscape that benefits both clients and employees.

Feng Shui Business Logo Design

photo of Feng Shui Business Logo Design

A Feng Shui Design Logo follows specific rules for
maximum prosperity

Creating a powerful Feng Shui logo for a business is an entire science in the Feng Shui world. The most important aspect of a Feng Shui business logo is its elemental balance. It must match the business theme and that of the owner/ investor.

Feng Shui is now used to design business names, overall business features and business cards. Even good business names and card sizes that are logo based can affect the prosperity and influence of a business.

Elemental Birth Chart and Nine Star Ki astrology of the prominent owner operators and investors is used for creating balance for a logo. The date a business is opened is also a factor. The 5 Transformational Theory and associated elements are the core of QI Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The information gathered thought personal charts has a major effect on a business.

Each element relates to aspects of personality, career, and health that affect a businesses in subtle ways. Elements dictate colour, shape and a good graphic design principles to reflect the essence of the business. A good Feng Shui logo design will ensure the business is infused with the energy and power a specific business needs to excel.

Business logos are an essential and intricate part of business branding and identity. An example is Starbucks graphic design: the elements used and reflected in colour, style, and graphics has branded it for has success.

This is both common sense and and good Feng Shui design savvy.

Personal Feng Shui Services


Personal Mini Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Consultation

A personalized Feng Shui Birth Chart is done for each client whether this be for a mini consultation, a home consultation or an astrology reading. Personal elements that affect your world are revealed. These five elements apply to your specific Feng Shui placement, orientation and directions. Mini home and personal consults are a fast and effective way to kick start the Feng Shui in your life and home. 9 Star Ki is also consulted for character information.

Mini Consultations are done over the phone with a client as an introduction to Feng Shui and its application. Your Personal Birth Information is reviewed and a profile and elemental chart drawn up. This will indicate which of the five elements is abundant or ‘missing’ for an individual, couple or family.

The Nine Star Ki Astrology is also reviewed, as character and personality often influence space. Information on what you need personally to balance in a home, apartment or work space is flushed out in a mini reading.

These mini readings, are not in-depth as a house visit would be yet they indicate areas that need to be given attention in an environment. This profile will also reveal you best personal directions. A personal Bagua with numbers and directions are part of the reading that you will perceive prior to contact.

A floor plan can be introduced for a more in dept reading for the client or clients. Also couples readings to sort out compatibility can be an add on to such a reading.

Personal Feng Shui Astrology Readings

Photo of Nine Star Ki Charts

Nine Star Ki or Feng Shui astrology used the big dipper and Polaris and Vega as the yin and yang stars which balance the seasonal movement of the constellation. The Nine Star Ki path or Flying Stars will chart energy movement through the Gua’s of the Bagua.

It can be charted daily, monthly and annually. Your personal elements are determined by your birth year and month.

These can forecast information about health, movement on the planet, career and relationship

Feng Shui Astrology also known as Nine Star Ki is applied in Feng Shui consultations and as a tool for personal guidance. Nine Star Ki pinpoints our personal elemental transformations from our birthdate. It reveals information which affects all aspects of our lives.

Unlike Western Astrology, which depends on the movement via degrees, of ‘all the stars in the firmament’, Nine Star Ki aligns us with the 7 stars of the big dipper balanced by Polaris and Vega, the Yin and Yang star, making up the 9 stars of system.

The combination of three numbers reveal your elements and how you interact with others.

How Feng Shui and Western Astrology relate

  • Principle Number; your adult personality and element, much like a Sun sign.
  • Character Number or emotional body and child energy (1-18 yrs), much like a Moon sign.
  • Energetic Number or how others perceive you, much like an Ascendant sign.

As a microcosm of the larger Western format it unravels both the obvious and subconscious undercurrents of our unique personality traits. It tracks specific areas such as

  • health
  • career choices
  • relationships
  • creative outlets and tendencies

Benefits of Nine Star Ki Astrology

Nine Star Ki is also used to pinpoint spiritual and physical practices which are beneficial for each specific personality. It is an also a very effectual guide for

  • Determining compatibility with business partners and employees
  • Setting up optimal team dynamics within groups
  • Travel timing for pleasure or business
  • Directional movement on the planet

Nine Star Ki is an excellent personal guidance tool which provides a deeper understanding of yourself, partners and colleagues. It also points out hidden challenges & blockages relationships. The insights from Nine Star Ki Astrology will shift the way you view your world, your environment and those around you.


Types of Readings and Investment

Readings are done either in person or online. After you have receive the completed chart we are ready to proceed

Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki

Personal $ 180.00 / 90 minutes. This Basic reading includes a Feng Shui Analysis Birth Chart, Nine Star Ki personality analysis which included information about Health, Career and more. It also included an Annual Planning Chart. Maximum 90 minutes: this includes chart prep time

Relationship $ 210.00 /120 minutes. Includes all that is in a Personal reading including the Feng Shui Elemental chart plus the Nine Star analysis for two people. You will receive 1 chart for each person. It is a perfect reading if you want to sort out challenges within a relationship.

It does not include the Annual Planning Charts. Maximum 120 minutes: this includes chart prep time. Should you want the Annual Planning Chart, add $30.00 per person.

Nine Star Ki 

Family or Group Reading ( Maximum 5 people )

Uncovering the personal dynamics within a family or group provides immense insights. It includes Birth Charts, Annual Planing Charts, A Group Relationship Chart and pertinent info on Health and Career for all included.

It offers the elemental balance for all members of the Family and a Free Feng Shui Analysis and Tips for home Feng Shui Balance within the family.

Family 120 – 160 minutes ~ $ 260 -$ 300 maximum of 5 persons.


Business Reading$ 90 per person: This reading allows those working as a team to best understand each other’s personal dynamics. It allows the most harmonious placement of personalities for flow, production and success within a group setting.

Birth Charts, Nine Star Ki charts and Annual Planning Charts for each person.

Maximum 5 people* at 120 minutes.

*Larger numbers can be accommodated with prices negotiable.


The Benefits of adding the Elemental Tao Guidance Readings 

The Tao Deck uses the I Ching wisdom. The 5 elemental Tao Reading allows a snapshot of any current situation and insights and recommendations. Specific questions or intentions are addressed. The 5 Elemental Reading can be added to any of the above and can be a three card or five card reading.

5 Elemental Tao Guidance Readings 

These readings address a specific question or issue. The wisdom of the Tao unlocks the underlying current affecting an issue and providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses. It can also address blockages in flow.

3 Card Reading: $ 90.00 for 60 minutes 

#1) Where you are  #2) Where you are going  #3) What will get you there.                      

5 card ReadingMaximum 90 minutes $120.00This reading focuses on each of the elements. It provides a full spectrum of influences, shedding light on we need to be empowered.

  • 1)Wood; Spring energy and new beginnings. It focuses on what is assisting or profiting you from moving forward.
  • 2) Fire; is the power of being seen and what you bring personally to the situation that assists or inhibits.
  • 3) Earth; this card is about being grounded in life. It will show you what you need to anchor into current situations with ease.
  • 4) Metal; This card may show you what is in control or what you can do to control. It provides the alchemy of change and creativity that may be required.
  • 5) Water; This card brings us to the subconscious energies that affect all that is happening in the moment or in your inquiry or issue. It connects us to the subversive that we can use as a super power to shift what needs shifting.  


                 Combination Readings allow you pick and choose from these options 

  • Feng Shui ElementalThis is primarily to spacial orientation within you home. It provides you with the your personal directional information. It identifies the elements present at your time of birth and what is missing. With this we can bring balance into your space using colour, symbology, shape, furnishings and lighting. It orients you to your directions and what you need to be in balance.
  • Nine Star Ki This reading focuses on personality traits and who you are. Using Principle, Character and Energetic numbers of your birth year and date it creates your unique profile. This information which had its own elemental blueprint provides you with insights into your specific Health, Career, Spirituality and Relationship patterns. This in depth look into who we are from this rare perspective can guide you long into your future.
  • Tao/ IChing DivinationUsing the I Ching as guidance I offer a three card reading or a Five elemental Card reading. The I Ching is a powerful tool that can shed light on where you are at in life or on specific issues you want or need to address.


For Combined Readings:  I would advise we consult on exactly what you need and your budget. Readings are a minimum of 45 minutes to 120 minutes with investment to match. 

When adding the TAO /ICHING   Your choice of a Three Card reading is shorter that a  Five Card.

Combination /Personal Reading with Tao Reading ~Maximum 120 minutes $ 210.00 The beauty of combined readings is all in the ELEMENTS. The Feng Shui elemental analysis orients you in your environment. Adding the  Nine Star Ki personality elements broadens you perspective. Adding the Tao is related to what elements show up in the cards. It allows a very personal blueprint of your environment, who you are personality and how any issues relate to what may have to shift; internally or externally. 


Quartz Activation Pieces

photo of quartz activation piece
Chakra Stones

Stone activation is an ancient technique used to re-awaken the hidden energy that lay within the stones.

This technique is used on semi precious stones and Quartz to shift the energy of the space where they placed, or the

person who holds them.

Carnelian Pieces and Amethyst pieces above were designed for two specific groups. The stones were activated for and with the user groups. They can be hung in an individuals space, car, home or carried with them.

The long piece to the left should hang centrally in a space. The raw quartz is the base and it has the chakra stones featured throughout the piece. These include Red bamboo, Citrine, carnelian, Jade, Turquoise, Sodalite, Lapiz Lazuli, and Amethyst crystal.

These longer pieces which include the Chakra stones have either a Quartz Crystal Base, a Rose Quartz Base or an Amethyst Base. Each piece has a purpose and is activated for the intentions of the user. See below.

Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr. Jes Lim of Qi-Mag Institute introduced activation during his Feng Shui instruction. To activate is to ‘wake up’ and can be dedicated to a specific person, intention, prayer or activity.

Originally made and gifted, their healing properties were felt in spaces. When requests were made those who had experienced them, Making them become a bi annual event. Limited numbers exist and requests are taken as time, intention and activation is required.

The 3 base stones were chosen for their healing and clearing properties.

  • Rose Quartz ~Primarily for activation of the ‘heart’ of the home, a central gathering spot or in a home or a room
  • Crystal Quartz ~ Used in homes, rooms or offices needing a higher vibration or energy clearing.
  • Amethyst Crystal~ Used to activate careers, allow forgiveness, create mental stability and for breaking addictions.

In 2018 there were hundreds of pieces are in circulation. They are ‘re-activated’ with intention, prayer and meditation which renews and magnifies their original intention.

The original ‘activation pieces’ were made only with clear quartz, rose quartz & amethyst bases. Including semi precious which represents ‘chakra energy’ and magnifies the main stone. The ‘chakra stones’ create balance, harmony and allows for the a constant flow of healing and clearing energy. Advice on where to place or hang them is provided with the piece.

Feng Shui Chakra Stones Healing Properties

Many stones are used for healing. Semiprecious stones magnify the main stones used as a base. Red Bamboo, Carnelian, Citrine, Turquoise, Jade, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are used in the main healing pieces. Rose Quartz base stones above are used to anchor the heart energy in a home. Stones, shells and beads bring out the beauty of each individual piece

Semi-precious Stones used in Activation Pieces

Photo of Semi Precious Red Sea Bamboo Stones for Feng Shui

RED / Red Sea Bamboo- Root Chakra at the base of spine; grounding and survival.
• Sea Bamboo is a powerful Tibetan talisman used to staunch blood flow and help with anemia.
• Element: Earth and self-preservation. Colour of passion, courage, power, will, and desire.
• Physical: Stable and grounding – Adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, back, hips, legs, feet
• Spiritual: stability, security, grounding and courage.

Photo of Semi Precious Orange Carnelian Stones for Feng Shui

ORANGE / CARNELIAN -Second Chakra from lower
abdomen to navel; Sacral area and spleen.
• Carnelian activates abundance, calms anger, protections from negativity.
• Element: Water and emotional identity and selfgratification: Colour of creativity and sexuality.
• Physical: Sacral, genital area, reproductive organs,
bladder, bowel and lower intestine.
• Spiritual: Creativity, harmony, emotional balance, joy, success, passion and sexuality.

Photo of Semi Precious YellowCitrine Stones for Feng Shui

YELLOW/CITRINE Third chakra is solar plexus, below ribs, above the navel:
• Citrine enables energetic clarity, creativity, confidence and achievement
• Element: Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition; colour of wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm, Joy and optimism. It affects personal power, fulfillment, abundance, courage and self-confidence.
• Physical: Stomach, pancreas, liver;
• Spiritual: Courage, personal power, strength, self worth and transformation.

Photo of Semi Precious Green Jade Stones for Feng Shui

GREEN /JADE -Fourth Chakra is the Heart
• Jade evokes serenity, love and generosity.
• Element: Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance. Colour of healing, growth, and hope
• Physical: Heart, lungs and thymus gland. It stimulates healing, self-love, and love for others.
• Spiritual: Forgiveness and compassion.

Photo of Semi Precious Blue Green Turquoise Stones for Feng Shui

BLUE GREEN / TURQUOISE Second or ‘Universal
Heart’ Chakra and at the thymus gland
• Turquoise evokes wisdom & spiritual journey and inner knowing
• Physical :Thymus gland and location of the ‘heart mind’. Connects us to cosmic energy.
• Spiritual: Intuitive energy, peace of mind, friendship and creativity.

Photo of Semi Precious Blue Sodalite Stones for Feng Shui

BLUE /SODALITE–Fifth Chakra located at the throat.
• Sodalite balances head and heart and assists in
overcoming loss.
• Element: Water, sound and creative identity. Colour of tranquility and trust.
• Physical: throat and voice evokes positive communication and self-expression.
• Spiritual: Stimulates the ability to communicate one’s deepest truth.

Photo of Semi Precious Indigo Lapis Lazuli Stones for Feng Shui

INDIGO/LAPIS LAZULI -Sixth Chakra is third eye
• Lapis represents l awareness & awakening
• Element: Light, archetypal identity, oriented to selfreflection. Colour knowledge and dignity.
• Physical: Pituitary gland at center of head: receptivity.
• Spiritually higher intuition and psychic power.

Photo of Semi Precious Purple Amethyst Stones for Feng Shui

PURPLE/AMETHYST- Eight or Crown Chakra location of the 1000 petal lotus
• Amethyst: Balances emotional stress, strengthens mental stability
• Element: Thought , identity and oriented to selfknowledge. Colour of strength and Meditation
• Physical : Top of head, assists in nervous system healing, emotional healing and insomnia
• Spiritual : the Crown is the opening to the KA body or Aura.

Photo of Semi Precious Clear Quartz Stones for Feng Shui

CLEAR QUARTZ : Ka Point 18”above the crown
• Quartz resonates to our highest vibration
• Element: Air and pure channeling of higher consciousness
• Physical: Absorbs universal, cosmic energy. Aligns us with positive high frequencies.
• Spiritual: Amplifies the connection to cosmic energy and is the ascension point for divine energy.

How to acquire your Activation Piece

Activation pieces can be designed and make for a specific purpose or request. The type and styles are

  • Heart activation pieces for a home
  • House or space clearing ‘clear quart crystal’ pieces
  • Healing and Pieces for Addictions made from Amethyst or Rutalated Quartz and various other stone

Pendelums and Group pieces are also available either by request or from choices below.

See Investments for actual range of costs. These pieces can be shipped to you directly anywhere in the world. The cost of shipping will be added prior to it being sent.

Feng Shui Consultation Service Questions

What is a Feng Shui Consultant?

A professional Feng Shui consultant assists clients in creating balance, harmony and well being. A Feng Shui assessment is a powerful tool when building, buying or renovating a home or office.

A Feng Shui practioner can also be an expert in Design and or Geomantcy. A geomantic dowser is adept in home and land clearing techniques. Feng Shui guidance from and educated and experienced expert will yield exceptional results.

Who is Feng Shui Expert Charlyne Chiasson and what are her credentials?

M Charlyne Chiasson is a professional Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant and Geomancer. She holds An Interior Design Degree from Ryerson University, a Feng Shui Diploma from QI Mag

International and has worked as a Facilities Programmer for the Government of the North West Territories.

Her 25 years experience as a Feng Shui Interior Designer and 15 years as a Geomantic Energy Clearing expert allows her a discerning and thoughtful skill set for assisting clients of all kinds.

Questions to Consider in Finding a Feng Shui Consultant

Knowing what you want is essential when hiring a professional Feng Shui Consultant. When you have a personal level of aesthetics that define you it will be an easier choice.

A personal design style is refined by knowing favourite colours, textures and the design elements you want to work with. A Feng Shui Design consultant will combine their skills with your ideas for great results.

If you are unsure of your design style is an Interior Design Feng Shui consultant can be of great assistance. Their experience in both fields can decipher your needs, and style with ease, creating exceptional spaces.

Intentions to be clear about prior to hiring a Feng Shui consultant

  • What are your goals for employing a Feng Shui expert?
  • What is the style, school and experience of the Feng Shui practitioner you want?
  • Is the Feng Shui assessment for an existing space, home or business?
  • Is the consultation for a new land, building or home search? A Geomantic land assessment can be very informative as to placement of a building and the energies surrounding the location.
  • Is this for a renovation or new build situation? In which case a Feng Shui designer who is an expert, can detect issues before any construction this saving you money overall.

Questions To Ask a Feng Shui Consultant

A Feng Shui Consultant who teaches design professionals will have a high level of skill in their practice.

Charlyne has just published her first book on the topic and has been teaching Feng Shui and its many applications for over 18 years.

This testimonial attests to her abilities and relatability. Asking pertinent questions will lead you to the best professional for you.

A Feng Shui experts references for past work they have done.

  • If the practitioner is classical or Western, Black Hat Feng Shui or if they combine the two?
  • Ask what expertise, education and experience the Feng Shui partitioner has as it will determine the cost of a Feng Shui consultation
  • Ask if the Feng Shui professional works by the job size, the hour or offers Feng Shui
    packages or free mini consultations.
  • Ask if practitioner is skilled in Interior Design or Geomancy. This can be an included as part of an overall package.

Questions a professional Feng Shui consultant may ask you when you make contact

A skilled Feng Shui Practitioner will want to know what level of Feng Shui you understand, and what is your exposure this Ancient Art.

When a consultant has a clear idea of your expectations and knowledge of Feng Shui it will allow them to assist in the most optimal and powerful way.

Making a list of what you expect from a consult guides your professional. The more specific you can be the better.

All Feng Shui consultants want to meet your expectations and provide the best results.

Questions a Feng Shui consultant should ask you

  • What do expect from a Feng Shui consultation?
  • Do you have a budget set aside for a Feng Shui expertise?
  • Do you need a Feng Shui practitioner who is also skilled in Interior Design?
  • Will you sign a contract for services and pay a retainer to book a Feng Shui expert.
  • A Feng Shui professional may ask you birth information details for Elemental Chart Assessments. This information is crucial to determine the elemental balance specific to your personal imprint on a space. An expert Feng Shui consultant makes your consultation personal with birth information.

Feng Shui Mini Consultation Option

Nine Star Ki Astrology is used as the basis of all readings. Various types and styles of readings for clients have been offered, modified and Taylor made for clients for over 15 years. The personal Elemental Birth Chart reveals important information which can address whatever issues of challenges are presenting in the moment. Investigating what elements may be missing or in abundance can affect personal, spacial and health recommendations.

New mini Feng Shui readings: (might be a good idea to have in a readings consulting part)

Sitting down with a Feng Shui consultant is an empowering moment. What is revealed to you will not be unfamiliar, but it may allow you to link together many things in your life that you thought were unrelated.

As simple as a mini reading sounds, it can provide deep insights into your life, your home and how you relate to the world.

Charlyne now offers a Feng Shui Mini consults over the phone or Skype. Based Elemental Birth Chart evaluations , this is an opportunity to learn about Feng Shui, your personal elements and what areas of the home that may need work without an actual visit. It also allows you to get to know Charlyne and the price you pay for the consult is taken off a future Feng Shui package.

SPECIAL: As a New Year Special an hour long reading is $90.00 for one person. Book before the end of Chinese New Years ( Full moon on Feb 19th ) and schedule your reading before March 1st 2019.

How Much Does Feng Shui Consultation Cost?

What you invest in a Feng Shui consultation depends on the level of work you want, how much you understand about the craft and the level of knowledge of the practitioner.

* See questions you should ask your Feng Shui Professional.

Charlyne offers:

  • Mini Readings online which provide Feng Shui Guidance
  • Basic Feng Shui Floor plan on-line assessments
  • A range of Feng Shui on-site Feng Shui Consultation Packages
    • Fundamental: Online ~ Floor Plan Analysis
    • Essential Feng Shui Package ~ 3/4 hours
    • Feng Shui Geomantic Package ~ 5/6 hours
    • Intensive Feng Shui Package ~ 9/10 hours
  • Business and Commercial Feng Shui Consultations
  • Nine Star Ki Astrology for Business and Private Feng Shui assessments

A Feng Shui Consultants credentials and experience should be key when making a choice. Your investment is based on a per hour rate or a Feng Shui consultation package.

Know that each situation is different and therefore negotiable.

Although Interior Designers may work via commission when doing a new build design or renovation, a Feng Shui Design consultation is not necessarily conducted that way.

*Please contact Charlyne for a quote.


M Charlyne Chiasson  BID DFS

Box 865 , Nelson , BC, V1L 6A5

Phone : +1 (250) 509-0536

Email : shuideva@gmail.com

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