Feng Shui Tips for the Holidays ~ Tip # 4


 Reflections and Preparing for the New Year

What will 2020 mean for you?  It’s exciting that we have several ‘new beginnings’ with January 1st beginning both a New Year and decade. Chinese New Years will also occur January 25th, in the first month of 2020. (* its usually February) And it starts with first animal of the Chinese Zodiac, The Rat.

Multiple opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings with the pivotal fuel for change being a new attitude.

As I wrote about in Feng Shui Holiday Tip#3, emphasis on letting go and creating compassion within becomes a huge step in moving forward. Cultivating a positive attitude combined with these practical Feng Shui Tips should help set that up. First let’s reflect on what lay under the surface that may help or hinder creating positive change.


Taking time to reflect allows the subversive energies that hold us back to come to the surface. Water is the symbol for emotions and disclosure or what lay buried.

Water is the element in Feng Shui that speaks to emotion, hidden fear and the subconscious. When dropping into a meditative state we connect with the authentic self. From this place it is easier to observe what separates illusion from fantasy so it can be shifted. Water is the element that pulls us into awareness.

Water is present in the home in many forms; some of which you may not have given thought to. It can be steam from the teapot, ice in the refrigerator or vapour in the air. In the home it appears in practical forms such as taps, toilets, pools, and decorative water features. It is the colour blue, blue green and black.

This exterior feature emphasizes waters flow in its shape.

We see it in photos and as abstract art pieces, shapes and forms such which resembles spilled water. Its common shape is wavy or the curvy lines found in fabric and furnishings.

Shui translated is Water; it is a part of who we are and an essential part of life. Without water we would not survive. 

Tip # Four ~  Trusting Intuition and Getting Clear

Water symbolizes the depths of lakes and oceans, rapid rivers, meandering creeks and stagnant ponds. It alludes to taking time to drop into the power of the subconscious which can reveal our true nature.

  • Take time to stop and breath. If you meditate, now is the time to mine the depths for what you need this coming year. If you have not practiced meditation try stopping for 5 minutes. Sit comfortably and breath counting backwards from 50. If your mind takes over and you loose track, you can start over. The point is to watch what the mind does and how quickly it gets distracted. There are gems to be found even in this. If you feel like you have failed know that you have not, and try again.
  • Do some clutter clearing. In the process of putting away holiday decorations get rid of old unused items. Add a messy drawer, book case or that packed full closet to the list.  ‘Reorganizing’ one location or item can be magic as it can lead to feeling clearer and more focused.

  • Take a different route to go somewhere. Whether you walk or drive to work try changing it up. You can also try a new ski run, jump or hill; anything that takes us out of our comfort zone. Stepping out of what’s familiar infuses us with new energy. It can give us the courage and incentive to shift the small things.
  • Make a point of drinking more Water. I heard of a book years ago who’s title was ‘you are not sick, you are thirsty’. Its really amazing how little actual water we drink. Tea, soft drinks and other liquids DO NOT count as H2O. It clears out toxins and keeps our internal organs functioning at their best. We often forget in the winter to drink water, but it is so important to keep hydrated in cold and dry climates.
  • Set time aside to dream. Winter in the North is darker and dreamier. Get more sleep now and watch how you ‘wake up’ new energy as the sun returns. If you are a #ONE Water, Nine Star Ki Principle number it is especially important to get more sleep than any other Number ***.
  • Create a vision board for 2020. Be clear about your goals. Many friends get together at this time of year to create a New Years vision boards. It’s  the best visual reminder of what you want to create for your future.

This is the perfect time to be grateful for all we have. Taking time to reflect and plan for the future can be a challenge yet being proactive is a big step towards creating a new future.

The Year of the Metal Rat arrives JANUARY 25th, 2020.

Watch out for Chinese New Years events and the next and final Feng Shui Holiday tip # Five. Take advantage of the 30% discount on Nine Star Ki readings (*** Feng Shui Astrology ), starting on January 1st and discounted until February 8th, 2020. These readings have assisted many in planning for the future.

Be safe, be kind and keep it real. Wishing you auspicious blessings for 2020 and beyond, Charlyne

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