Feng Shui Tips for the Holidays ~ Tip # 3


 Communication and Transformation

The holidays are a time when we reach out, send greetings and get in touch with old friends. Its’ also a time when Nostalgia can lead to feeling blue. Whether its thoughts of the past or opening lines of communication, navigating emotions can hone our skills in letting go and cultivating compassion.

In Feng Shui the Metal element represents communications and control. Primarily found in a solid state, it can also soften to be reshaped and moulded. Essentially it has to ‘let go’ to transform.


Metal decorations are reflective and add a sense of glitter and sparkle.

Metal is synonymous with social media, high speed internet and electronics. Its colours are white the metallic colours; gold, silver and bronze. In the home it appears in appliances, computers, fixtures, tools and various furnishings such as lamps. It is symbolized by archways and spiral shapes.


Metal in circular form adds whimsy and fun to this decorative fence.

Metal can shift from liquid state to a solid, and has an alchemical and mysterious nature. As such it speaks to the psyche and as the element of communication, it can be moderator of thoughts and energy. 

Tip # Three ~ Communication and Letting go of Control

Holidays can find us going down many paths emotionally. Gifting ourselves with the ability to ‘letting go’ can go a long way.

  • Create archways with Christmas lights: A reminder that we don’t have to be in control of everything and that flow is essential.

Archways in Feng Shui allow us passage into another dimension. Lighting them delivers a sense of magic and mystery.

  • Wrapping gifts in metallic colours creates the alchemy of metal with a sense of  surprise and surprise.
  • Reconnecting to old friends and especially forgiving transgressions of the past is a gift for everyone. The word ‘for give’ is to allow ourselves time,  leading to compassion for self and then others.
  • Gift spiral shapes or decorate baking with them. A spiral reminds us that we can navigate going in and out of all situations with ease.


    Spiral shapes are fun and easy to create. They Symbolize our ability to move into and out of different situations and states of mind.

Feeling a little out-of-control and nostalgic during the holidays is normal. Being in touch with our full range of our emotions allow them shift. The joy and magic of the holidays is as close as a compassionate loving gesture. 

Wishing all of you an abundance on all levels as we head into a new decade.

December brings ‘holy days’ and celebrations such as Solstice, Hanukkah Christmas, Las Posadas and Kwansa. These occasions are opportunities to honour traditions while spending quality time with family and friends. These Feng Shui tips are my gift to you on this holiday. Blessings for 2020

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