Feng Shui Tips for the Holidays ~ Tip # Two


December 20 ~ Family Gatherings, Flow & Being Grounded

There are many pulls at this time of year. Whether planning an exotic trip to get away from it all or staying close to home, a good plan keeps stress at bay. Feng Shui is about radical health and well being year round but especially during the holidays. To keep immune systems strong one needs to be and stay grounded.

EARTH is the element in Feng Shui that we use to create harmony and flow. The awareness and use of its symbology can keep us grounded. Factors out of our control can be approached with  innovative perspectives when we are relaxed.

Earth is represented by heavy objects and pieces of furniture. Earth tones cover a large palette; ranging from pinks, yellows and burgundies to neutral shades and browns. The earth symbol is a square yet in Feng Shui the square within a circle represents the heaven and earth union.


This round wooden table top has a square inset. It symbolizes the Heaven-Earth balance; the Feng Shui principle of harmony.

Tip # Two ~Harmonizing Family Gatherings

Holidays are synonymous with gatherings whether it be with colleagues, friends and or family. To gather or ‘circle round’  is universal and encompasses all cultures and traditions. The focus on sharing food (earths bounty) with loved ones is primary.

To assist in bringing harmony to celebrations:

  • Incorporating earth tones tend to have a calming influence. Red, a common colour for celebrations excites and stimulates. Tone down its influence by adding earth colours and   symbology in the decor.

Circular Holiday Centre Piece

  • If you do not have a circular or square table try using a circular table cloth as a top cloth. Rectangles denote hierarchy. A circular shaped table denotes equality.

  • Fresh yellow flowers in a circular vase has a calming effect. Circular centrepieces with a  earth tones and festive touches is an alternative.
  • Serving a larger variety of non alcoholic beverages and grounding savoury foods instead of  sweets will nourish, satisfy and minimize over stimulation.

Circular and oval tables are optimum Feng Shui. We can add circular shapes to harmonize the rectilinear shape by the use of colour, shapes and intention.

  • Know that the SW direction is symbolic of Relationship and Earth balance. Gather family photos of past gatherings and set them in that corner of the dining or living room as a decorative holiday piece. It will attract attention and bring joy to all who see it.

Intentional holiday celebrations will keep stress at a minimum. Starting new traditions by creating  ‘new experiences’ will set your gatherings apart especially with activities that involve everyone. Design your own flow through the holidays this year and enjoy.

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