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Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation

by Canadian author M. Charlyne Chiasson.

We’ve heard a great deal about Feng Shui over the years but rarely have we had an opportunity to understand the elements of Feng Shui, the Asian Art of Placement, as clearly as in Elemental Feng Shui. Feng Shui is often viewed with suspicion, that it is a kind of magical belief system. Developed by the Chinese from information passed through India and Tibet, it has been practiced for centuries. Its primary use is to design environments that enhance conditions for success in life.

The author has a background in design and has written a book which reflects her experience with Feng Shui; it offers a unique way of looking at ourselves and our environment. Reading Charlyne’s book one can appreciate that Feng Shui provides a way of bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.

“My first session with Dr. Jess Lim in San Francisco in 2001, made clear to me that Feng Shui was not just some mystical, superstitious Asian practice, but how we place the human body on the planet for the best health and well-being possible.” Charlyne Chiasson.


Author Bio:

M. Charlyne Chiasson is a well-established Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant, Geomancer and Nine Star Ki astrologer who has been practicing both in residential and commercial settings for more than 30 years. She holds an Interior Design Degree from Ryerson University and a Diploma in Feng Shui from QI-Mag Institute. Born on Cape Breton Island, she has travelled the world and lived in Canda’s Arctic, California and British Columbia for most of her career.  

She worked as a Facilities Programmer for the Government of the North West Territories from 1982-87 and while living in the North discovered that the sense of ‘placement’ regarding design was vastly different in Arctic environments. This discovery had a significant impact on how Charlyne has practiced her craft. Her 1982 thesis project documented a design proposal for the Dene community of Łutselk’e in the NWT. Her subsequent travels in Asia in the late 80’s introduced her to Feng Shui concepts through architecture. Her writings and stories have been featured in several publications. 

Charlyne’s many clients attest to the life changing aspects her work. Her book Elemental Feng Shui, the Art of Orientation is a beautiful production and gives the reader a clear understanding of the essence of Feng Shui as applied to Architecture, Building, Development, Interior Design and Decorating.  

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Reader Feedback

For anyone just learning about Feng Shui or for an experienced veteran, I believe Ms. Chiasson has brought together a great explanation and overview of this beautiful science of human and environmental interaction. This book with detailed explanations, great illustrations in the step by step flow gave me new perspectives in understanding the foundation principals and finer details of Feng Shui.

Highly recommended. Aiden Bonn, Whislter, BC

This book on Elemental Feng Shui is a true gem! Charlyne has a way of demystifying this ancient art of orientation by giving clear and practical examples. She demonstrates throughout the book how to improve our well-being through the spaces we inhabit. Clearly a work of passion wrapped into a beautiful gift for us all to share and enjoy. Intelligent and insightful. Jen Futata, Melbourne, Australia

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