Online Feng Shui ~ Zoom me up!


ZOOM me up for  informative, empowering and personal Feng Shui teachings.
Staring on NOV 6th, courses will be offered on the first 3 Fridays of the month.

The last Friday of the month is reserved for advanced and Professional courses for Realtors and Designers.

First Friday ~ Introduction to Feng Shui

Second Friday ~ Personal Birth Charts ~ Personalized Analysis and use

Third Friday ~ Bagua Placement

Note: Elemental Feng Shui- The Art of Orientation

The teaching manual for Class #2 ) Personalized Birth Chart & Elemental Balance Course and Class #3) Using the Feng Shui Compass on your personal Spaces

Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation is a complete guide to the principles of Feng Shui and how to use this ancient art in your life. Available in soft cover, hard cover and as an Ebook at the link below.

GO to the following link to buy an ebook on Amazon, Ibooks or Kindle which is *FREE with the Kindle App.

NOV 6th  

CLASS 1) Introduction to FENG SHUI  $66.00

90 minutes including Q & A 

This session will familiarize you with Feng Shui’s rich background, wisdom and its relevance in todays world. From its history to the various schools of practice, Feng Shui’s impact is felt world wide. It can inspire great change in your life in simplest of ways. As an original ‘environmental impact statement’ it offers us a profound connection to our environments. This class will empowerment and enrich your life with simple and useful tips you can use now.

NOV 13th

CLASS 2) Personal Birth information & Elemental Balance   $99.00 

90 Minutes with Birth Chart completed for you prior to class

*book as teaching manual is required

The Five Element theory is the basis of all Asian Healing modalities. Your personal birth information reveals the Elements that affect every aspect of your world. This ‘fingerprint ‘ reveals our personal aesthetic which includes our environments but career choices, relationships and so much more. Feng Shui or Wind Water reflects our true nature. Understanding promotes internal and external sense of balance. 

NOV 20th

CLASS 3 ) Using the Feng Shui Compass  $120.00

 90 Minutes with 15 minutes personalized review of Bagua 

*book as teaching manual is required

The Bagua is the Feng Shui compass which when placed on a room, a house or a piece of land show the location of 9 universal truths. The energy allocated to each of the 9 Guas (areas) have a profound affect how energy flows in our lives. This session examines your personal space using the elements and birth chart information find imbalances and how to correct them. Often simple things like furniture placement, colour, shape and form along with intention can shift energy, while empowering you and loved ones. 


All Classes start in November 2020 and will run several months into 2021.

For Example:  Introduction to Feng Shui will be offered on the first Friday of the month with an overflow class held on the next day, Saturday.

Each class is aprox. 90 minutes and limited to 6 people with overflow classes scheduled on the Saturdays: