The Book: Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation- Soft Copy


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Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation

Beautifully illustrated book on Feng Shui designed for a Western audience. A great reference book for Architects, Builders, Developers, Designers and Decorators as its elemental nature will appeal to each discipline.  An excellent guide for all interested in the Art of Placement and how it can impact and empower your life.


“My first session with Dr. Jess Lim in San Francisco in 2001, made clear to me that Feng Shui was not just some mystical, superstitious Asian practice, but how we place the human body on the planet for the best health and well-being possible.” M. Charlyne Chiasson.


Rear Cover of Elemental Feng Shui ~ with details and testimonials

We’ve heard a great deal about Feng Shui over the years but rarely have we had an opportunity to understand the importance of  the Five Elemental Theory in Feng Shui. This publication uses the elements as key to applying the Asian Art of Placement in Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation.

Feng Shui has been often viewed in the west as somewhat superstitious. This publication puts to end any myths by weaving the art or placement with and science & the use of sound design principles.

The initial information which is the basis of Feng Shui was passed through India and Tibet, then onto the Dynasties of China and its emperors, originally to site the graves of the ancestors. Similar principles are used widely throughout Asian, but Feng Shui remains the most known.

This publication seeks to inform all readers how to view and enhance personal and work environments for optimal health and success in life. It offers a unique perspective from that of a trained designer, geomancer and environmentalist.

Charlyne’s view of Feng Shui provides a view into bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your home and life in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.


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