Feng Shui Tips for the Holidays ~ Tip # One


When sliding into mid December many ‘holy days’ are being celebrated… Solstice, Hanukkah Christmas, Las Posadas and Kwansa. These occasions are opportunities to honour traditions while spending quality time with family and friends. Feng Shui tips to inspire your holiday celebrations.

December 18  ~  Its all about the Light!

The longest days in the Northern Hemisphere occur in December, which this year heralds 2020; a new decade. Many celebrations focus on bringing ‘light to the darkness’ such as Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwansa and the vibrant lights of Christmas

In the Feng Shui’s *Five Elemental Theory, FIRE is the element that symbolizes light. Represented by the colour red, triangular shapes, (including furniture arranged on angles) and all matter of lighting fixtures, candles, fireplaces etc., fire has impact. From the lights on the Christmas tree to Solstice labyrinth walks, and the candles of Hanukkah Kwansa, fire and light offer hope and vision. The deeper symbology is that fire burns away all but the truth, leaving clarity.

Feng Shui Tip #One

Light and fire draw attention. They offerer vision in the darkness and inspiration in times of need. It is easy to find ourselves off track, out of balance, emotional and nostalgic doing the holiday season. So we look to fire and the light for guidance, allowing clarity to be revealed.

What you can do:

  • First set an intention, quest or focus on something you need help with.
  • Aquire 3 green candles. Green symbolizes the Wood element which supports Fire element as Fire cannot burn with it.* candle wicks are usually wood fibres.
  • Each evening sit with the thought, intention, healing or prayer and light the candles.
  • Repeat this ritual until your answers come. Using a timeline helps: The 12 days of Christmas (Dec 24th – Jan 6th), the Hanukkah time line or one that fits with your lifestyle and personal belief system.

The simple act of taking time and lighting the candles allows the vision to lift up to be supported. Finding the right candles is also part of the potency of intention setting.

As a beautiful start to the season, this ritual, whether you have a specific intention or not, can inspire you for the start of this new decade.

Watch for Tip #TWO  on December 20th.

*The five elements; the basis of all Asian healing practices. The theory is complex and simple all at the same time but it basically uses the interplay of the elements as a teaching and a guide for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Healing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Feng Shui.

The theory is the basis of Elemental Feng Shui- The Art of Orientation, a book released by M Charlyne Chiasson in August 2018. Hard copies are on sale for a limited time. Email Charlyne directly at shuideva@gmail.com to order yours. Free Delivery in the Kootenay areas of Nelson, Slocan, Castlegar, New Denver, Nacusp and Silverton BC.

Five Elemental Symbol of ADARSA:Elemental Design