2019 Year of the Earth Pig



The Pig is the 12th animal of the Chinese Zodiac and is known for its diligence, compassion and overall good will. Pigs reap abundance as they are hardworking and no nonsense achievers. This fat and happy image of the pig favours increased finances and career advancement. The pig will offer opportunity for adventure outside most of our comfort zones so its prudent to look before you leap. Not a year to spend frivolously, instead stay observant of 'how the money flows'.

As we shift from the loyal Earth Dog year to the practical Earth Pig, know that the challenges we faced last year may continue. Some animals of the Chinese Zodiac will do well in this climate and others will be affected by stormy weather spells. The one thing we can count on, the Earth Pig year brings change and opportunity. Being prepared for when they come round and knowing to choose the right ones is the challenge.

Earth Pig Tip # 1 : The Pig lives in the NW on the Zodiac Sign. In Feng Shui application, using the Bagua compass, NW pertains to Travel, Helpful people and the underlying energetic, 'the flow of cash'. Directly across is the Fortunate Blessings area in the SE, is about 'acquiring cash'. These two directions and opposites have a relationship to each other. When there are issues in a home or business in SE/Fortunate Blessings area, you had better check what is happening NW/Helpful People area. So find that compass on your phone app and check these locations in your home or office. Make sure they are clean, organized, balanced and even beautiful. 

The essence is how flow creates more abundance. Hoarding cash or holding back with our personal gifts without sharing does not serve the greater good. In an Earth Pig year we must be discerning with both gathering and distributing. Know that intentional flow creates prosperity. Fortunate Blessings in Feng Shui is not just about cash, it also symbolizes the wealth of health, family and friends. The Earth Pig is known for generosity and if we take Pigs lead, and apply it to all  aspects of life it will increase the flow of love, communication, inspiration and appreciation. Sharing is a win /win situation and the Earth Pig is a Pro!

A pig year will bring with it a breath of fresh air and frivolity. The pig infuses us with the energy we need to go after things we have want, need or may have put off. For some this means revisiting past dreams, and relationships and doing a good review. When we reevaluate, we may understand better what keeps us from moving forward. Only then can we shift or clear it. The Pig year is one that promotes us to delve into personal development work if we've been avoiding it. Facing the shadow side of self allows the dissipation of stuck energies and brings new light, life and insight.

In 2019 the Earth Pig is under the influence of the Grand Duke. Basically it means a year of change. For some this is scary and for others its exciting. The key is how we choose to work with it. With the Earth Pig is our mentor and supporter; creative, positive solutions are available as we can face the challenges of 2019.

With transformation in the air, the Earthy Pig lead the way with compassion and generosity. His passion for truth and forgiveness show us how to pave the way for future success. Our potential for change has no limits, especially if you've done some soul searching and know your strengths and weaknesses. Pigs invite us to open up and get real. A roll in the muck before a good cleanse can be just what we need.

Pigs tendency to be materialistic is often balanced by their need to understand the influences that compel them. If it does not make good sense or leads to burnout and stress, the Pig Born will know to shift tactics in order to find balance.

If you have been burning the candle at both ends  this may be the year to reevaluate and slow it down. Not that we have to abandon your dreams to seek the truth, but truth has an odd way to seeking us, especially in the grounded Earth Pig climate.

Giving ourselves permission to get in touch with the impulses behind motivations is a start. Taking time to cultivate meditation practices and or spending time in nature are ways to unwind. Remember that health and wellbeing is true wealth. Doing what we need to put that first will go a long way to regain balance and reducing stress.

The most powerful shifts happen when self directed. Otherwise the universe has a way of stepping in with challenges when we avoid changing up things that need changing. Best to be co-creative with the Earth Pig energetics so as not to be side swiped by the unknown. It takes introspection, focus, diligence and learning from past mistakes to move forward.

The Earth Pig year promises steady progress in all aspects of life. Staying true to our process, and being willing to change will allow success on many levels. A year to bring new energy and direction into your goals and intentions and don’t take risks without doing your homework. Be willing to fight the good fight and team up with others. Combining talents and effort creates magic.


The Elements in an Earth Pig Year

The five transformations are explained below and will further your understanding of the elemental dynamics being created in the Earth (*Water) Pig Year. * Water is the base element of Pig that never changes.

The Earth element is dominant in 2019. Earth is nurturing, grounded and reliable. It holds three locations on the Feng Shui Bagua and covers energies of

  1. Relationships and nurturing,
  2. The inner and outer knowledge and
  3. All aspects of spiritual health and development


The FIVE ELEMENTS are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is most beneficial.

The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram.

FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.

The Controlling Cycle: follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram above

FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces *EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE.

This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year depending on the Element of the year and the Base element of the animal whose year it is.

Earth and Water in the Pig Year

Of the Five Transformations, Earth takes the centre spot, while the other four major elements take cardinal directions. Earth has no season of its own but presents as the last 20 days of each as the ‘transition time’, where there is a feeling of impending change and hope. Overall Earth energy germinates the seed, releases it to grow towards the sun, then lets go so its fruits can be harvested. Our personal seeds can be viewed as our purpose or goals in life.

Understanding Earth energy this year allows us to work with its dynamic while cultivating patience for our process. Nothing moves faster than it is supposed to. A self realized mantra I have developed over the years is the phrase ‘there is time enough for everything'. Saying it out loud reminds me to slow down and stay focused; and it works. It results in my making appointments on time, getting tasks completed, chores done without  the stress or worry that would create barriers to  progress. Our illusionary concept of time gets stretched and ease comes into play. It allows the joy to permeate each task where we stay focused 'in the moment'. In an Earth Pig year keeping balanced allows transitions to happen at their own pace.

Water is the hidden element that has a major influence this year. Water is the base element of the Pig, and as the five elemental balance dictates, Earth is the antagonist of Water. The Metal element lives between Earth and Water and is considered the bridge element this year. When Metal is present it allows a flow of energy that is harmonious. Earth feeds Metal feeds Water. Should you born in a Metal year 2019 may feel that flow more than others. 

Metal years and Animals are:

  • Metal Rats 1960 & Metal Ox 1961
  • Metal Tiger 1950 & Metal Rabbit 1951
  • Metal Dragon 1940, 2000 & Metal Horse 1930, 1990
  • Metal Sheep 1931, 1991  & Metal Monkey 1920, 1980
  • Metal Rooster 1921, 1981 & Metal Pig 1971


The above signs will transition through the Earth Pig year with renewed energy and confidence. Earth feeds Metal feeds Water, and keeps the Earth element from antagonizing Water. A balance and flow results. This also is true for signs that have Metal as a base element: Monkeys, Roosters and Dogs. This can influence how they navigate career, romance, finances and personal development work.

When people are born in the same year as the Base element of their animal we refer to them as a double element. For example Dragons born in 1964 or Pigs born in 1981; both are double elements , Dragons are double Wood and Pigs are double Water.

In an Earth / Water year there will be conflicts. We will see them played out on the world stage and with this elemental combination these influence or events have a subversive quality. Water has a hidden and emotional symbology; ever changing and hard to  recognize. With Earth being the antagonist, Water will react in a number of ways that may not be obvious at first. Watch what affects the political scene and how it will unravel this year. Masters of Asian studies will warn us to watch for environment disasters that have to do with both Earth and Water. Pertaining to anything from earth quakes, volcanic disruptions or storms that involve water. As we watch the planets weather systems switch due to climate change, make note that the elementals may also be at play in any given year and an added factor.

Feeling edgy, uncertain and slightly off balance can be due to this elemental imbalance. Knowing that Metal is a bridge we can pull it into our consciousness on purpose .Some masters would suggestions would be to wear copper as it is metallic with an earthy colour. You may want to introduce it into your environments. The simple use such of a metallic or brass numbers on a door for a work or home space . The use of a brass door knocker has  the dual purpose of ‘warding off’ energy much like a mirror reflects back anything coming  at it. Feng Shui has a vast reference to the use of symbology. It is covered at length in Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation. * see link below. There are many sites which will tell you what to wear, what stones to have or amulets to have near by or on your person. I choose to make an intentional Talisman to hang in the home. Know that we decide what creates balance in our lives and homes.

https://books.friesenpress.com/ store/title/119734000041146812/M.-Charlyne-Chiasson-Elemental-Feng-Shui.

The Earth Pig Talisman

Each year I craft a Talisman for the animal of that year. They remind us of what we have read to remember what is true for us this year. The talisman pieces also seek to bring balance to the overall energies that prevail. It may assist us in working with any change or challenge by remembering to bring balance into our lives, or to just slow down.

Each talisman is made by hand and although they may look identical they are not. The beauty of each having its own oddity makes them unique. They are infused with prayer and intention doing the process of construction. Wishes and words for good luck and   prosperity are often written on or inside them.

In the past I have used ground crystal or special sands or earth from various places on the planet. This year there is sand from an island on the East coast of Canada and earth from an island on the West coast. There is a never an exact plan for their design however these things are constant.

  • A hand drawn image of the animal of the year
  • A shape that brings in an energy or element needed
  • Hand drawn calligraphy which represents the years animal
  • Colours that reflect the animal and the element needed for balance
  • Crystal or sands from various locations to ground the intention of the piece
  • A blessings and intention for every persona who purchases them
  • A specific location for them to be hung to create both balance and good luck for the year
  • Each talisman has each of the five elements built into its symbology elements.
  • Semi precious stones and beads to activate the Talisman

With each year there is a new energetic to activate. Read through inspirational words specific to your personal animals prediction. Know that the Talismans are infused with these inspirational intentions. Predominant in the Earth Pigs Talisman is a metallic surface to activate the element Metal which brings balance in 2019.

The Earth Pig Talisman contains symbology of the 5 elements and yet features the Earth and Water elements of 2019

INVESTMENT $30.00 + shipping

SPECIAL: $21.00 + shipping when ordered prior to Spring Equinox, March 20th , 2019

FREE : when ordering from me personally a copy of my book Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation

All talisman come with a an activation technique and a personal suggested location of where to hang or place the piece.

For Pigs in 2019

2018, Year of Earth Dog may have been slim pickings for the Pig. Although unsettling and not as progressive you may have hoped this year will pick up and you will soon feel the changes ahead. Last years setbacks will make the Pigs resolve stronger and your natural persistence will see you strive to reach your goals. Change is in the air for everyone this year especially the Pig Born. Your intuition and renewed vigour will see you making headway with as you move towards your goals.

Pigs have an amazing ability to shape shift and draw energy in from many directions. They move gracefully through different social circles and enjoy doing it. Your influence will be   felt in all your circles this year. People will be energized by your infectious charm and ability to make hard work look like fun. Although fairness and compassionate energy are your assets, you will need to balance generosity with productivity this year. Being in your own year is as much as a challenge as it is a blessing. Remember to focus on your goals with a relentlessly positive attitude while drawing clear boundaries.

Although Pigs born under the Metal element (1971) will have more ease this year, all Pigs should keep in mind that 2019 is best used as a preparation 2020. Your hard work and focus this year will pay off when you are out of the limelight. Although you will feel fuelled, excited and liberated this year, making big shifts can be risky business. Use this years incentive, drive and determination to   set the stage for your future. Make sure all plans work from all angles. Have alternatives should there be glitches in executing your first choice. Life can always throw us curve balls and we have to be prepared. The wise Pig knows this and will use all your experiences to triumph. As the Snake is your nemesis take care in the Snake month, May 5th – June 6th.


Areas for Pig to be aware of in 2019


All signs of the zodiac will be affected physically this year. Pigs industriousness and zest for life may have us burning the candle at both ends. Hopefully a little exhaustion can be taken care of with good down time. If you are not the type to slow down and stop then be ware of minor health issues. Stress from trying to do too much can often go unnoticed yet it can lead to both physical and metal health concerns.

What ever creates that Zen energy for you is important this year. Yoga and mediation is proven to cut stress while offering new perspectives. If you are not a devotee you may want to give it a go. Taking time in nature or starting a hobby that is relaxing is another tactic.

Make it a point to schedule ‘self care’ and it will go far in a Pig year .


Changing careers in a Pig year is risky, especially for Pig born. Revamping what you are doing with renewed energy is the best path. Staying with what you know known and enjoy steady progress. Pigs can have a tendency of missing the ‘deeper issue’ affecting their need for change. If you find the notion behind the impulse then you can re evaluate your plans.

Acting on impulses is not advisable for anyone this year. Best to do some creative thinking and reflecting first.


The grounded Earth Pig needs stability and ease in their lives at all times and relationships are key to creating that. If you are a partnered up know there may be some obstacles to overcome this year. These can be addressed with clear communication and clarity. Blame falls on deaf ears but owing your feelings does not. Try making your needs a priority, then sort out what needs to shift to make both parties are happy.

If you are single the years will have some yummy relationship karma. As it will be a busy year on all fronts to keep the magic and move forward you will have to nurture any new relationships. Getting comfortable and taking others for granted is a Pig flaw and it can backfire with Pigs feeling the same way. Compassionate by nature, Pigs should make sure they nurture with a balanced perspective. This practices will go a long way in forming new relationships and keeping current relationships alive, dynamic and loving.

Feng Shui Guidance for the Earth Pig Year

In Summary:

All animals of the zodiac will experience a variation of challenges and successes during the grounded Pig year. A boost of energy from the abundant Pigs’s exuberance can take us all in positive directions if we are not afraid of a little hard work. Keep in mind what we may see as failure is an opportunity to look in a new direction and use what we’ve learned to keep going. Unknown circumstances can bring out our brilliance and push us to new levels of excellence.

Having a back up plan and being ready for the unknown is this years motto. These shifting times we are awakening us expect the unexpected. Political and planetary shifts are enforcing the fact that we cannot take things for granted. It’s only wise to keep positive and have alternatives any and all situations.

The Earth Pig Years is progressive but not without hard work. It’s also a time to reactivate old passions and dreams. Even old romances could bloom in the Earthy Pig year. Try to spend more time with family and friends; you will find they will appreciate the special attention. Keep heart centred enjoy how all your endeavours will have more meaning and better results. Success and abundance is available for everyone this year.

Mythology where Pigs are featured:

This years Pig symbolizes EARTHY abundance. In all cultures the Pig is about fertility; especially as it relates to natures bounty.

Many cultures see Pigs as related to a strong earth based energetic. The Sow, being the female is ofter related to fertility and earthly abundance. Boars, being male have an association with virility, procreation and how the warrior energy.

Featured from Roman the into Greek mythology, the pig was the feminine element which sustained abundance of mother earth. We find that the suckling pig fed the Greek god Zeus. Persephone was known as the queen of the underworlds. He mother was Demeter, the goddess of earth fertility. Swine were considered sacred to her and devotees, who would offer pigs during seasonal rituals in her honour.

Later, when the Romans subsumed Demeter, they renamed her Ceres. Swine still remained a sacred animal and offering , especially by those seeking physical healing.

Pig mythology appears in both Indian Hindu and Budhist cultures. Boar faced goddesses were carved into stone and used to protect temples in Nepal. On the other hand, in Budhist cultures, Pigs were associated in with excessiveness, carnal lust and desire. Thus they represented attachment, a vice that would keep humans in the ever ending circle of rebirth. Indian Hindus have the gods Durga and Vishnu which are symbols of pig and wild boar energy.

The compassionate qualities of the pig which are stated above are assigned to the feminine Durga, who is also seen to be charming, skillful and blissful. Vishnu’s manifest form is the Boar who is depicted as a human with the head of a boars. In its 4 arms he holds his tools; a conch shell, a wheel, a sword and a locus flower.

Demonic portrayals of the boar can also be found in Indian mythology. This duality follows through in modern day interpretation for some cultures refuse to use of eat pig mean and other cultures find its use as food an abundance a blessing.

In Celtic Mythology the mother goddess Ceridwin was associated with the moon energy and was called the old white sow. The Celts believed that the flesh of the pig was the most auspicious food to eat. An interesting similarity between the Celtic and Norse cultures speaks to this same abundance. The Celtic sea god Manannan had magic pigs that would be offered as food. They would reappear the next day to be re consumed. The Norse Valkyries would served a boar named Saehrimnir to the Valhalla warriors in a special stew to honour them. The beast would magically come back to life the next day, to be offered yet again.

This is a radical shift from many mid eastern and asian cultures that frown on pigs as a consumable by humans. Perhaps this opposite viewpoint is due to these perceptions:

  • Buddha was thought to be killed by the consumption of pig meat
  • Pigs in India are fed scrapes and at times human excrement, thus felt to be unclean
  • Pig filthy habits were seen by Semitic cultures render it unfit for human consumption
  • Pigs share a close tie to human genetics; eating pig meat is cannibalistic to some
  • Humans and pigs share a similar environment, eating similar foods thus the energy and resources that it takes to raise a pig could take away from nurturing human life
  • Pigs intelligence and sensitivity also makes it more human like and therefor its meat is inedible

For whatever reason, cultures around the world differ on this topic. Whether through mythology or actuality, pigs have been always associated with the earth, its abundance and the essence of providing.

How will your animal fare in the Earth Pig Year?

Generally, Pig years mean abundance for every sign, yet some signs will have to work a little harder than others to realize true abundance. Pig is located directly across from the Snake on the Chinese zodiac wheel. Pig and Snake do not get normally see eye to eye as a result of being opposites so Snakes will have to be more thoughtful of their actions and take more care this year. Pig has Water as a base element and Snake has fire which adds to the tension. This is a double whammy Snakes born in 1954, who are Water Snakes in spite of their Fire ‘base element’.

Although all Snakes do will to stay under the radar it is especially true for Water Snakes. Pigs make Snakes nervous, so avoid upsets and make sure you pay special attention to health and well. Know that 2020 will be more productive.

Other animals that may find Pigs a bit unnerving are Dogs ,Rabbits and Oxen born under the Water element. Exercise caution in financial issues, make sure to take down time. Then you can fully engage in all the Pig year offers.

PIG BORN 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 & 2019 

2019 For Pig born natives this will be a year of change and transformation. If you are not up for embracing that change then it will not be as easy as you wish. When your are on stage and in the spot light is not necessarily comfortable, especially for Pig born folk. Change has been on your horizon and in this year you will feel it full on! The Dog year woke up latent energies in the Pig that have you reflecting on what it is you need to create next. Executing those large shifts takes time and planning. Don’t or stress if they don’t happen this year. It’s better to wait for the best getting ready and best opportunities rather than jump the gun. You will find that 2020 will open everything open up and things will flow with ease, without you overthinking it.

Passionate, caring and seductive pigs should just relax into the spotlight and enjoy the attention this year! This does not mean you should stop your hard work and moving towards your goals, just slow down and enjoy your process. Celebrate more moments and achievements with family and friends. Although there will be some challenges, a happy pig deals with these better when relaxed and smiling. It’s your party so don’t leave early to worry about things you cannot or should not change right now!

When you are ready make sure you dot the i’s and cross all the t’s. Nothing should be overlooked in a Pig year.

Your base element Water is at odds with the Earth element of the year. This creates instability at best and hidden dangers at worst. Although you may have spent time in deep retrospection in the last while, you may have to go a big deeper before you are clear about where you want to be in the next 5 years.

Romance can go either way for Pig born folk. If you are single its a good year to go after what you want. If in an intimate relationships you may have to renegotiate what you need to find peace and a deeper connection. Know that this year of change starts inside first before it manifests in the outer world.

Wood Pigs (1995) You will be easily irritated this year so it will be good to do things that bring you calm and happiness

Fire Pig (1947, 2007) Things may not move as fast for you as you would like, so cultivate patience and know your plans will come to fruition, so have faith.

Earth Pig (1959) Your year will find you ore certain that ever about future plans. Take it slow, plan well and wait for your opportunities.

Metal Pigs (1971) A good year to be of assistance to others while keeping focused on you gaols. Remember what you share will come back to you in other ways.

Water Pigs (1983) your more demure nature will serve you well this year, as proceeding with caution is advisable. The earth energy of the year can undermine your efforts so make sure you are clear about pursuits.

Overall, 2019 will see you create more abundance in your life, both through friendships and business ventures. Watch your cash flow. Holding off on extravagant spending, you will have more for future ventures.

RAT BORN 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, & 2008

Falling under the influence of Water your base element, beside your neighbour the Pig, you stand to have a good year all round. With the  Earth dominant this year it could taint your process. However if you are a Metal Rat (1960) you are the stand to succeed. Anything and everything you have had simmering on the back burner should now come to the forefront. Rats love to collect things, so before you get on a roll, clean your clutter. This is especially true for Metal Rats who love to collect shiny things. Only if it is in the form of cash, can you keep it and let go any baubles that are only for show. This will help create the type of spaciousness you need to make room for a new way of being.

This is the final year of a 12 year cycle, and as it is your year in 2020 it’s time to reevaluate and change things up. Let go of negativity and pessimism, for it no longer servers you, your abilities or your brilliance.

2019 is time for a new direction so you can fully expand into the Metal Rat year in 2020. As fun as that sounds it is can be restricting and challenging to take centre stage. Get clear about what you want and start the ball rolling now, so next year you will be well on your way. Letting go of the past starts now; in the form of emotional introspection. Focus on what manifests balance and harmony in your life. Stay fit, avoid overindulge and take care of any stress that comes up in the moment. Old habits die hard but to fully enjoy the abundance the Pig year means embracing a new you.

Take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves. Love and romance are up for Rats in 2019 and you may feel it right from the beginning of the Pig year. If that happens and you want to keep it alive, make time to nurture it; good advice for all your important relationships. New loves can cool off fast so if its worth it be ready to pay it attention. Also know that the Rat month in December will provide be new opportunities to review and revise romance, career and health concerns.

Wood Rats (1984) will find the year of the Pig to be inspiring with no lack of opportunities. Keep your ideas private yet keep communications open.

Fire Rats (1936, 1996 ) Use good sense to make the best decisions. Reconciliation and communication are the way through any set backs. Be patient and smile lots.

Earth Rats (1948, 2008) Stability this year allows you to move towards your dreams. Travel may be involved. A social, fun year but make sure you take care of your health. issues must be addressed quickly as the

Metal Rats (1960) Your skills and smarts are put to the test, but there is new success and opportunities for growth. As the family circle grows balance your work and home life.

Water Rats (1972) Keep positive as you will feel restricted somewhat. New work partners or methodologies are advised. Keep communications open. Stay fit.

The word for Rats this year is clutter clearing. Purge all that is not unnecessary. Whether and old grudge or an old sweater, it will free up immeasurable space for growth and abundance.

Inspirational Concepts: Positivity, Retrospection, Balance

OX BORN 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

It can be a mixed bag for Oxen in the Pig year, yet promises to be prosperous if you keep up the hard work and stay focused on your goals. If you were born in the year of the Metal Ox (1961) it should be easier and even adventurous. Keep your own council and don’t worry about gossip. Oxen can get sidetracked by others opinions but in a Pig year its not worth your time or energy. Better to keep good council, and rely on friends to get perspective.

Pigs usher in change and you will feel the energy to make things happen. Don’t be tempted by things that you can’t possibly achieve and stay true to laying the foundations. 2020 will offer more in the way of finances and career success, so will you want to be prepared to move on those opportunities. The Earth Pig year will bring progress, all be it slow and steady.

No matter your birth year element Oxen will want to feel like shifting things up. Although your focus will be on work and career, pay attention to your personal life. Relationships and even friendships will need some TLC in the future months. Stay tuned and attentive to reap the rewards of those who support you.

Also stay healthy and in shape! Your energy is higher than usual so use it wisely. Keep balanced with exercise, time in nature and any form of self care as it will serve to mitigate stress and mental exhaustion.The Earth pig will infuse you with invigorating momentum, and you must take care not to burn out. Romance is not high on your priorities yet may provide a needed distraction. Know your limits and exercise diversity.

Wood Oxen (1985) An uphill battle this year on many levels. Let go of the need to accomplish and take care with all communications. Eliminating all stress and being in nature will go a long way this year.

Fire Oxen (1997) Seeking inspiration and focusing on being positive is paramount now. Time management skills and interpersonal development and staying chill will help.

Earth Oxen (1949, 2009) Finding the path of ease will promote harmony and abundance. Take care of issues as they come up. Know you can always ask for help.

Metal Oxen (1961) Having focused intentions and goals is key. Don’t take out frustrations on others.Take time to source your inner peace for a healthier attitude.

Water Oxen (1973) Keep a steady pace and don’t lose heart. Focus instead on communication skills. Don’t isolate yourself but take time to enjoy family and friends.

Serve your higher good will see Oxen move towards success in the future. Pig years can be challenging and yet transformational. 2019 will be a slow steady climb with lots of small plateaus. The key is to not push ahead, but take pause for reflection, enjoy the view and abundance at each level, then when rested, forge on.

Inspirational Concepts: Tenacity, Cultivate Relationships, Balance

TIGER BORN 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

2019 will be an amazing interpersonal year when it comes to work. Time to hone all your skills and raise the bar. Integrating all aspects of your life will allow you to focus on success, status and social interactions. If you have been not doing you personal work, it will catch up with you this year. It is essential to removing obstacles and moving forward in the best way possible. Sorting out true potential from illusionary projections is key for the intrepid Tigers success.

June is the best month for a major change if you have been thinking of one. Finances can increase along with status but watch spending and keep your eye on your goals and know that although there are plenty of opportunities, you still have to work hard. Balancing work with down time will is a needed balm for you this year. Self nurturing and self reflection will fuel your energy and instincts. Then, when the time is ripe you can pounce into action. Autumn will see you taking stock of your progression and making the changes needed

If travel is imminent, take care not to go on big journeys alone. Best this year to roll with a posse or at least one trusted travel companion. While keeping you our of trouble it provides you with good backing when venturing into new territory. As for relationships, know that it’s a good year to find a mate. You are feeling more generous and stable which in itself is attractive. Tigers in committed relationships will face some challenges earlier in the year, so stay strong and open. Know it is a great year to have a baby and or to adopt. In either case Pig years provide the opportunities for Tigers can heal wounds of the past. Remember balance and compassion is a win/win.

Wood Tigers (1974) should hone your listening skills as its beneficial in all your relationships. Your ambitious nature cannot be disguised, so soften up and get organized.

Fire Tigers (1986) Don’t jeopardize your health with your unpredictable, inexhaustible energy. Freedom is precious so take care to enjoy it, lest your flame be dampened.

Earth Tigers (1998) Not a time to you push the limits; take time out and rest up. Don’t get stuck in pride or being too cautious at work. Focus on living well and stay curious.

Metal Tigers (1950, 2010) Continue to follow your dreams while always reevaluating. Your charm attracts the right people; let them in. Solitude can be detrimental this year.

Water Tigers (1962) A good year for personal development as it will clarify your path and direct your ambitions. You’re curious, altruistic nature wants to be right, but at what cost. Choose your battles well in 2019.

Overall Tigers have good luck in Pig years, Any romantic liaisons that develop early on will fizzle our it if you don’t nurture them. Tigers do well to keep focused on your goals. Although feeling cautious your natural charm will allow you to have some fun along the way.

Inspirational Concepts: Healing, Resurgence, Success

RABBIT BORN 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 & 2011

2019 will be an exceptional year for Rabbit born folk.The abundance of Pig energy and his stealthy grounded influence will allow you to flourish. Rabbits tend to play their cards close to their selves, but this year your cunning and canny ways will be tested. In order to really shine you have to drop some of the pretence and really live into your fullness. To further succeed in your career you must be ready to step into the spot light and put all insecurities into a safety deposit box. Rabbit born folks will have to ‘let go’ the need for perfection. Remember the Pig has no problem getting down and dirty and to succeed you must be able to follow his lead. Waiting for transformation will not work, you are ready now!

Rabbits are great strategists and planners. The sacrifices of the past will pay off this year as you learn to your trust instincts as much as your logic. Rabbits do not like being out of their comfort zone. Pig years afford you a bit of luxury and home comforts. A great year to entertain and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Know to keep an eye on your waist line as the Pigs penchant for excess may settle there. Being diligent about fitness and health this year is thus advisable. Exercise self control so you can enjoy all aspects of abundance in 2019.

Romance and relationships are up front and in focus in a Pig year. To keep things harmonious ultimate honesty is required. Full revelations of emotions can rock the boat, navigate with integrity. You may have to making hard choices and decisions especially if partnered. Know that being real will see you through this phase and reawaken the romantic in you. If you are single expect some stops and starts in the love department. Getting clear with what your want and expect in a potential mate is half the equation. There is no room for wishy washy in love. Goats and Pigs are your allies, both in business and romantically, so call one up if you need some good advice.

Wood Rabbits (1975) will be more settled, focused and decisive. It is a regenerative and abundant time. Love and family life will be flourishing, so enjoy.

Fire Rabbits (1987) Will have to get real and take stock as the past may come to haunt you. Self care is needed to balance your passionate competitive energy. Stay fit.

Earth Rabbits (1999) will explore the world beyond what you know. Keep your objectives grounded while new visions and adventures fuels you. Stay organized!

Metal Rabbits (1951) should structure your choices wisely while appreciating your achievements. Cultivate close relationships without stealing the show. Enjoy family.

Water Rabbits (1963) will be running on high octane, so get all those projects and loose ends dealt with. Take care with communications and with investments.

For Rabbits 2019 is a time to keep your focus on your hearts desires and be prepared for a transformational learning curve. Revelations and shifts that can be stressful. Take good care of health and finances. Navigate gracefully and enjoy the abundance.

Inspirational Concepts: Full disclosure, Readjustments, Self Care

DRAGON BORN 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 & 2024

2019 is a great year for Dragon to take initiative in your career. Hard work will pay off and you may see yourself in the spotlight from your efforts. It’s as if you are being released from restrictions of past years to fully expand into your dreams and goals. Focus on whats important while keeping expansion minimal with an eye on expenditure. Traveling to seek future markets is possible and probable this year.

Your work like will be busy and demanding, so take care not to get exhausted and overwhelmed.

If last year was a difficult one, review and recognize your errors. Leave no stone unturned. Avoiding reflection will lead to physical and mental health imbalances. Emotional stability is essential in for Dragons and even if it is difficult to revisit the past know it is the fuel required to move towards this abundance that is yours this year.

Pace your self and know your weaknesses. They will become your strength this year.

Make sure you take enough down time to reenergize and restore. With your natural exuberance is your greatest asset. Dragons have a tendency to bite more than they can chew. Don’t be afraid to contact close friends and family for an occasional boost or heart to heart. Eat at a healthy balance diet, avoid fast food and exercise regularly.

The Social Dragon has some luck in love this year. If you are in a partnership it’s a good year for having babies. If single you could meet a mate through work related ventures. Remember that Monkeys and Rats make an excellent choices but avoid Dogs, Tigers and Horse born people. Know that relationships of all kinds are important for Dragon born folks; the key here is not to neglect them.

Wood Dragons (1964) will experience immense energy and drive in 2019. Use it well. Exercise patience and watch for what lay behind appearances. Trust your gut.

Fire Dragons (1976) will experience an inspirational and somewhat hectic year. Ignore gossip and stay positive and focused on your power this year or you lose it.

Earth Dragons (1988) enjoy the supportive earth energy while finding new ways to create abundance. Its a recovery year, so avoid conflict while practising generosity

Metal Dragons (2000) have support to shift the things you do not want in your life. Build foundations for the future and don’t let your charming self make assumptions.

Water Dragons (1952) will enjoy time in nature, meditation and finding new hobbies. Abundance will arrive in due time; keep communications clear.

It is a full year for Dragons. Keep your eye on the ball and create a balance in all aspects of life so you can reap the benefits of all that is being offered. Stay heart centred and make health a priority. Success cannot be enjoyed without either.

Inspirational Concepts: Refection, Introspection, Balance

SNAKE BORN 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

Snakes are opposite the Pig in 2019, so it is a year of caution for you. Your elegance and seductive charm will not allow you to slither away easily as your overall good luck will be challenged in an Earth Pig year. You will have to take initiative with work if you want to expand. Trying to break into a new field will be extremely difficult yet putting known resources to work in a new way will be proactive and productive. It is not a year to sit back as there are opportunities, it’s just going to take work and determination to source them. If you focus on whats already established, you may even find yourself in spotlight in 2019! Though the pig year will have you feeling a little less in control, you have the cunning and ability to rise to the top.

Stress is the downside for Snakes in Pig years. Take care of your health so as to avoid any nervous disorders. If you are not already on board with ways to relax, try meditative practices and take time in nature. These will serve you well. Part of the years unease may have to do with resolving old conflicts and putting the past behind you. If you have been avoiding conflict, as the subtle and refined snakes tends to, the year of the Pig will provide opportunities to speak your peace clearly. It will take reflection, so some emotional house keeping is needed to clear out old baggage.

Romance for Snake born can be illusive if you are rushed or judgemental. It is important if you are in a couple to be very honest so as to move past issues. If you are single don’t write off people too quickly. Your instincts are not a good as other years. Being more compassionate with self will allow you to soften and be more vulnerable. This will allow a potential mate to be open and more appealing to your discerning eye.

You will find that in taking time for a review that old, Un-actualized dreams and goals resurface. If they fire up a spark in you take a look at how you can support them to re- manifest. Old ideas can easily shift into new goals. This reflective process will allow you clarity and renewed purpose in life. Communication is key in any transformation you want this year. Turn to close friends and family for ideas, good talks or just great hugs!

Wood Snake (1965) Forge new friendships and rekindle old ones. Be proactive with health issues. Watch investments and enjoy a steady year.

Fire Snakes (1977) will have a social year as your realize some dreams. Don’t fret over the small things. Know there could be big changes in your life. Be creative.

Earth Snakes (1989) Staying close to home and hearth will incubating ideas for a career changes. Old dream or rekindling an old love is possible and fun.

Metal Snakes (1941, 2001)should balance finances and a focus on a steady career. Watch for unexpected expenses before expanding out into the world. Stay fit.

Water Snakes (1953) By managing frustrations this year it can be mellow, retrospective and rewarding. Let the past inspire your future. Staying healthy is a top priority.

Snakes need rest, so as to replenishing energy reserves. If not your nervous system will be at risk. Know that love is in the air but can cool off fast if not nurtured.

Inspirational Concepts: Introspection, Renewal, Inspiration

HORSE BORN 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

2019 promises to be a more stable and abundant year for Horse born folk. Finances are steady if not better than expected. Horses still have to be careful with investments and cash flow overall. Do your homework and try not to spend frivolously. Horses will have overall good health but must take care in high risk jobs. You may feel the strain of overload so do not push it, not matter what your career.

Horses are very adept at sniffing out danger, and you will have to do that on all fronts in a Pig year.

Pigs can make you a bit nervous, but your high stepping agility and intuition will win you friends this year. 2019 is the last of a 12 year cycle and will demand that you review what you have been neglecting. Taking time at the start of 2019 to re focus and assign your energies for new ventures will make current plans have a purpose.

Self care and introspective time will bring into focus the past in a way that is creates a more balanced and secure future. Ahimsa, the Sanskrit word for ‘self compassion’ is a must to practise. Emotional strain is often worse for males horses as it’s more difficult for them to express. Keep your friends close and find good council this year. Horses independent nature may be challenged but remember that you do well in a herd. Any Pig energy that can unnerve you is best met with group energy and you will know when to break free and do your thing.

Pig years offer an abundance of opportunities, so take care to refine choices and do our homework if starting a new career or line of work.Romance for the horse born this year is steady and positive. Your natural magnetism attracts many types but your instincts ward off those who are fakes and hangers on. Nurture current relationships and take more time off to fully enjoy the things you like. New environments, and a new home is in the cards. It is time to fully appreciate your love of aesthetics and not deny yourself some luxury. You have worked hard so enjoy the fruits of your labour . Saving for the future is required but know that balance is the key.

Wood Horses (1954) will feel abundant and full of new ideas. Approach work situations with a good team and heed advice. It’s a progressive and romantic year.

Fire Horses (1966) enjoy a great year for romance. Make sure your generosity is not taken advantage of. Get rest, stay healthy and diversify your hobbies.

Earth Horses (1978) enjoy the abundance of the years influences but don’t get too comfortable. Keep alert and aware while sharing the love and wealth with loved ones.

Metal Horses (1990) are challenged to stay balanced .Good news and opportunities arrive, but will test your patience. Beware of the intentions of others. Smile lots.

Water Horses (1942, 2002) face minor challenges this year which are upsetting. Stay positive and keep friends close by. Don’t waste time daydreaming. Be proactive

Pigs can be annoying for Horse born folk but if you keep your cool and enjoy the atmosphere of abundance and being grounded the year can hold out many possibilities.

Inspirational Concepts: Cultivating Friendships, Self care, New Horizons

SHEEP/GOAT BORN 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

Sheep or Goat born individuals will experience a steady if not occasionally challenging year in 2019. Not to worry; although you do not see eye to eye with the grounded Earth Pig you will find him entertaining and stimulating. Sheep, although herd animals, do have a wild independent side. Others do not see their dexterity and intelligence yet it serves them well when they are backed into a corner. The stealthy goat must be vigilant in order to make the most of the abundance available in this Earth Pig year. If you have a flare for creativity you will do better thank most this year. Those with more professional careers should start thinking out of the box. It could be fun but and will give you a more relaxed perspective. This is not a great year to change your career and be ware if you are just starting out, keep a tight lid on finances. Curb your love of over spending and hold some in reserve for a rainy day.

All goats will have to be careful with their observances; watch what you say, when you say it and to whom you say it. Your timing may be off in a Pig year so have more awareness of propriety. If you have your own business you stand to do well as you are invested and committed. Astute business owner will know to use your common sense to seize the moment. It’s not your year in the spotlight, and if it means masking your brilliance somewhat then do so. The abundance is there, it just may take a new approach to have it flow your way. The goal is to thrive not just survive.

Love, romance and your home life will be a delightful refuge this year. Take time to be alone, get good exercise and spend time in nature. Staying fit physically and mentally is optimal in an earth Pig year. Nurture your relationships as those closest to you will big your biggest support. Your natural charming self needs to maintain its composure so watch any hidden agendas. Although you are not a snob know that stress can bring out the worst in you. In a pig year it is good to be more transparent and you will find your self more popular and engaging.

Wood Sheep (1955) will enjoy interesting opportunities. Money flow is good and family time is highlighted. Cultivate compassion and introspection this year.

Fire Sheep (1967) should stay under the radar, yet don’t neglect responsibilities. When travelling make sure you exercise caution. Enjoy your home life, family and be grateful.

Earth Sheep (1979) will attract good people and relationships. You’ve mastered past problems and can feel good about your progress. Life and finances are stable.

Metal Sheep (1991) can enjoy being grounded at home and with family and friends. Not optimal for travel. Finances are steady and you’re feeling more flexible and relaxed.

Water Sheep (1943, 2003) should use your gut feelings to guide you towards a transformational year. Challenges will be met with new skills. Trust your instincts.

Overall the Sheep/Goat born is advised to keep good counsel and only invest in solid ideas. Know when to act so you can discern whether to rescue a situation or to take the advantage of a new opportunity

Inspirational Concepts: Restraint, Transparency, Health

MONKEY BORN 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

This will be a year for Monkeys to stay steady and focused. A good for career and advancement as it will continue to build on the successes of the Dog year. You will experience renewed energy so it is optimal to make good on your social contacts and expand your horizons. Your enthusiasm aligns with the Earth Pigs exuberance but remember your energy is uniquely different from that of the Pig. With all this energy flying about it will demand a calmer approach and more concise action in all aspects of your life. Realizing that abundance is at hand, a Monkey will have to mimic the Pig’s determination and compassion.

Earth Pigs have a steady composure when but when excited it unnerves the Monkey makes you question things. Introspection is good but do not to buy into old insecurities. 2019 is generally a good time to reflect, review and let go. Look at what works for you and use it to open new avenues of creative expression. Stepping out into a fresh approach will attract both work and people. New opportunities, colleagues and friends will be invaluable to your advancement. For the social Monkey, this is a win-win situation.

Monkeys can be easily distracted and ignore friends and family. Don’t forget who supports you. Pig years can be a stressful mentally, physically and emotionally, so making your loved ones a priority will keep you balanced.

Romance and new relationships may required more time and energy than you can afford. However, if love comes knocking you will make it work. Discern the difference between wants and needs and always operate from a heart centred place. Be diverse! Make time for partnerships and new liaisons while keeping a positive balance.

Be proactive with your health and well being in 2019. Eliminate bad habits, take time for exercise and avoid junk food and excess in all forms. Monkeys tend to take short cuts and your body will suffer. The nervous system is more at risk this year so meditation techniques, yoga, and spending time in nature will be of utmost importance.

Wood Monkeys (1944/2004) will see a surge in career related energy so act wisely and with intention. Watch for burnout; balance work, health and relationships. Stay fit.

Fire Monkeys (1956) will experience highs and lows but will do well if you don’t get frazzled or too full of yourself. Keep grounded with family time and healthy living.

Earth Monkeys (1968) will have to pay attention to details and physical well being. You are close to reaching your goals so hang in there. Cultivate meditative practices.

Metal Monkeys (1980) will face big decisions but will do well if you stay open and compassionate. Cash flow is good but not consistent. Keep good friends close by.

Water Monkeys (1992) will see dreams and plans come to fruition if you have not neglected commitments. Old flames may light your romantic energy. Be open.

Inspirational Concepts: Intuition, Pace yourself, Diversity

ROOSTER BORN 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 & 2017

It will defiantly be a year of change for Rooster born folk. Although the Earth Pig year will deliver its share of luck it offers setbacks as well. Roosters always rise to all challengers and create opportunities. Know that your regal Rooster posturing and solo stance wail not serve you so much in a Pig year. In fact when you play nice with others and partner up to achieve your goals, a lot more will happen in your favour. The key is to keep your wits about you, listen well and be open to others ideas. Major aspects such as career, businesses and homes can change radically in a Pig year. This is why having good allies is not just advisable but essential. Know that luck is on your side but its prudent to plan. Also have alternative at the ready so you are able to shift quickly should opportunities arise.

Making and keeping a budget this year is essential. This does not mean that you cannot take calculated risks but don’t gamble on the unknown. Taking initiative this year may see you in the spotlight whether this be in business, partnerships or new relationships.

A Rooster in romance can be hard to satisfy. Your proud nature and strutting posturing can put people off. Its best to allow your self to be vulnerable and watch situations improve. You will not lose your proud standing, it just means that being genuine can work to your advantage. If single stay away from other Roosters and from Rabbits.

Snakes and Ox’s appreciate your savvy nature and make great mates.

As for health, the most important thing for you is to stay away from negative people and stressful situations. You have a strong constitution and will feel invigorated by the Earth pig year, just take care not to overdue it. Roosters should avoid the tendency to panic. Your reserves of energy and calm will allow introspection to intervene. Of all the animals Rooster is the poster child for the adage ‘this to shall pass’. Indulge in physical fitness and self care. Your reserves of strength will be maintained with mediation, yoga or gentler sports. Quiet the mind and generate the positive. The Earth Pig year is full and you want to be ready for all it brings.

Wood Roosters (1945, 2005) 2019 will see you becoming a mentor; willingly offer your wisdom to others. Extend your reach beyond your comfort zone and reap the rewards.

Fire Roosters (1957) should take care with health and be very observant this year. The fire element leads to burn out. Make sure you take breaks and enjoy a productive year.

Earth Roosters (1969) will feel grounded and sexy this year. Ease and energy are yours in good measure. Watch finances and take care not to make any rash decisions.

Metal Roosters (192,1981) stand to become wealthy in an Earth Pig year if your investments are wise. Forgiveness goes a long way in moving forward in 2019.

Water Roosters (1993) will find success in your career. There is some subversive energy you have to overcome but it will be worth it. Keep a balanced approach.

Overall 2019 promises to be a captivating and fun year for Roosters. Stepping out of your comfort zone emotionally will be the first of many positive steps in creating great relationships in and out of work.

Inspirational Concepts: Self Preservation, Innovation , Positivity

DOG BORN 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

You can breath a sigh of relief, your year is over and you are out of the spotlight. Now you can start to apply all last years lessons in earnest. The

dynamic shifts in 2018 will continue through 2019, but in more subtle ways. This year you are more in command and less in reaction. The transformations of the last several years is allowing a shift in your perspective as you refine your purpose and prepare for a new cycle. Progression will be steady. Your confidence and experience will shine this year. Any fears are just ‘head speak’ now as you take a new role and initiative in your career. You may even find yourself in the spotlight on several fronts; whether in your work life, romance or self development.

Your home space will be important this year so create a sanctuary where you can retreat. It will allow you to rejuvenate and spent time reflecting. Dogs are social by nature so enjoy how friendships will expand along with your perspectives. Seeing outside the box is Bothe inspirational and energizing.

2019 is a ground breaking year on many levels as you get clear about future goals while creating the environment to make them happen. Watch finances carefully and put aside what you need to make your dreams come true. Even if they are not fully evident, as the year progresses you will become confident in your direction. Extravagance will not pay off so spend smart not impulsively.

Your work will be demanding. You function best as part of a team so know that others are there to shoulder their share of the burden. Impressing others is not as important creating solutions in your to day to day situations. Taking care of both mental and physical health is essential in an Earth Pig year. Stress can get to you so make sure to take down time and practice self care.

Romance is nor good or bad this year as your love life will strike a steady pace. Being a social animal, there will always be opportunities. Make sure you avoid Dragons. Tigers are solid for Dogs born as are Horses other Dogs, Monkeys and Rabbits. Tying the knot is not out of the question. If you are married it is a steady and happy year.

Wood Dogs (1934, 1994) will enjoy surprises, fun and adventure. You are ready to start anew on all levels; especially artistically and emotionally. It’s ok, your rule.

Fire Dogs (1946, 2006) will be energized and ready to implement all you leaned last year! Trust your instincts: keep your doubts and insecurities at bay. Stay healthy and clear.

Earth Dogs (1958) will feel grounded and ready to enjoy your year, family and loved ones. Know to take your time in making big moves. Get lots of exercise and stay fit.

Metal Dogs (1970 ) will have good support. As the link between earth and water you have a key role this year and will feel the balance. You are a trusted ally for friends.

Water Dogs (1982)must look inward for answers and motivation. Keep focused and feel the ease of forward movement. Enjoy the support of friends and family. Be the love you seek.

Overall is will be a year of steady progression and renewed focus. Stay positive. Know you are not alone. Let go of feeling responsible yet stay true to self. You will experience more joy and less tension as a result.

Inspirational Concepts: Energy, Authority, Self determination

The Earth Pig Year of 1957 was healthy, happy and abundant


Reflections on the Earth Pig Year of 1957

It is interesting if not informative to look back 60 years when the Earth Pig ruled last. Making note of social, environmental political and news worthy happenings shed light on the flavour or temperature of the upcoming year. Listed below are the ones that caught my eye and are taken from Wikipedia’s extensive list of 1957s noteworthy events.

Comments in italics are personal observations. Let’s see what effect the Earth Pig may have on our modern and ever changing times.

Jan 6th – Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the 3rd and final time. Shown   only from the waist up, after his version of “Peace In The Valley”, Ed Sullivan describes Elvis as “A real decent, fine boy” ( Seems his choice of waist up shots were just a premonition of  the gyrating Elvis we have all come to know)

January 13 Wham-O Company produces the first Frisbee. ( As Frisbee golf courses are found world round this seems to be an epic invention)

January 14 – American screen actor Humphrey Bogart dies aged 57 in California after a long battle with cancer.

January 20 – Dwight D. Eisenhower is privately sworn in for a second term as President of the United States.2 days later he is sworn in public.

– Israel withdraws from the Sinai Peninsula (captured from Egypt on October 29, 1956).

March 8 – Egypt re-opens the Suez Canal. ( After the events of 1956 this is a milestone)

March 26 – Elvis Presley buys Graceland on 3734 Bellevue Boulevard for $US100,000. He and his family move from the house on 1034 Audubon Drive.

April 5 – The Communist Party of India wins the elections in Kerala, making E. M. S. Namboodiripad its first chief minister making him the very first ‘democratically elected communist leader in the world ( *Kerala is a southwest state in India that is primarily Christian. One of its main languages is Malayalam, not Hindu. Under the influence of the Portuguese fisherman much of this part of South Western India south of Mumbai became Christian. The area is separated from the rest of the continent by the Western Ghats, a large N/S Mountain range which make the area impossible to attack from the East. My cultural experience here was much softer than that of being in Northern India. This event is odd, yet noteworthy.)

April 15 –The Distant Early Warning Line is handed over by contractors to the US and Canadian military.

-Whiterock secedes from Surrey, British Columbia, following a referendum. (I spend a lot of time here, and was unaware for a long time that there was a division)

May 30 – Real Madrid beats Fiorentina 2-0 at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid to win the 1956–57 European Cup (football).

June 21 – John Diefenbaker becomes the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.

June 27 – Hurricane Audrey demolishes Cameron, Louisiana, US, killing 400 people.

July 1 –The International Geophysical Year begins.

– The University of Waterloo is founded in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

-Production of the Citroën Traction Avant automobile, begun in 1934, ceases.

July 6 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney first meet as teenagers at a garden fete at St. Peter’s Church, Woolton, Liverpool, England, at which Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarrymen, is playing, 3 years before forming The Beatles.

July 16 – United States Marine Major John Glenn flies an F8U supersonic jet from California to New York in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds, setting a new transcontinental speed record.

July 28 – Heavy rains and mudslides at Isahaya, western Kyūshū, Japan, kill 992.

A strong earthquake shakes Mexico City and Mexican port city Acapulco.

( I show these events to point out that even in 1957 earth quakes and mishaps were taking sizeable life counts for those times)

July 29 – The International Atomic Energy Agency is established.

August 5 American Bandstand, a local dance show produced by WFIL-TV in Philadelphia, joins the ABC Television Network.

August 21 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower announces a 2-year suspension of nuclear testing.

August 31 – The Federation of Malaya gains independence from the United Kingdom, subsequently celebrated as Malaysia’s National Day.

September 4 – Civil rights movement& the Little Rock Crisis – Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas calls out the National Guard of the United States to prevent African-American students from enrolling in Little Rock Central High School.

The Ford Motor Company introduces the Edsel on what the company proclaims as “E-


September 7 – NBC introduces an animated version of its famous “living colour” peacock logo.

September 9- The Civil Rights Act of 1957 is enacted, establishing the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

October 2 – David Lean’s film The Bridge on the River Kwai opens in the UK

October 4 – Space Age: Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth.

The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow delta wing interceptor aircraft is unveiled.

October 10 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower apologizes to the finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbedemah, after he is refused service in a Dover, Delaware, restaurant.

October 16 – Antônio Vilas Boas, a Brazilian farmer, claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrials; the first famous alien abduction case.

October 31 – Toyota begins exporting vehicles to the United States, beginning with the Toyota Crown and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

November 7 – Cold War: In the United States, the Gaither Report calls for more American missiles and fallout shelters.

December 1 – In Indonesia, Sukarno announces the nationalization of 246 Dutch businesses.

December 5 – All 326,000 Dutch nationals are expelled from Indonesia.

December 10 – Canadian diplomat Lester B. Pearson receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his peacekeeping efforts in the United Nations.

December 18 The Bridge on the River Kwai is released in the US It goes on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Additional Oscars go to Alec Guinness (Best Actor) and David Lean (Best Director), among others. This is Lean’s first Oscar for directing.

December 20 – The Boeing 707 airliner flies for the first time.

Famous people born in 1997

Katie Couric, Princess Caroline of Monaco Vanna White,   Falco, Osama bin Laden, Spike  Lee, Melanie Griffith, Sid Vicious Kelly McGillis, Cameron Crowe, Bernie Mac, Martin Luther King III, Caroline Kennedy, Sheila E.,