FREE Feng Shui Introduction plus Courses & Workshops Fall ’21 / Winter ’22

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Learning in groups is fun yet online ZOOM classes are as equally effective.

Head to my YouTube Channel ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ for short clips on various aspects relevant in Feng Shui practice.

Subscribe get SPECIAL offers and discounts on courses, my book and to get your Feng Shui Astrology ( Nine Star Ki *) Principle personality number. Note: you will have to leave a comment on one of the videos asking for your number AND I will offer a mini reading for those who leave the most thoughtful or  inquisitive Feng Shui related comments. Most video clips are 3 minutes and offer information on the Feng Shui Map/ Bagua, the Five Elements and how they are relevant to the Nine personalities in Feng Shui Astrology ( Nine Star Ki). Have a look !

COURSES in Fall & Winter 21/22 

  1. FREE Introduction to Feng Shui… allows you to get to know me and what I offer while trying together the videos I’ve posted on the YouTube channel * link just above. A 45 minute session on ZOOM*. NOVEMBER 20, 2021 11:am PST  
  2. Being Feng Shui ( 3 parts )   #1“) NOVEMBER 27, An eye opening experience in how your spaces affect your life via your personal Feng Shui Chart. A 60 minute session $45.00 investment  Designed to allow you to take one or all, with a discount when you invest in all 3 sessions at once.  $125.00 CND /88 Euro/ $99.00 US    Being Feng Shui #2 )DECEMBER 4, session will introduce you to your personal Feng Shui Astrology and what that means to who you are and what you need in a home, work environment or location on the planet. A 60 minute session $45.00 investment. ( $39.00 US / 33 Euro)   Being Feng Shui #3 DECEMBER 11 This session ties all your personal information into a specific formula. Using the information we discover about your ‘elemental imprint’ we can now apply it to the Feng Shui Map or Bagua. A 60 minute session $45.00 $39.00 US / 33 Euro  EACH CLASS Starting at  11:00 am- 12:30 pm PST
  3. Nine Star Ki for Relationships … Feng Shui Astrology is a powerful insight for deeper personal understanding. l way to determine what is up in how you relate to others , ( partners, parents, siblings & children) A two part course complete with manual. Two 90 minute sessions;  Investment $120.00 CDN/ 88.00 Euro /$99.00 US . Both classes  FEBRUARY 12 & 19, 2021 starting at  11:00 am- 12:30 pm PST
  4. Feng Shui for the HolidaysThere are so many small things we can do to bring harmony into our ‘holy day’ experience. When sharing it with others, family or as a simple event, honouring the season of light is personal and specific for each one of us. This 60 minute exploration of how we can bring intention and peace into special celebrations will leave you with a variety of insights and lots of specific tips and things to work with. Manual Included. A 60 minute session $45.00 investment .( $39.00 US / 33 Euro) one class on 12/12/12  DECEMBER 12, starting at Noon, 12:00 PM PST 
  5. Feng Shui Step by Step...Whether familiar with Feng Shui or new to this ancient art, this course will introduce you to OR add to your knowledge. I will go through a Step by Step process on how to apply Feng Shui your space, office or piece of land. Keeping in mind that your personal Feng Shui is different from your fellow students, this course is designed to personalize it for your space, while learning interactively with your fellow students.  You must have a scale drawing or drawings to complete this with accuracy. Compass direction’s are also important to do this course. Three 90 minute sessions: investment $180.00 Can/ 129 Euro/ $147.00 US * DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED 

* To register for the FREE  class you must subscribe to the YouTube channel  ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne. *Also if ZOOM is new to you, find it on the internet and sign up. It is relatively easy to use yet to familiarize yourself with it prior to the courses will save you frustration if you try to sign up last minute. A code to enter the class is sent via email a day before the course. PAYMENT VIA INTERAC to

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FREE Feng Shui Introduction plus Courses & Workshops ~  Fall ’21 into Winter ’22

Energizing Spaces for Resale:

A Course for Realtors ~ Dates TBA ( two, 90 minute sessions, homework and private 30 minute follow up session scheduled within 7 days of course end)