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The Lunar New Year

About the Metal OX and its Year

The Ox Personality  

The Elements at Play in 2021

The Lessons Of 2020 

The Five Transformations

The Elements affecting 2021

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The Metal OX Talisman

Guidance in the Metal OX Year

Animal Predictions for 2020


The Lunar New Year

The Year of the Metal OX begins on February 12th, 2021. It is preceded by the first day of Spring in the Asian calendar which is the first day of the Month of the Tiger, February 4th.
Chinese New Year arrives on the second new moon after the solstice annually which is why its date is not consistent. Most often it occurs in February yet infrequently it will arrive in late January.

2021 will be different for many on the planet; especially those who’s main holiday of the year revolves around this lunar event. The Asian New Year allows us another chance to reboot 2021 with intention while shifting gears with the Oxen energy. In the Northern hemisphere the suns light becomes brighter with longer days while making its departure from south of the equator. This physical reality naturally works on shifting our perspectives. Spring or fall is a palatable energetic depending on which side of the equator you live, yet living still with a world pandemic keeps us guessing whats next.

In 2021 we are reevaluating a new way of life, giving us the chance to become someone different, or create something different, so let’s embrace it as a new beginning!
January 2021, was a bit of transition time, a dream time and with the Metal Ox comes the opportunity to make these dreams a reality, no matter how far fetched it may seem.
It’s now time to see beyond limitations and prepare to move past your imagination, to take your visions further. Although the Metal Ox will offer challenges, we can harvest Oxen tenacity and sheer will power to break through!

About the Metal OX and its Year

The Metal Ox year will be as dramatic as 2020, but take heart. Oxen are predictably steady, unlike the secretive Rat. It will however be the continuation of the METAL element, which presents two years in a row and will continue to create the looming restrictions that we feel. What we can do is open up to the mystery and intrigue that this alchemic element symbolizes. The key will be to stay in your heart and drop the cynicism as it will block your creativity. Beware of judgemental attitudes, it goes both ways and wastes time and energy overall. This is a new year and we are way more aware of the controlling an rigid perils of Metals influence than we could have ever been this time last year.
Looking back we can say that the Metal Rat year brought us to our knees. Not only did dramatic environmental events shock us and political craziness reach epic proportions, we were then crippled by a shocking global pandemic.

To fully understand the influences from a an Asian horoscope perspective you may want to quickly review the 5 Elemental Theory outlined below. Metal is an intense beast but it is also powerful, alchemic and beautiful. Combined with Ox’s base element, Water, we still have a bit of a ride ahead of us.

Water is the ‘base element’ for both the RAT and OXEN born. This means that these animals live in the North area of the zodiac which is ruled by the element water. As such water is the child of metal and thus fed by both its energy and its influence. This combination creates fertile ground for both animals of 2020 and 2021 to flourish in their own uniqueness.

Last year we saw the bling loving Rat seeking as much attention as it could muster. A double edged sword as Rats tendencies lean towards hiding their true intentions. We were foiled and fooled over and over again, leaving us with more questions than answers. In 2020 the Rat leashed its flair for the the dramatic along with its flair for deception. Rats like to amass things and Metal Rats love the especially shiny, bright and valuable items including money. When Rat has full rule, especially with Water feeding its energy, they surpass any generosity to hoard and hide the spoils.
When the pandemic hit the potential for few to benefit happened quickly and over time became very obvious. The economy was turned upside down and the powers that be made a lot of cash on the backs of the less fortunate.
Please note that this is not solely the fault of the Metal Rat who ruled in 2020 but the energy and tendency of the Rat to make good of a bad situation. Survival at its best.

In 2021 we have a much different animal at the helm; one who is steady, kind and responsible. I fear however that this grounded and reliable sort under the influence of Metal can become an arrogant tyrant when it comes to global events and situations. Oxen’s resolve and typical back seat approach to a planet in crisis may render its influence either not enough or too much.

Let me explain: Oxen have deep responsibility and feel that its talent and brilliance is best used behind the scenes. When they are able to contribute by guiding others their influence will be felt in the best of ways. An Ox under stress does not flinch and as such can be the backbone for getting results. The flip side is when the Ox takes the wrong path or is influenced to make bad decisions. The Ox under the pressure of stress does not take time to re focus and balance and can easily become overwhelmed and dysfunctional. Add this to their tendency not to deviate from decisions once they make them, come hell or high water, may well lead us into a few more disasters and uncertainties. Lets hope that this years Ox stays heart centred and well guided. In 2021, more so than ever, mutual trust, community and  the power of prayer will establish and maintain balance, abundance and flow. 

One thing we can count on is Oxen’s ability to work hard under pressure and combined with all we learned in 2020, we can take that wisdom forward into 2021. Much can be accomplished when we learn the hard lessons that the Rat taught us in 2020. What we do know is that 2021 is  unprecedented and unknown as we continue to face a planet in dramatic shift. Lets see what will play out, knowing that the Metal Ox’s influence can be two fold. Similar to witnessing President Biden’s takeover in the US, we know it’s a daunting situation but we still continue to hope that he will stay steady and on point. Nobody has been passed on such responsibility in such challenged times, but then no other president is so experienced in the ways of politics as he.

The Metal Ox has the ability to steer us towards solutions for optimal health, equalized abundance and justice on the planet. With the fluid quality of Water combining with the alchemical qualities of Metal we can aspire to experiencing higher levels of trust. Our hope is for balance and level headedness as we enjoy breaking through barriers and limitations. This will take courage, heart and determination; all of which the Ox has in spades.


Oxen born generally have a strong work ethic and yet prefer to stay in the background. Its position, between the Rat and Tiger on the on the Chineses zodiac wheel puts it in the NNE direction. On the Feng Shui Compass or Bagua this is the location of the Mountain Gua, or the Mountain trigram of the I Ching, which also shared with the Tiger who’s is ENE. In Nine Star Ki Astrology this is the location of # 8 Earth personality types. Oxen demonstrate #8 Earths personality traits in that they work tirelessly, are detail oriented and tend to be the power behind the scenes. They like being felt but don’t excel when put in the spotlight.
Oxen will never look for praise or recognition; their rewards come from a job well done. They prefer stability in work as it nurtures their confidence and brings out their talents. Their physicality strong stature is grounded and not easily rattled. Oxes’ are patient and thoughtful which make them natural leaders when given the opportunity. Their high moral compass and work ethic has them assuming that everyone should pitch in and get what needs doing, done! Expect to feel that push this year! 
Both sexes of the Oxen personality are kind, persistent and helpful yet they can also be stubborn. The women of this sign are gentle and calm yet their one mindedness can lead them make choices that create hardships. Men are reliable, trustworthy and are very responsible. On the flip side they can be arrogant, having high expectations of colleagues, family and friends. Oxen work best behind the scenes until they learn the ropes of their chosen profession. As they mature they take on lead roles, becoming experts in their field. They do not shun stressful positions and will excel in demanding careers. They suit positions in the military, as surgeons or as litigation lawyers.
Passionate about life they put heart and soul into work, family and community. Due to their sturdy constitutions have a tendency to push the envelope with the default of becoming workaholics. This spirals into depriving themselves of  food, rest and hydration. It’s the catch 22 of Oxen stamina. Being naturally strong they do well with stress and pressure. The key for the strong Ox is being aware of keeping balance least they burn out. Over time, such tendencies will erode work situations and personal relationships. We all must be conscious of this influence in 2021. The energy of the Metal element will push even the most docile of Oxen and all of us beyond our saturation points if we are not careful.
Oxen’s physical weak spots are the heart and joints, more noticeable as they age. Overdoing it creates a risk of ailments in these areas but they also fall prey to random minor illnesses when they do not devote time to health and well being. Illnesses may be related to the digestive systems as stress, pressure and excess physical strain will show when nutrition is not hitting the mark.
In 2021, we should all pay attention to what weakens the Ox so we too can stay on top of our game by focusing on being balances and healthy.              In Summary: If you are one of the illustrious Oxen born you can expect a mixed year. We saw what the controlling Metal element brought to the planet in 2020. We are not out of danger yet, so if this is your year to be in the spotlight, your approach and attitude will be your best armour.
It is not in your nature to enjoy being at centre stage so this may prove a more intense position than other years especially in light of a global pandemic. If you take to heart, *no pun intended, and stay clear in your objectives for 2021, it can be a dynamic and successful time for you. 


Take all that is above and add a strong need for ‘control’ to the mix and you have the formidable Metal Ox! These types are not to be messed with. Metal in its self represents bling and wealth; gold, silver and copper. The colour of these base metals are reflective and stimulating. Shiny metals attract attention yet the metal element tends to hide its solidity and inability to move or shift easily.  Then metal becomes sharp, cutting and wants to be in control.
This year for Metal Ox is a 60 year return. Only after the 12 animals move through the 5 elements and they return to the same element of their birth year. If at this point they have managed to have successful lives, they have most likely mastered balance. All animals who have achieved this at 60 years of age should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour and be good health.
On the other hand if any one of us goes too hard we may be facing some hard truths, whether it be health, finances, relationships or family affairs. Know that it is never to late to get on the right track for all zodiac animal signs.  2021 will have its challenges, so if balance in life has not been your focus then now is the time. Under Oxen’s tenacious rule and their hatred of failure will provide us all with powerful motivation.


Understanding Oxen traits and characteristics a bit better, we now we can introduce what the elements.  Nine Star Ki or Feng Shui Astrology and how it works for Oxen born is yet another lenses that may shed some insight into how to navigate through 2021.  We each have one of the nine numbers in the illustrations below. Nine Star Ki Astrology awakes us to our true nature, which in turn sheds light on our career choices, relationship compatibilities, health, family energetics and so much more.


Nine Star Ki  or Feng Shui Astrology is the Yin counterpart to Western Astrologies all encompassing Yang energy. Not unlike the three major signs of Western astrology: the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Ascendant, Feng Shui Astrology differentiates personality’s through the combination of a Principle number, a Character Number and an Energetic number.

The Principle number indicates adult personality traits, the Character number indicates unique emotional characteristics and childhood energy with the Energetic number revealing how others perceive you. A personal reading is required to formulate your unique chart and characteristic but here is what will affect Oxen and their cycles for 2021.

1961 Metal Ox has a #3 Wood Principle number
1973 Water Ox has a #9 Fire Principle number
1985 Wood Ox has a #6 Metal Principle Number
1997 Fire Ox has a #3 Wood Principle Number *shared with Metal Ox
2009 Earth Ox has a #9 Fire Principle Number * shared with Water Ox

Metal and Fire Oxes share the #3 Wood Personality. The cut off date Feb 4th, annually. If you are born before the number will be different. Number #3 personalities will enter the second House in 2021. It is the the #2 spot on the Bagua above and the Magic square below.  This is the house of germination, which happens prior to full on growth years that will come in 2022 and 2023.

The Nine Star Qi Layout or Houses are part of the Magic Square and these same numbers are reflected on the Feng Shui Bagua. 

For Metal and Fire Oxen, this year is a time of coming out of our shell and continuing to push towards your goals. The house of germination comes after a year of gestation. 2020 should have felt like a year of formulating new plans. With the pandemic, the changes the #3 Wood individual felt  may have escalated a shift that was already wanting to happen.

For Water and Earth Oxen you are entering the 8th house or that of Stillness, Mountain Gua and NE on the Bagua. This is a time for reflection,  education and travel if and when possible. In 2022 you will enter your own house of Nine Fire, which will be dynamic and potentially exhausting. Rest up this year and prepare for next years Ninth house; that of Vision and Fame.

For the Wood Ox you will be entering the 5th house in 2021. This is a dynamic year and often dangerous. Best not to move jobs or your home base. The 5th House is dead center and captures all the elemental energies from this position. Its exciting but a year to absorb and stay on your path. You can shift up plans that have been ongoing but starting new ventures is not advised. In 2022 you will enter the 6th House, that of your personal Nine Star Ki Principal number, which is a celebration energy. Beginning on February 4th 2022 you will be free to move but until then be aware and careful of choices and tendencies.

The Lessons Of 2020

For many of us the world situation has made us reevaluate what is required for a successful future. Depending on your individual Nine Star Ki Combinations you may be able to ride out the year much differently than your neighbour. These readings are unique as you may have read above for the various Oxen. 

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NEW 2020 Testimonials 

“Feng Shui Master, Dr. Jes Lim of QI-Mag International once told a group of students “you can be paid a lot of money to do your work, guiding those who put their trust in you. However you cannot change their karma, only they can do that.” No matter how thorough your investigation and precise your recommendations, it is ultimately up to the client to make the changes. Not everybody is ready to shift what needs to be shifted. Just know …what you resist, will persist. “

The above paragraph was written last year but can be true in any moment in any year. To that end I will repeat below what I wrote about Metal’s physical nature and symbology.  It is an appropriate guide for 2021 as well.


  • Metal can be razor/ laser sharp. Symbolically this can cut through difficulties yielding decisive and clear action.
  • Metal can melt like Water. It yields to heat to soften and be shaped. Symbolically this shift can happen at any time as nothing is ever set in stone.
  • Metals beauty is revealed in circular and spiral shapes. Symbolically it teaches us to be less rigid and more fluid in our approach. 
  • Metal is a key in electronics. Symbolically that moderates, and creates channels for communication.

Understanding the above presents us with an opportunity to move with Metals flow, which dealt us the unexpected in 2020 and could do similar in 2021. Uncertainty makes it difficult to create a solid plan but it also gives way to visioning a new reality. Oxen are persistent and strong, so leaning into those qualities while taking the risk to dream the big dream will open up new realities for the future.
It will be important to know that after the Rats secretive energy, the Oxen has nothing to hide. The Metal element may be controlling but we can intuit how it may feel when and use caution as a result.  For many being more transparent this year will work better than remaining in the shadows. Although it is an Ox’s tendency we can be forewarned to resit it.  Stay aware that its important to ask for help.  Trusting that friends, family and colleagues will want to share their wisdom. In a Metal Ox year this is not a sign of weakness but one of ultimate strength. Avoid the Ox pit fall of  ‘doing it all alone’, lest we overdoing it.

Creating balance between work and play is a must for 2021. The world situation is allowing us more home and family time; use it well. Spending time in nature is paramount for health and good respiratory well ness. Taking care of small ailments as they come up will allow us to be in control where it’s important; health and well-being. 2021 will be be a demanding year for everyone but know it’s a conscious choice of how best to navigate it. Let’s learn from 2020 and make the shifts necessary to bring us back into joy, balance and harmony with all that is around us. Much is possible if we believe in the alchemy of Metal and use it wisely to create a new dream.

Key words for 2021: Also note each animals key words.
Dilligence, Family, Sharing, Community, Proactivity, Transparency,
Nature, Healing and Confidence


photo of Feng Shui Business Logo Design

A Feng Shui Design Logo follows specific rules for
maximum prosperity. The logo above symbolizes the 5 elements: Fire on top, moving clock wise to Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. 

Also known as the Five Elemental Theory. The following is an except from Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation, written by the author of this piece. Should you want to further your study of Feng Shui, its origins and its use in homes, businesses and environments please link to this site:

https://books.friesenpress.com/ store/title/119734000041146812/M.-Charlyne-Chiasson-Elemental-Feng-Shui.


The five elements or five elemental theory, aka The Five Transformations is the basis of all Asian healing modalities. These include Qi-Gong, Tibetan Healing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What is shared here is but a glimpse into its depths. Know that it is a life long study for pratitioners of the above healing and physical arts.

The FIVE ELEMENTS are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is most beneficial.
The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram.
FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.
The Controlling Cycle: follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram above
FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces *EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE. 

This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year depending on the Element of the year and the Base element of the animal whose year it is.
With Metal being the parent and giver to the Water element there is hope for relinquishing control and allowing flow in all aspects of life. 2021 is a only the second year of this decade; being open to opportunities often means surfing the wave of change and allowing the water to spill. We have no idea what shape this abstract image will take, but it can lead to possibilities and things we have never imagined prior to now!

The Elements Affecting 2021

Five Elemental Symbol of ADARSA:Elemental Design

The five transformations explained above should further your understanding of the dynamics created in the Metal Rat Year.
To further your understanding, know that Water, the base element of Ox is a constant. Ox sits in the NNE of the Chinese astrology wheel. The NE is shared with Tiger who sits at ENE on the Feng Shui Compass, also known as the Bagua or Lopan.
The Metal element is dominant in 2021. Metal is both rigid and fluid. It has an alchemical quality that controls change, which in itself is unpredictable. Metal is the parent of Water and like 2020 these elements are compatible and mutually supportive. Metal can be cutting and controlling. We saw this in a very shocking way in 2020 with the shut down of countries as the world  faced the Covid pandemic.
As the parent of Water, Metal can soften being fluid and flexible like water and in doing so minimizes it’s control and rigidity. But with the Metal element dominant this year it can and will resort to reverting to rigidity and being in control. It was this very dynamic that set the stage for the unpredictable in 2020 and we must watch how it will manifest in 2021.
The Water influence enables and supports personal change. The Fire and Earth elements are key 2021 in creating balance. 
Fire melts metal and keeps in it in a fluid state. This however cannot be sustained so Metal will need the influence of its parent Earth to stabilize it. Fire, Earth and Metal form a tirerary balance, with Fire feeding Earth feeding Metal. This dynamic can creates harmony and flow.
Symbolically we will experience Metal as going from rigidity to fluidity.  Earth will act as the grounding and stabilizing factor. The key is Fire in keeping us heart centred which will feed the Earth and balance Meta. In   2021 is will be a a profound metaphor. 

In 2020’s predictions I asked if we could steer the ship by recognizing what kind of change would be required and to initiate that it before it happed unexpectedly.

My words were “Having a good plan for the year is like money in the bank”. And that “forward thinking will allow any shifts required to be more seamless and subvert any challenges created by Metal’s influence and unpredictability.”

In hind sight, how could we know how big of a change would face all of us. It is true that Rats reputation for being unpredictable proved to be way more profound than most, and who’s to say what exact influence the Asian calendar has on the world wide scene. In refection, my prediction and caution around the influence of Metal advised that “any chance for success would depend on unity and working in groups, as a vital key element”. This is proving to be true and will be more so as we ride out the continued Metal influences of 2021.

Feng Shui Bagua & Elemental Awareness

The Earth element is found in the NNE and ENE on the Bagua * Feng Shui compass* and its symbolism is Knowledge. This location is known widely in Feng Shui to be the most ‘difficult’ of all positions. Partitioners of this Ancient Art will watch carefully when assessing a home for what is happening in this location of a building or piece of land. We do not want to see areas missing, nor do we want to see protrusions or build ons that are unproportionate. Any anomalies will be closely scrutinized.
The knowledge Gua in the NE is occupied by both Ox and Tiger, so the influences will be felt into 2022 as well as 2021. Knowledge is power, so they say and to a large degree it is. This Gua or location on the compass is also know as the Mountain Gua and has many attributes of Mountain energy, which can be both beautiful and foreboding. We treat the mountain with respect, awe and caution.

In Feng Shui, Knowledge symbolizes not just what we know intellectually  but what we learn about our true selves and how we apply that in our lives. We know that in Asian cultures many monks live their lives secluded in mountain caves, praying for sentient beings as a life path and duty to humanity.
The relevance to us, today is the beauty of self care, self cultivation and self knowing. It is about forming a deeper connection with self and planet and our place in it.
I believe that the world crisis of 2020 has put us into a position to be able to stop all the human doing and work on the being a human.
The influences of 2020 are still at play with the pandemic and the energy of Metal wanting to control us. We each have divine placement on this planet and the slow down is helping us look deeper into what we are responsible for and how we can shift our perspectives and what how we influence.
It is knowing who we are and our relationship with self, that allows us a deeper relationship with others. And if we look the Gua or location directly across from the NE or Knowledge, it is is the SW or Relationship Gua. ‘
Over the years I have studied how these two influence each other, in homes buildings and on land.

For example if the NE area of your home, business or land is not satisfactory such as being cluttered, unfinished, or a dead zone, then it may or often will directly affect with what is happening in the SW or Relationship area of the same home.
As investigators, Feng Shui pratitioners are detectives, looking for underlying influences that create discord in order to rebalance and harmonize.
So I invite you to take a look at the spaces/ rooms that exist in the NE section of you home as well as the SW and see if you can bring them into harmony with each other. This can be your Feng Shui tip and proactive start to this  Lunar New Year. This influence will be in effect for both 2021 and 2022 so its worth investigating. 
Also know that both SW and the Tai Chi or Centre of a building or piece of  land are the three EARTH guas. Earth feeds Metal and makes it stronger. In a Metal year that can go well or badly as I just mentioned above. Control vs Fluidity. It in our best interests to know relationships are only as good as the one we have with self and that in 2021 staying in the heart and avoiding polarities is the goal.

Metal is also the element that rules communication. As it was for 2020 and will be for 2021. Thus it is a great year to keep communication channels open in all areas of your life. Water and Metal are ever changing it is wise to look beyond the current situation. *  Remember, water is the base element of the Ox. As it was last year, we need to watch for new opportunities while keeping within comfortable boundaries.
In summary: 2020 was a challenging year for many. It had its ups and seemingly more downs that ever before. But it is times like this that we can embrace personal growth and change in a positive way. It’s an opportunity to look at how we judge when we do what that means in the realm of  ‘self judgement’. Polarities across the board have been a big, especially on the  political stage. It also spills over into how we view the world and each other. Staying heart centred keeps us away from this painful as we learn to  act from the heart mind not the head mind. Keep this in mind for navigating through 2021 and bring it into your practices. Ask how can you connect with your community and create unity when faced with isolation.

A direct quote from my 2020 predictions,

“Working in groups will be beneficial and will be crucial in challenging times. Be prepared for the waxing and waning of Water and Metal’s dynamic. Keep things fluid in your life, work and dealings. Watch for times when there are blockages and know to either stop, move around them or wait for a better moment to proceed.”

This too is still profoundly true for 2021, but this time I will emphasize to lead with your heart, be grateful and what how that will influence your path as we proceed to be the change!

Ox in Mythology

The OX is the second animal of the Chinese Zodiac. There are several stories about how Ox secured this place yet they all have a similar outcome. One is the story of the Great Race, which is the tale adhered to in most Asian cultures.

A race was contrived to determine in which order the animals would be located on the Asian Zodiac wheel. At the onset of the race the Rat and the Rabbit made a deal with the Ox to ride on his back across the prescribed river crossing. The Ox’s confidence was such that he agreed, not thinking that the Rat or Rabbit were plotting a strategy. When the Rat jumped off just as they were landing on the far side of the river, the Ox then understood the plot. He immediately made a violent movement shaking the Rabbit off his back. The Rat ran to the finish line coming first with Ox having to acquiesce to second place. Oxen and Rats to this day do not get along.

The Asian Lunar New Year is a globally celebrated event and arrives with much pomp and circumstance. Global travel typically escalates during this time of year as Asians around the world return home to celebrate it.


Ox, as one of the largest domestic animals is viewed as a powerful, determined, stable influence in agrarian societies. It’s size and pure ‘life force energy’ gave this animal, above all others, a special and reverent place in many ancient cultures.
We can trace it back to the 20,000-year-old prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux France, where it was referred to as Aurock, who’s energetic essence was viewed as a magical trait.

May early cultures did not follow one God head as we do today. Early earth inhabitants often used the most powerful animals and nature spirits around them to pray to and invoke in times of need.

Ox’s reverence is historic as seen in ancient Egypt, Iran, Greece, Crete and Cyprus through to the Roman Empire. Even the Celtic peoples whose priests and magicians, referred to as Druids, were known to use Oxen and Bulls in rituals for fertility.

Oxen and Bulls were seen as having protective powers which in ancient times were deemed mystical. As such the image of the Ox has persisted throughout the ages and even into the new age and pop culture.

The diverse view of Oxen as a beast of burden as well as magical or mystical creature is a reoccurring theme. Ox symbology bodes for both protection and practicality.
In Christianity it made its first appearance in the birth nativity scene along with the donkey. Their breath and lowing is what kept the air around the holy scene warm.

In Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and other religious sects bulls, oxen and cattle have sacred status. It was the Hindu god Shiva who rode Nandi as his royal mount. As vegetarians, the milk of these beasts is treated as a sacred gift and used in many Hindu ceremonies.
In the Indian Vedas the cow/bull/ox is associated with the mother of all gods, known as Aditi. In many areas on the Indian continent it is forbidden for cows, bulls and oxen to be killed or used in sacrifices of any kind.

The Chinese Culture has a plethora of Oxen associations throughout their history dating back to Totemic mythology. Here it was believed that had their ancestors derived from the mating of an Ox and a God deep in a cave, rendering the first people fair skinned and red headed. This myth is traced to what we know now as Kurdistan and the peoples the Kyrgyz.
Oxen have been combined with other animals in mythical lore. The Ox Head/Horse Face is the symbol for the guardian of the underworld. Two of these composite beasts are known to either guard or escort the dead on their way to re-incarnation.

In the Zhou Dynasty a miniature breed of Oxen was developed and used in ceremony to both feed the spirits of ancestors and the people in ceremonial feasts. 

I relatable modern day culture Babe the Blue Ox accompanied Paul Bunyan on his many adventures. Paul, the first superhuman/ super hero was a part of North American Folk lore who was made widely popular by Disney movies. 

The Western Astrological sign Taurus bears the qualities attributed to these strong and formable animals.

The Metal Ox Talisman

2021 Metal Ox talisman

Each year Talismans are crafted for the animal of that year. They have a several purposes.
First, they are a reminder of the energy of that years given animal.
Second, these hand crafted talisman bring balance to the overall annual energies when placed in the location at risk in that year.
Third, they bring energy, good luck via prayers and awareness into spaces that need to be awakened.

  • Identical but not, each is handcrafted with intention, prayers and thoughtfulness. This years Metal Ox has special prayers for our seeing our way through these challenging times. Wishes and words for good luck and prosperity are often written on or inside them.
  • Always a hand drawn image of the animal of the year
    A shape that brings in an energy or element of the year while balancing all other elements.

Handwritten blessings written in blue ink in a spiral to represent the element Water, are faint and disappear into the rice paper as do prayers rise to the heavens. Inserted into the middle layer of the circular shape which represents unity, community and wholeness. 

  • Hand drawn calligraphy or a calligraphic representation of the years animal.
  • Colours that reflect the animal and the elements
  • Crystal, sands, semi precious stones and beads which activate the energy of the Talisman
  • Personalized location for hanging the piece. This grounds intentions and wards off external interferences
  • A unique blessings for every person who orders the Talisman; transferred at the time time of receipt.

Each year brings with it new energy. Talismans are known as good luck charms and made in this fashion, activate energy. The inspirational words specific to your personal animals prediction can guide you when activating a personal talisman.

Metal Ox talisman. Double sided with Ox Calligraphy, Clear quartz crystal and crystal quartz heart.

INVESTMENT $30.00 + shipping
SPECIAL: $24.00 + shipping when ordered prior to Spring Equinox in March 2021, or $ 21.00 if you attended the online Zoom presentation 
FREE: When ordering from me personally a copy of  ‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’
*All talisman come with a an activation technique and a personal suggested location of where to hang or place the piece.

Guidance in the Metal OX Year

Each year I offer reduced rates on services if booked prior to April 1, 2021. We can do the work after that date but it must be booked and a deposit places prior to this date.

Discounts available until APRIL 26, 2021

The Benefits of the above offerings :

OX Talisman: This is an activation piece especially for this year. It is designed and crafted with prayers and intention. It is placed in the area of the home most susceptible to the least favourable energies of the year. It is activated by me, for you with techniques uses by Feng Shui masters for a millennia.
Feng Shui Astrology can give insights into the rhythm and flow of the coming year. It guides you through each month in terms of timing and at what stage you are in the over-all scheme of things. It guides you when to stay still and when to and go for it. You can refer to the charts monthly and follow up with web reference especially for your element and personality. * see testimonials
Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Placement, released in 2018 this book covers all the feng Shui basics. It is the manual required for all classes I teach on line and is a great reference guide and gift for designers, architects and anyone who is in tune with spacial energies and wants to know more.
Online Courses which are now about to be up and running will cover a variety of topics. Eastern Astrology for finding sustaining Relationships, Energizing Spaces for Resale and Feng Shui Feng for various user groups that will include Teenagers, Travellers, Baby Boomers, Parents with Young Children and Feng Shui Design for Designers and Architects. Using Zoom as the medium, it puts us all in a virtual classroom that can be as fun and interactive as being in person. And you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas.
Remote Energy Clearings and Feng Shui Consultations. It is known by many energy workers that remote healing is possible as it remote personal and space clearings. When studying clearing techniques we had to do weekly remote personal clearings on a partner that switched monthly for 2 years. The students were world wide. The results were fascinating. 
With proper floor plans and information homes can be cleared or Feng Shuied. On site visits, when possible are optimal however much can be accomplished without site visits.

Annual Predictions

asian_ Zodiac_wheel_see ox_top_right

Chinese Zodiac Wheel, *Ox is top right, between Rat and Tiger
NOTE: Each year has a different beginning date. If you are born in January or February its best to check when that particular year started. Easy to find on the internet if you insert your birth year and animal.

Oxen: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 & 1997

Generally, a good year for the Ox born, but know that in anyones personal year there will be challenges. You are in the spotlight and depending on your personality that can make you uneasy or you could thrive. Fake it till you make it may be this years motto for Oxen born as you tend to be the power behind the scenes. Know that it is a good year to be clear about what you want and how you want to achieve it. Oxen can easily take on too much and in 2021 you will risk burn out if you try. This is not an easy challenge for the industrious and independent Ox, especially if you are the Metal variety, who turns 60 in 2021. For you it’s time to ease up and let others share the burden. Keep a close eye on finances this year avoid extravagances. Relationships will take on a very important role in 2021. Those around you will be paramount to your success and how you proceed in the future. In nourishing others you nurture yourself. Health is major priority, both mental and physical. Fitness and exercise are key to stay in balance. Know that the year may start on a low note but it will pick up as get customized. Attitude will be everything this year, and as you step into the limelight know you can shine and achieve much in 2021.

Key words: levity, gratitude and focus

Earth Ox * born 1949, 2009
Keep fit and learn to relax deeply!
Metal Ox * born ’61
A Power year so use it wisely!
Water Ox * born ’73
Indulge in whimsy & don’t sweat the small stuff.
Wood Ox * born ’85
Hard work means success but have fun in the process.
Fire Ox  *born 1997
Being the example for others works in your favour!

Tigers: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 & 1998

A Year of deep personal spiritual evolution! Ground in your practises to see you flourish. Think of the long-term as far as career goals and know that come summer you can really move towards them. A stabilizing year overall and a relief from much of the stress that you experienced in 2020. Keeping a steady slow pace while moving forward works for Tiger born folk. You will be at the helm in 2022 and being a shift to the water element, it’s best to enjoy this years stability! The Water element of 2022 could take you in many directions so choosing carefully now is important. You will enjoy financial security but plan wisely how to use your resources. Love is also in the air for the latter half of your year, or sooner if you put yourself out there. If you are single this may be the year you find that special someone. If partnered it will be a harmonious year and a great time to deepen the connections. All Tigers must balance their need for independence with using good communication. Health will be good as you recover from the exhaustion and challenged of 2020. Don’t overdo anyone thing, put your best efforts forward and try to avoid conflicts. The year improves as it progresses.

Key Words: equability, education and ease

Metal Tigers * born ’50, 2010
Follow your bliss to be successful!
Water Tiger *born ’62
Stay focused, and don’t be afraid to love deeply.
Wood Tigers *born ’74
Go deep, listen deep then respond, not react!
Fire Tigers * born ’86
Keep focused and on course! Avoid any unnecessary risks.
Earth Tigers * born ’98
Emotional & physical health are priority!

Rabbit: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 & 1999

And auspicious year for Rabbits with lots of love, companionship and inspiration. Let down your guard a bit and practice being more transparent. Life has shifted and restricted the planet; your best response is to be open and share more of who you are. Let go of perfection, operate from the heart and you’ll ride out this year’s challenges with grace. Moderation in attitudes will allow less stress which may affect your health this year more so than in the past. Work and career may feel like its in a lull this year which may be unsettling. This is due to adapting to the new global environment and where you are at. There are no high points but you will avoid the low points as well. It’s time for the Rabbit to experiment with other sources of income or pursue opportunities for expanding your knowledge base and perspectives. Both will keep you stimulated and flush. Keeping your mental and physical health on track will be of paramount importance in 2021. Examine old habits and work to shift what does not serve you. Know that letting go and staying focussed will keep you in a joyful and productive flow.

Key Words: potential, shift, acceptance

Metal Rabbit * born ’51, 2011
Expand your love language by listening deeper.
Water Rabbit *born ’63,
Be cautious with new ideas, trust deeply who you are !
Wood Rabbit * born ’75
Focus on what inspires you and all else will follow!
Fire Rabbit * born *87
Letting go of control & spending time in nature promotes better health.Al
Earth Rabbit * born ’39, ’99
Be expansive in movements and ideas!

Dragon: 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

A palatable shift will be felt for Dragons this year. As you breathe a sigh of relief know you can make deeper commitments to yourself and others. Although you may experience a year of highs and lows, know your gift is in your adaptability. Your intelligence and expertise will allow your business ideas to move forward and flourish when being cautious and doing your due diligence. If you are lacking motivation seek stimulation through education. Setting up regular brain storming sessions with colleagues will help as it will prove to be both fun and inspiring. Keep a close eye on your finances. There will be opportunity but you may need to lay low and keeping your cards close to your chest before you pounce. Make sure your priorities are in the right place. Family, lifestyle and health should never be compromised to get ahead. The Metal’s edge in the Ox year can cut deep and fast. Health and safety is a priority in 2021. Avoid extremes and stress by creating new routines to eliminate any bad habits. Work on personal relationships with intention; communications is key. Small stay-cations will promote a sense of well being and be easier on the pocket book. Focus on feeling good, your love life and expect there may be some family expansion.

Key Words: balance, imagination hopefulness

Wood Dragon *born 1964
Romance and family life is highlighted!
Fire Dragon * born 1976
Be the inspiration you need and want !
Earth Dragon *born 1988
Time to find new ways to be in the world!
Metal Dragon *born 2000
Resolve and being able to letting go year will prove successful!
Water Dragon * born 1952
A good year to focus on the future and your career!


Snake Caligraphy

Snake: 1941,1965, 1977, 1989 & 2001

A very spacious year for Snakes as dreams from the past can be put forward now. All complexities can be resolved and dissipated allowing you freedom and inspiration. Luck is on your side with both finances and career expansion. A shift in your career is up in 2021. Stepping out of your normal role into a bigger expression of self is highly supported. Rely on what you’ve learned in the past before you move forward. Being a meticulous creature the snake should avoid stress and allow things to flow and all you do. Emotional safety is important for you this year. Stepping out and up is not your comfort spot but know the time is now. Focus on the sun’s warmth and the nurturing of nature. This will allow you to re-focus and any worries to dissipate. So many things can come to fruition this year if you take the calculated risks which you are famous for. Maintaining your health is key as problems of the past are resolving themselves but care is required. Mental health is important so watch the stress levels and step back. Discovering a new hobby in 2021 will both inspire you and take you out of any self imposed ruts. Know you can shift things up with ease in 2021 with positive intentions.

KEY WORDS: Expansion, Grounding & Trust

Wood Snake *born in 1965
Expanding your social circle improves the quality of life in 2021!
Fire Snake * born in 1977
Be open to new friendships and lovers!
Earth Snake * born in 1989
Shifting career with ease is possible and auspicious!
Metal Snake * born in 1941 and 2001
Mini trips will expand your perspectives!
Water Snake * born in 1953
Keep a steady pace and be open to all that comes to you!

Horse: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 & 2002

A very promising year for Horse born as last years roller coaster slows down and stabilization returns. Opposing the years animal puts you in the firing line and with all the Rat delivered last year, 2021 delivers a welcome shift! Progress on all fronts will be felt and so be clear in your intentions. Continue to spend your money wisely and know investments made in the past and those well researched now will pay off. The balance will be in being both generous and frugal simultaneously.
Overall your health forecast is good but beware of small accidents that can turn into larger issues. Keep an even keel while balancing work with play otherwise you may feel overwhelmed, coming to a standstill. Stress is the #1 cause of mental health issues, so beware and know how to decompress. Know that due to the pandemic and life in general this affects many, but especially the independent yet tribal horse. A healthy attitude, meditative practices and lots of time in nature is priority especially if this is not your norm. Staying committed to your relationships is a major issue, as the outter world pressures can tend to make you insular. Understanding and communications will both nurture you and bring peace. Move steady and you will flourish amongst adversity in 2021.

Key words: Nutrition, devotion & lightheartedness

Wood Horse * born 1954, 2014
Keep focused on career goals!
Fire Horse * born in 1966
Transition in love and stability in career! 
Earth Horse * born 1978
Keeping rational objectives is key this year!
Metal Horse * born 1990
Keep your cool, let go of control and smile at your achievements!
Water Horse *born 1942, 2002
Stay focused, grounded and positive with those you hang with!

Sheep: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1991, 2003

It will be a mixed bag for sheep born in 2021. You will feel love and joy but know that there’s a lot of unexpected surprises in the air. It will be a year of deep personal change and evolution. Relationships, lifestyle and career are all in flux in 2021 so be prepared for the ride. Opportunities exist but you will have to stay clear in your intentions to bring them to fruition. Define your goals and seek out colleagues and friend for support in your ventures. Keep your eye on your cash, as it will require tough choices to stay afloat and keep your investments secure. A good balance between spirituality and emotional security is also important this year. Pay attention to those around you and make reciprocity a goal. When we give we are open to receiving; in a Metal Ox year it will be appreciated more than ever. Know your physical abilities and do not extend beyond them so as to avoid accidents. Watch for burnout and de-stress frequently to keep your immune system smiling. It’s wise for the surefooted goat to remember the path of ease. Your internal guidance system will be boosted by your deepest relationships. Nurture them and be nurtured.

Key words: focus, humility & joyfulness

Wood Sheep * born 1955
A career shift could may see you succeed!
Fire Sheep * born 1967
Beware of the small things and stay healthy!                                                      Earth Sheep * born 1979
A Pig born person may catch your eye for a romance or career opportunity!        Metal Sheep * 1931, 1991                                                                                              Spend time nourishing your loved ones in 2021                                                     
Water Sheep * born 1943, 2003
Be aware of your impulses and trust your gut!

Monkey: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

For monkeys it promises to be a good year if you stay focussed and spend time alone sourcing your inner truth. A good year for career expansion, providing you take a wider perspective than ever before. Know that showing what you can do in the work situations will get attention from employers and clients alike. A year to branch out and take risks; you will be seen when you step out of your comfort zone. Wise to be frugal with your cash and invest wisely or not at all. Nurture yourself in 2021 and know when to take breaks. Broaden your connections this year socially and in your career. Nurture positive relationships and watch them grow. Your love life will be exciting but if you’re looking for the one be patient and discerning. Hold out for that deep spiritual, physical & emotional connection on which you thrive. Overall health looks good but take care about small accidents that could interfere with your daily routine and livi-hood. If you are older work to keep your immune system balanced and vibrant. Monkeys will benefit from a disciplined regime; nutrition, exercise and meditation are key. Time in nature is crucial as is paying attention to what your body tells you. Remember a positive attitude will go a long way in a Metal Ox year.

KEY WORDS; perspective, self love & confidence

Wood Monkey * born 1944, 2004
Follow your intuition and your career will benefit!
Fire Monkey * born 1956
A stellar year for career & love; money will follow if you trust!
Earth Monkey * born 1968
Stay focused on your spiritual and physical health; do your practices!
Metal Monkey  * born 1980
Let go and allow yourself to inspire others, it will assist you in all your choices.
Water Monkey * born 1992, 2004
A time to dream your intentions into reality!

Rooster: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

A brilliant bounce back year for Roosters. Gaining personal power and respectability will follow if you stay organized and disciplined. A year of change with the potential of watching your dreams turn into reality.
Make sure you consider others in your immediate sphere before making big changes. Family and loved ones will factor in all your decisions for 2021. If relocation for that dream opportunity comes up, seize it. But don’t forget methodical due diligence before you leap. Your entrepreneurial instincts are wise to act on this year, especially if they have been on the back burner for awhile. Make sure you have a clear financial plan in place first.
Avoid conflicts by listening carefully and be prepared to act quickly when and if required. To nurture you love life discern between playing at love and deeply loving. You tend want the both but don’t know how to integrate them. Getting to the root of that essence will allow a deeper self love that will attract those who can meet you. When this happens, don’t take it for granted. Nurture, love deeply, play and let go. From here inner joy will bloom showering all around you. Your health will benefit in 2021 by keeping stress levels down and avoiding negativity. Be ware of accidents, especially when travelling.

KEY WORDS: optimization, nurturing & expansion

Wood Rooster * 1945, 2005
Focus on being generous with time, energy and cash, it will come back 10 fold!
Fire Rooster * born 1957, 2006
Know your limitations and stay focused on your health and well being!
Earth Rooster * born 1969
Spend time with those you love and nurture relationships lest you lose them!
Metal Rooster * born 1981
A full on year for career, cash and success if you stay in your wisdom!
Water Rooster *  born 1933, 1993
You will shine in all aspects of your outer life so nurture your inner live!

Dog: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 & 2006

A pivotal year for you as future plans become clear as will opportunities. Paying attention to details and conserving your energy will allow you the best progress. Take care with financial endeavours; don’t take risks or give into impulse buying. Save for the things you really need and want. Having a nest egg will help. Don’t take a backseat this year in career advancement. Instead make sure your efforts are seen and noted. If you experience frustrations, just know you will advance in time; be patient and avoid conflicts when possible. Stay balanced in your health and mental outlook. Overdoing will do you in. Love opportunities abound especially early in the year. Take your time and get to know your potential partner before taking the leap. Count yourself lucky if you find the one, as there could be many false starts in an Metal Ox year. Know where your loyalties lie and don’t go beyond your limitations. Health will be of paramount importance this year as you may tend to overdue it or not take the proper precautions. Watch your stress levels as it could lead to insomnia and poor mental and immune health. Seek assistance when needed to avoid breakdowns and or to recoup. Let go of ego and nurture yourself deeply.

KEY WORDS: Precaution, meditation & balance

Wood Dog * born  1947, 1994
Much afoot in all aspects of life, choose wisely !
Fire Dog * born 1946, 2006
Step into your power and feel the shift!
Earth Dog * born1958
A great year for romance and intentions, making dreams come true !
Metal Dog *born 1970
Its your year to achieve on all levels !
Water Dog * born in 1970
Step our of your comfort zone and watch what happens !

Pigs: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1994, 2007

Overall, an abundant and stable year for Pigs. Investment and career choices will be positive. A good year for expansion; just do your homework before investing. 2021 has potential but will be what you make it. Step out of you comfort zone, take some risks and find new challenges. The Metal Ox year will support you more than in any other year. Although your laid back approach works, be ready to spread your wings for a change and challenge. Avoid extravagant purchases lest it be part of an overall life investment. You like your luxuries but spending beyond your means is not reason enough. Interpersonal relationships may be challenging but you must stand in your own truth. Commit to working on existing relationships and know if petty arguments ensue, it’s a warning to go beyond to find root causes. Health can be challenged so balance a good diet with exercise and work routines. Your energy levels will be high so take care not to overdue. Small injuries will feel like major annoyances, so be aware. A good year to get rid of excess weight as it will reduce stress especially if you are over 50. Focus on self improvements and watch how it benefits your outter life, family and friends.

KEY WORDS: Motivation, Discipline & Expansion

Wood Pig * born 1995
A powerful year if you stay balanced in all aspects of your being!
Fire Pig * born 1947, 2007
A great year to branch out, study and expand interests!
Earth Pig * born 1959
Keep your priorities straight and success will follow!
Metal Pig  * born in 1971
Focusing on what you do best and getting out there is emphasized!
Water Pig * born 1983
A stellar year for advancement if you follow your intuition!

Rats: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984 ,1996 & 2008

Overall a good year for the Rat is it steps out of the limelight. The pressure is off and you can deal with personal issues including health. Staying clear and focused will dissipate any stress that tends to spiral you down. Good health is imperative to a potentially productive and powerful year. Spring will bring good luck on all fronts so have a plan and be ready to move forward. A positive outlook and clear intentions will see you through 2021. Garner support from colleagues and friends and don’t be afraid to take risks. The path is clear and when you come across those who throw you shade, keep focused on the work and opportunities. Concentrating on relaxation and your nervous system is important in 2021. Anything you can do that keeps anxiety at bay is advised. Be patient in your love life as your expectations are high , but don’t fear as you may find ‘the one’ early in the year. Experience will guide you to the right partner, so take heart. If you are in relationship its smooth sailing; but remember not to rock the boat with temptations outside your nest. As for finances, avoid any speculation. If you do your due diligence you could make headway from unexpected sources, Although bit of risk may be involved.

Key words: Clarity, nutrition & mental health

Wood Rat 1984 * born 1984
A energizing year, potential all round!
Fire Rat 1972 * born 1972
Think before you act! It will serve you well.                                                       Earth Rat * born 1948, 1984
Progress and power to you, but take time out to rest !
Metal Rat  * born 1960
Motivation is key, you still have what it takes to succeed.
Water Rat * born 1996
Intentions create realities, be in your truth and flourish!