2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Five



The Water Tiger arrives at a time when we are all ready for a shift. 

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In this January 4th interview with Ashala Yardley,  I talk at length about this transition. The basic shift is one from two Metal years ( 2020 & 2021 ) into two Water Years; the Water Tiger 2022 and Water Rabbit 2023.


The implication & symbology is that Metal is loosing its grip and is fighting hard to maintain the Status Quo. This was being felt throughout latter January with the transition being complete on the Full Moon on February 14th. Looking at unfolding world events during this period, we see can sense tension, struggles and and power shift.

Welcome Water!  It has the ability to shift and flow in new directions or, all directions at once. 

FIRST let’s look at what animals will do well in a Tiger Year. When you look at the image below, note the Triangles joining groups of three animals. The Tiger, Horse and Dog are in an  affinity triangle or power triad. 

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The Affinity Triangle or Power Triad.

Each animal of the Chinese zodiac has its ‘power triad’. These two animals that are your best mates. They make great friends, partners and colleagues. There is a flow of energy and respect that allows communication and generally life, flow with ease. Consequently the Animal directly across from you is your nemesis. This person will be your challenge and someone, if you are brave enough, to face growth with.

When you are in your animal year, it will be these animals who stand with you and also succeed. When in the spotlight, in your year, it can be distracting and stressful. This does not mean you will not do well, you will, however you must be ready for growth and change. Your animal year is unique to you and will put you through the paces. Know to use the year prior to prepare yourself. If you do, then you will be rewarded. The year after your year willl offer time and space to catch up, relax and harvest the rewards of your good work.

RABBITS take note; prep and get ready in 2022 for 2023 


The animal across from the animal of the year is its nemesis. This year it’s the Monkey, and more specifically, the Fire Monkey. The Water Element of this Tiger year will seek to extinguish, or at least, dampen the Fire of this Monkey. All animals with Fire as a prominent Element should beware and conscious of the this energetic.

* Note: if you are in a relationship with someone who is across from you it is believed that you both are in a deep ‘karmic’ relationship. When these relationships last they can be life altering.  

OVERALL: Rabbit, Horse, Rooster and the Dog will do well in a Water Tiger year. The video below speaks about the Power Triad of Tiger, Horse & Dog. Filmed on February 1, the first day of the Water Tiger year.



  • Tigers are solo creatures and as such may not easily share information. See if you can tap into that loner energy to source out your important moves this year.
  • Tigers of the Water Variety are more personable that others.Being carnivores they can go for the jugular. Beware of the hidden dangers that present in taking on new ventures and projects.
  • The Water element is mysterious and ever moving except when its in an icy state. Get to know water by spend time near and in it if you have not recently. Water runs deep and is at the core of our human ‘being’.
  • The many aspects of Water creates an unpredictability. Watch how this affects world dynamics; especially  the marketplace in 2022. 
  • Expect the unexpected! We were in training during the pandemic. Having acquired now coping skill skills we will prepare us for future events. Take note of your geography and what you need to be prepared for in a natural disaster. This also applies to financial stress, mental health and emotional challenges.
  • Know that trusting your instinct in a Water Tiger year is crucial. The Water Tiger is intuitively gifted and this energy will be accessible to all of us. Let go of the ‘head mind’ and drop into the ‘heart mind’.
  • Pay attention to the Elements. Water diminishes Fire, Earth controls it. This includes its colours and shapes and directional energy. In Post # 7 in this series I will go into depth about the elements. My publication is called ‘Elemental Feng Shui’ for good reason. 


Think of water and its symbology.  Water is represented visually as curvy wavy lines. Yet when we spill water, its movement is unpredictable. This is why abstract paintings are considered ‘water symbology’ in home decor and interior design. It is also applied to Architecture in many ways. I refer to the home below, that of a clients, as  the ‘Water house’. Although its prominently Wood construction its the Watery sloped roof that makes it stand out.

water element, Wood element

Water symbology shapes the Wood of its construction. Water feeds Wood; a harmonious combination in the elemental flow.

This year will be dynamic and ever changing.  At times water is bubbly, and effervescent. At other times, its penetrating quality lies in the depths of the ocean, making it hare to read. Water is also a symbol for emotion.

Simple Tips

  • Keep Water symbology in mind while navigating the Water Tiger Year. Things can change quickly and probably will. Attuning to this powerful element will assist all and any transitional challenges.
  • Be prepared to experience all aspects of your emotional body. The Water Tiger is an excellent year to grow emotionally. Start with understanding the self first; only then can you move outwards into relationships.
  • Water aligns with the organs kidney, bladder and reproductive system. Tune into their function, have them checked out if you suspect abnormalities and protect them from malfunction. Stay warm & drink lots of Water.  Urinary track infections are particularly careful to watch out for this year. Non-Sweetened Cranberry in a non diluted form in water, daily is an excellent tonic for bladder and Kidney health.
  • Know that the Water Tiger year arrives with the Tiger month. It may have an impact, depending on your sign and animal.  Go slow, tune into your intuition or gut feelings and know that by March 5th things will ease up.

In the next post I will outline all animals, elements, years and mini predictions. 

A few more fun facts about Tiger born:

  • Tigers charm is its love for adventure and travelling. This could be to the next town or continent.
  • Tigers have altruistic streak. Admirable unless you are married to one as it will side track them. They will often ignore important issues when fixated on one particular cause. This will interfere with personal relationships and commitments especially if Water is in their transformation.
  • The Water Tiger specifically, is intuitive by nature. They form deep relationships and give their all when in the moment. In 2022, when distracted by bigger issues they may come into conflict with those who do not understand this about them.
  • Tigers, although solo by nature have a fun and lively side. Make sure you take your Tiger out to play this year. You will be rewarded and have a hell or a time.