2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Three



Tigers are viewed as magnificent animals to be respected and feared. In Asian Cultures the TIGER is found in art, mythology and notably in Feng Shui symbology. Although Tiger imagery powerfully impacts the countries where it is found, we can learn much from the richness of these cultures in 2022.

Those countries and cultures are:

  • Northern Russia
  • China
  • Korea
  • Myanmar
  • India
  • Indonesian Islands of Sumatra, Java and . Bali

We enter both Year and Month of the TIGER in early February 2022  and will feel the impact. How can we translate its primary attributes into modern application via symbology through mythology?


Tigers ferociously protect their territory. Practically this is applied in Asia for commercial and financial security. In the west we can use Tiger images to remind us to create boundaries,                                                                                   whether they are physical, emotional or psychological.


Tiger cubs are raised by both parents until the age of two. Afterwards they live an independent existence. My earlier reference to the power of ‘innovation’ in 2022 derives from this singular and independent energy. This means we must go deep to source our own ideas, before we collaborate with others to put things into motion. Connecting to our emotional and life force energy, we learn how capable we are in a Tiger year.


 All of us learn through our mistakes and can turn each failure into lesson. Although Tiger is but one animal on Chinese Zodiac it is the one that can move forward from its trials and errors. As such we can emulate its power, strength and ability to bounce back. Facing our deepest fears we test and building confidence in our abilities. In A Water Tiger year we will be tested. While reaching for success we will learn how weather failures. The multi faces of the Water element are many and in a Tiger year will force us to be honest.  Use Tiger’s confidence to face what needs to be faced and make the corrections needed to move forward.


Tiger rules the jungle both through its physical strength and force. The largest male can be stand 1 meter tall and grow to 600 lbs., yet without its ability to understand the practical ways of its surroundings it would not survive. Tiger energy will awaken ‘street skills’ this year. No amount of education or following the Status Quo can prepare us for the unexpected. Step out of the comfort zone, learn new practical skills and apply that along with what you already know to succeed 2022. Tigers’ intuition may be their greatest power.


Some believe that the Lion is the king of the jungle as it too has a majestic countenance. Yet as a communal animal its focus is to take care and be close to the pride. Tigers solo existence and ability to respond creates more of a mythological, immortal energy. Regardless of who rules, Tigers’ cultivated, majestic image is one that we can adopt and emulate to further our own goals and intentions this year. 2022 will be provocative and powerful and demand that we use our own majestic, unique gifts to love our best life to the fullest .

The blue image reflects the Water Tiger in 2022


TIGERS in Indian, and Asian cultures are portrayed with a multitude of attributes plus those noted above. Next is a distillation of qualities taken from the rich and vibrant stories of the east. Choose those that resonate with you. They may be key to channeling the Tiger as intuitive guide in 2022.

  • Virtue
  • Regeneration
  • Courage
  • Destroyer of Evil
  • Guardian
  • Spirit Guide
  • Respect
  • Fierceness
  • Habitat protector


In Feng Shui Tigers are a key part of Five Transformations or the Five Elemental Theory. Tigers are represented by  Metal element that lived in the West, & NW. The visual of a White tiger, as it is a key colour that represents Metal.

Its West placement is aligned with autum and fall harvest. In Chinese mythology Tiger related to fall and harvest, when it descends from the mountains, into the villages.

*An interesting fact: Feng Shui practise was originally used to site graves. It was believed that if the ancestors were laid to rest in an auspicious location that future generations would have ongoing luck.

In Mythology Tigers are protectors of evil spirits which protect the dead. They are often carved on tombstones or monuments in the east. The right hand is considered the power side, as most of us are right handed.  When a the grave is laid out, the right side will be higher than the left of the deceased’s body.

Modern day Feng Shui application evolved from ‘Former Heaven Gua’, which was used for grave sitings. The ‘Later Heaven Gua’ evolved for its application and placement of the living not the dead. In buildings and geomantic placement  Tiger is still on the right, yet now it is assigned to be lower, not higher.

NOTE: In Feng Shui, South is at the top of the BAGUA ( Feng Shui map) not at the bottom as in modern day cartography.

Dragon, another animal associated with  Five Elements, sits on the Left and is associated with East, SE,  the Wood element and Yang qualities. Tiger although it embodies Yang Qualities, in Feng Shui takes is also Yin, reflected in its placement to the right and in the West, NW directions.

In modern interpretation, we can see Tiger as holding both the Yin and Yang balance: giving it additional power and potency.