2022 ~ Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part 1


PART ONE ~ Released JAN 19TH

The Lunar New Year

The 2022 Asian New Year falls on February 1st. What we know as Chinese New Years always falls on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice

Also in the Asian calendar, FEB 4th is the first day of the Month of the Tiger, and the first day of Spring!

This Water Tiger year comes at us Strong with Double Tiger energy

NOTE: In Feng Shui Astrology or Nine Star Ki,  4th FEB is start date for calculating your Principle number. Also the first day of the Month of the Tiger. It is also important to know what date your ANIMAL year starts. If born January or February check the ANIMAL and ELEMENT you fall under.  Its simple , just input your Birthday and year into your browser with the phrase ‘Chinese animal and Element’. The element of your year and animal should appear.

About The Tiger Year

If you were born between 5th Jan 1962 and 24th Jan 1963, you are a Water Tiger. We call this your year of return, and only happens every 60 years. The 5 elements cycle through 12 Chinese animal signs equaling a 60 year cycle.

If you are a Water Tiger; Congratulations!  Follow and subscribe my YouTube channel ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ link below, for special gifts and discounts for everyone, especially Tiger born folks.


For Tigers in General 

It is common to think that your return year will be great, fun and all steam ahead. However the Animal of the Year will be often challenged in unexpected ways. The Asian astrological system has many checks and balances to determine just how much you will experience, but let’s say be prepared for everything and anything.

Also the Element of your year will dictate more about your experiences in 2022. Overall it will be a huge shift from the last two years of the Metal influence; ( Metal Rat, 2020 and Metal Ox 2021).  The Wate rElement is as varied as it is mysterious. * see more in the elemental section that will follow in imminent future blogs.

The Tiger Personality

The essence of Tiger energy is its independent, ambitious and resolut nature. Tigers also have a with a tendency to be arbitrary and dominant. As such some find them difficult to get along with or relate to. They are aligned with Aries in the Western astrology so when we combine the two we find an altruistic, bold and single minded individual, who can be charming leaders when they keep their egos in tow.

This year will require an understanding of the Tigers gifts and its faults. As a power animal, Tigers tend to be unyielding. A Tigers challenge is questioning whether the forces it resists come from within itself or from the environment it finds itself in.
Remember that if you are not a TIGER or not influenced by its energy ( born in the month of hour of) you will not fully grasp its totalitarianism or its influence at present. However it is my goal to guide you through the Tiger year with harmony, compassion and understanding whilst allowing your energy to merge and shine in its own right. Each Animal and element will face different challenges, and the Free Zoom presentation will clarify most of this for you.

When recognizing Tiger’s impulses in 2022, we can a navigate a path that will serve all our best interests. Aligning  with Tiger’s powerful, capable and dominating force, allows us to emulate these qualities that work for us individually.


BORN 1962 Feb 5- Jan 24 ’63  and  2022, and Feb 1′ 2022 -Jan 21’ 2023
The Water Tiger tends to be the most fluid and finessed as Tigers go. They have a deep emotional awareness and can make great intuitive’s and seers.  They are adept at making friends and influencing people, yet must take care not to act aloof, lest they alienate those who want to be close to them. When these Tigers become detached they can lose attention of those they seek to assist. Their sense of self esteem pro-pulses and assists Water Tigers through many of life’s challenges. Water Tigers must balance between the many aspects of emotional energy which water presents. It can often be hard to discern the passion of such a Tiger behind an icy or detached exterior. The Key is knowing what emotional presentation is required in situations. This insight will allow Water tigers to work towards a more harmonious and balanced flow through all apects of their of lives A gentle and compassionate approach to your inner dialogue will be a life long lesson.

NEXT: All other Tiger elements and what’s up this year for everyone

  • The next post, Jan  21, 2022  will address Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal Tigers and what they are about!
  • What 2022 means for all the Chinese Animals and the Elementals.