2023 ~ Year of the Water Rabbit


Welcome to the Year of the Water Rabbit :

It’s that time of year again, and we will witness the shift from Water Tiger to the Water Rabbit starting on the New Moon on January 22, 2023. The Tiger was a bit of a shake-up but lived up to its reputation as a fierce and fast operator. The more subversive energies of Water allowed the Tiger to ‘sneak up on us’, often when we least expected it!

The Water Rabbit is a different animal that will offer us a different experience!

I will share it on my YouTube channel, ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne,’ so please go to the links below and subscribe. Doing so will guarantee that you see the presentation and qualify to win one of 5 prizes, which I will share with you during the Water Rabbit New Year presentation. Also, all subscribers can request and receive your personal ‘elemental prediction’ related to your Chinese Zodiac Animal, your specific Element, and overlap with Western Astrology.

LUNAR New Year Presentation

Links to YOUTUBE 

PART ONE ~ 21 Minutes of Presentation 

Video link


PART TWO ~ 28 Minutes of Presentation 

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PART 3  – PREDICTIONS:  Rat to Dragon 

Video link


PART 4  PREDICTIONS: Snake to Pig 

Video link


Thanks for tuning in and finding my channel and all the info on the Water Rabbit.

ALSO NOTE: I use my  YouTube Channel ‘ Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ to post short, fun and informative videos in sound bites to inform you about the many aspects of this facilitating discipline.

Blessings Charlyne

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