Mini Feng Shui Readings ~ Spring Special


Nine Star Ki Astrology  vs  Mini Feng Shui Readings

This spring I am offering Mini Feng Shui Astrology readings. These snap shots into your year includes a Personal Feng Shui birth chart and Annual Cycle Chart which will guide your  personal Feng Shui.

Each of us has a Principle element in Nine Star Ki Astrology. This element and that of your Chinese Animal and personal directions create a unique combination. Using this information you are then guided through the cycles of your year which can be used for planning and personal awareness. Your personal Feng Shui is addressed through examining  an intention, question or challenge  that is affecting you now. I combine my years of experience by interpreting the I Ching with a 3 card reading.

This mini reading is not a full Nine Star Ki reading. It is a however a snap shot of who you are and how you can navigate this moment in time with awareness and a view to the year and how to navigate it.

Total reading is 1 hour.  A Personal Feng Shui Chart is drawn up via your birth information. You will also receive that with your Personal Annual  Cycle chart which is emailed or texted to you. The online interpretation is 45 minutes.

NOTE: Personal Nine Star Ki Readings elaborate on your Principle, Character and Energetic numbers. This unique personal combination can guide you in many areas of your life including Career, Relationships, Health, Spirituality and Movement on the Planet.  * See Personal Services on the Main Page for in-depth understanding of Nine Star Ki

A Personal Nine Star Ki reading take 90 minutes for a basic reading and  120 minutes when the  I Ching / Tao is used for guidance to address a specific a question or that challenge.