Feng Shui * Nine Star Ki & Tao / I Ching Readings


Feng Shui is all about gathering information; its core is investigative work.

Evolving in this craft and practise as an Interior Designer and Feng Shui consultant lead me to ways of individualizing my work for those who sough out help and guidance. Creating charts earlier in my career provided me with a snapshot of each clients unique imprint. Customizing how to work with each person, family and situation allows Feng Shui knowledge to be applied in any environment creating harmony and balance.

Over the years, these methods of investigation, including Nine Star Ki, Tao understanding through the I Ching, the power of the instinct expanded beyond Feng Shui Design into Personal Readings. The technique that evolved served as way of guidance at any given point in the process of change. Knowing ones elemental make up and applying it to spaces could be backed up with understanding our true nature.

These charts and elemental blueprints are unique to the person and the space, whether it be a home, an office or piece of land. Harmonizing oneself within any location is what personalized charts and readings accomplish. Its where Feng Shui meets the individual and magic happens.

The Feng Shui Chart & Beyond: Personal-Feng-Shui-Consultation-Services

  • Originally a simple elemental chart was used to determine colours, shapes and interior design features that would balance spaces.
  • Next was a quest to discover the personality of clients via the study Nine Star Ki or Feng Shui Astrology. The insights gained give me a view of the elements that form who you are. It allows me to look at you through a unique lens and giving guidance in career path, relationship harmony, health, spirituality, travel and placement. All of which are core in Feng Shui application.
  • Then using the I Ching as per family members and their trigrams, I am able to assist clients with immediate questions or concerns.  The I Ching is directly related to Bagua or Feng Shui Map and  the elements that you carry personally. The I Ching and Tao deck provides me with a deeper look into what affects you in this moment in time, regardless.


All readings start at $120.00 ~ $140.00 ( sliding scale) BASIC level

This basic reading * see below is kept on file for when a more in-depth consult or I Ching/Tao counselling is required.


Eastern ‘Feng Shui’ or Nine Star Ki astrology introduces us to key fundamental aspects of personality, career and love relationships and more. Note you can add a partner, spouse or family member for an additional $ 60.00

  1. Feng Shui Chart will show us your physical orientation on the planet and your personal Elements, re: spacial application.  This will guide you on how to balance your home or office space for increased harmony and manifestation. For example: If your chart or a combined chart with a partner, spouse, or house mate shows that the elements Water or Metal are missing, then we work with design props and Feng Shui symbology to add those elements via furnishings, colour and shapes and possible Feng Shui cures.
  2. Nine Star Ki numbers give me a deeper insight into your personalities elements. When we look at those in comparison to the Feng Shui Chart more information allows me to juxtapose who you are into your space. This information gives us a read on personality , health, career, relationship compatibility and so to assist your vision for your future.
  3. Using the I Ching  as it presents in the TAO deck. It   It can pinpoint what is creating blockages or what is assisting your goals in this moment.

Readings touch all of the above.

Basic: $ 120-$140 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle , Character and Energetic Number and one Tao/ I Ching card with a Tarot qualifying card for *guidance.

Second Tier: $170- $180 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle, Character and Energetic Number and a 3 card I Ching/Tao reading. This outlines a) where you are b) where you are heading and c) what you need to get you there.  Tarot cards are used as qualifiers* where needed for guidance.

Third Tier: $ 210.00 ~ $240.00 sliding scale 

Feng Shui Chart,  Elemental Requirements for your home space & directional information  Nine Star Ki Personality overlay  of  Principle, Character and Energetic Number and a 5 card Elemental I Ching/Tao reading.  Tao cards which outline a) where you are b) where you are heading and c) what you need to get you there and Tarot cards as qualifiers where needed for guidance. This reading also includes An annual chart of your monthly movements through the Nine Star Ki path cycles shown below and the cycle you you occupy this year. H

* The Tarot gives us deeper insight to the I Ching/Tao cards that have been consulted during a reading.  The Tarot Deck used is in aligned with the I Ching/Tao deck for the most inspired and concise reading


A basic reading gives you a precise overview.  Further to this the Annual and Monthly information outlines the what stage you are in for the year and month.* See stages below. Particularly insightful for guidance in personal or business matters.

The Nine Personalities in the 9*Ki system and the path they take from one to nine.  The year you were born your Principle Number was in the centre of the system. The shape of the path is similar to the Symbol of Saturn, indicating how everything is related.

Annual movement is based what Principle # you carry. Each year these number move through the houses called the Nine Star Ki Path. The year you occupy will influence your progress and or plans. Additionally each month the movement shifts through the houses, influencing the overall energy of the year.

These are the stages the Nine Star Ki Path cycles through.

  1. Gestation Stage:  This is the start of a cycle, and allows the nurturing future aspirations.
  2. Germination Stage: This is where things start to move towards a goal but are still hidden from others, as it takes root.
  3. Sprouting Stage: This is the place where your plans become visible and really start to move into manifestation.
  4. Rapid Growth:  This is the stage where all you have been planning, whether it be for the 3 years prior or the 3 months prior really start to bear fruit and become fully manifest.
  5. Fluctuation: This is when your original idea can be modified and reshaped. You will fell a lot of energy in such a year or month but its had a cautious note and no big shifts should be made. Only if it is within a structure or idea /plan you are already working on. Not a good month or year to change jobs or move to a new location. Its called a Karmic phase and in such one will reap the rewards or feel the pressure of paying past karmic debts.
  6. Celebration: A time to bathe in the glow of your creation and all you have accomplished over the 5 years or 5 months prior. It’s the payback to a well laid plan and vision.
  7. Abundance: Now you will feel and reap the financial stability and rewards of all your hard work and planning. This can be business or personal goals giving back to you. Abundance is not just $$$ but satisfaction, stability and friendships.
  8. Stillness: In such a year of month you are preparing for the last phase and as such it allows you to take a break, step back and observe how things are flowing. It is a year or month that you will not be so visible, yet its a great time to travel and be inspired.
  9. Fame:  Now is the time to step up to the plate and be seen. The best time of show the world what you have been working on, and receive the recognition due you. Know what is visible is both good and bad. If you have done your work, prepared for this moment, the good always outweighs the mistake or pitfalls we may have succumbed to. It both the end and opportunity to see a new vision or take this one forward.

These phases are extremely helpful for planning future events and will give insight as to the best timing for any business or personal goals you may have.


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Basic Reading starting @ $120.00

Second Tier starting @ $170.00

Third Tier starting @ $210.00