Feng Shui Services ~ Discounts for the Lunar New Year


Nine Star Ki Readings provide guidance and grounding. It’s proven to be a an accurate navigate tool for many who I’ve read for over the years.

Nine Star Ki, or Feng Shui Astrology can shed light on Career paths, Health issues, and is extremely accurate in understanding Relationship dynamics. Understanding personalities via the elements also plays huge part in working with Feng Shui solutions.

Whether these are combined with other services or not, as an offering for the Year of the Metal Rat, I am offering 30% off these readings if you book by February 8th 2020. We can schedule the readings for anytime up until April 1st, 2020.

NOTE : I am extending my deadline until midnight FEBRUARY 14th as a Valentines gift! Play that forward for a loved one or yourself!  Big Heart blessings, Charlyne


I am also offering 15% off Feng Shui services. Please go to the link to find out what you may be needing at this point or email me for more details. I offer a variety of Feng Shui packages; for home and business Feng Shui and Geomantic clearing.  Start your new year with a clear vision and a clear environment.



My first Nine Star Ki reading was for a 17 person pilates studio in downtown San Francisco in 2001.  Yes, a bit intimidating yet my client had faith I could help her re shuffle her staff. It seemed that for 3 days of the week the studio was hopping busy. The other 4 days were very slow.
When I investigated the employees using Nine Star Ki, * Feng Shui Astrology, I was able to create groups that worked more compatibly with each other. She recreated the schedule to suit the Nine Star Ki information and her staff. Within several weeks there was a noticeable difference. All 7 days were busy and profitable. The best was that her staff were now happier and worked more in harmony with each other.

My client also had to choose as a new assistant. She had two applicants who seemed perfect and were both born the same year. This meant that they had the same Nine Star Ki Principle # that would work and support my client. However, I discovered that the Character # of one of the applicants was an ‘element/ number’  that could attack my client, especially from an emotional perspective.

The other applicant had both harmonious elements and numbers and was the one chosen for the position. Without examining the information with a Nine Star Ki lens, my client may have hired a person that seemed to be a perfect candidate. As a result of the work we discovered the ‘hidden information’ so she could hire the appropriate candidate. Although not personal, subversive energy may show up creating awkward situations or confrontations, without explanation.

I have since gone on to do thousands of readings with repeat customers who want an annual forecast, or a look at travel and auspicious directions or career changes.  The most endearing to me are the family and friends who consult me to ask about ‘new’ relationship compatibility.

The work speaks for itself, and as one client says below “give yourself a gift”.

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