Feng Shui tips Shared in Redfin Online Magazine


Create Harmony in Your Outdoor Space: A Guide to Outdoor Feng Shui

An Article featured in Redfin online blog which I was asked to contribute.

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The link below takes you to an article on Outdoor Living Feng Shui Tips. Written by of Redfin online blog, it is enhanced by a variety of contributors. I kept my comments short and to the point. As you see there is a lot take in to make your exterior places ‘Tres Shui” for the summer.


Thanks Ryan for including me in your article.

A photo from the online Blog about Feng Shui in outdoor spaces. Although I said a BBQ, a good FIRE feature works and brings the Fire element central as per the Heart of the Space.

And know that I would refer to the Ming Tang not Ming Tong (spelling error perhaps) Many of you are familiar with this term as you follow my you tube channel Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveGqFzpWcEgn3t3IAwwk-w

You can learn more about Garden Feng Shui  https://youtu.be/8bNXd8PSX6k

and Ming Tang at these links to my video’s .https://youtu.be/7Yk6hZKDR2Q

Thanks Ryan for including me in your article.

Enjoy your summer outdoor spaces !