FREE Nine Star Ki Reading and a Special Dragon Year Update


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A New Moon, Snake Month, Dragon Year UpDate with Ashala Yardley ~ hit this link


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We are well into the Wood Dragon Year and we just came out of a devilish Dragon Month. Tune into this 45 minute interview *link above, with Ashala Yardley for the Scoop.

Join me on Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne, my YouTube channel,  subscribe and leave a comment. Then email me at with your request for a 15 minute ‘Nine Star Ki Reading’. With your birth information, *year, date, & time of birth and  I will  determine your Principle #, Character # and Energetic #’s ! We make a date and go from there.

This reading will tune you into your ‘Personal Elements’ via your  three number elemental combination. I will share with you a bit about your personal blueprint and go on to what is in store for you in the next four months of the Wood Dragon Year.

YES, Its that simple & is super informative and FUN !