Solstice Special ~ 1/2 Price on Reading


Feng Shui Astrology & Nine Star Ki Readings

June 2023 Solstice Special

The Breakdown:

My readings have evolved over the years and the link to this page of my personal Readings will give you an idea of what readings are available and the costs.

For the SPECIAL 1/2 Price Offering, I am refining it to 3 Types of readings.

Basic Reading ~ A Feng Shui Elemental Orientation:

Regular $90  SPECIAL $45.00

This reading is a complete Feng Shui Chart based on your personal Birth information.

  • It shows the Elements present in your environment when you were born, from this I suggest what is needed to balance your environment
  • Your best directions and Orientations are reveals as are the most Powerful Elements in your life.
  • Reveals your top Nine Star Ki Elements and how they affect your environments
  • Aligns you with Colours, Furnishings, Lighting and Design elements that can balance home or work spaces.

January 2023

Level 2 ~ Feng Shui & Nine Star Ki Personality:

Regular $180.00  SPECIAL $90.00

This readings adds an in-depth look at your personality and how that comes into balance with your personal Feng Shui Orientation.

  • It reveals what your tendencies are in Relationships and how to bring Balance into your life via Relationships.
  • Career direction and strengths are also revealed to best help you navigate current or future plans within your work.
  • This reading will also guide you toward the best Health and Spiritual Practices for your unique Elemental Combination.

Level 3 ~ Basic and Level 2 with I Ching Guidance:

 Regular $240.00   SPECIAL $120.00

This reading combines both the Feng Shui Elemental Orientation, your Nine Star Personality breakdown and all in Level 2 with adding I Ching Guidance. For this investment you will get all of the above with

  • 3 Card I Ching spread that gives you guidance to a specific Question. Or without a question it can also provide you with a quick glimpse into CARD #1. Where you are at this moment. CARD #2. Where you are heading & CARD #3 Guidance to how you will get to the information revealed in Card # 2.


NOTE: Add on’s are not separate from readings but options to be added to your choice of reading.

$60.00 for each option SPECIAL: ADD ONS  $30.00 for Each Option

  1. A full FIVE Card Elemental Reading for a deeper slice of what you need to consider to move forward in the future. This reading also aligns with your personal elements.

2. An Annual Chart and Monthly breakdown of Dates and Days that assist you in Planning Special Events such as

  1. The best Travel Dates and Directions of movement
  2. Moving Dates, whether this be home of Office
  3. Promotional Dates and Best times for starting new projects