Water Rabbit, 2023 ~ Part One of Three


 The Year of The WATER RABBIT 

January 22, 2023- February 9, 2024

2023 ~This year Something Special is Happening ! 

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FEBRUARY 4th’s Full Moon  & end of  the Lunar New Year

And why is that so special in 2023 ?

Because it is also the turn over date for Nine Star Ki Astrology & the beginning of the Month of the Tiger, which heralds Spring in most Asian Calendars.

The Gregorian calendar, widely used, was only introduced in 1582.  Unlike the ‘Lunisolar’ calendars of many Eastern traditions which include the Hebrew, Korean, Balinese calendars and the Chinese calendar which all refer to natural earth cycles and rhythms. This is the very premise what hundreds of thousands of people celebrate at this time of the year.

For 2023 , know that if we are very clear in our intention setting and goals, it will be a dynamic and successful year for all of us. Not without ups and downs, the Rabbits energy will work with us when we respond to all situations with accountability, clarity and intention.

To fully understand the impact of this coming year and how powerful it can be, allow me to share a bit of background on Nine Star Ki Astrology or what I like to call Feng Shui Astrology, which I use in my practise to better know and assist clients. Knowing Principle, Character and Energetic numbers and the Elements associate with them is also pivotal when doing readings based on Taoist interpretation.

Nine Star Ki is used specifically to interpret an individuals personality traits and impulses in all aspects of life and overlaps the Five Elemental Theory.  The five elemental understanding forms the base of  Qi Gong , Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Healing , Feng Shui and many Martial Art forms. Its expansiveness allows a partitioner to guide individuals, couples, families and colleagues in areas of Compatibility, Health and Well being, Career, Travel, and Life Goals. It  can also assist individuals in optimal timing for events, launching businesses and  specific directions and timing for movements on the planet.

This form of Astrology ( Nine Star Ki)  has the same ‘start date’ annually of February 4th. YET the Lunar New Years date changes annually.  ‘ The 2023 Water Rabbit Year’, began on the second new moon after the Solstice, as does each lunar new year, and often between Jan 21 and Feb 20th.

If you are not familiar with your animal year check online ‘Chinese Animal Year and Element’ with your birth day and year.  This is especially important if your birthday falls between Jan 1 and Feb 20, as you may be the Animal & Element of the prior year.

In Nine Star Ki tune over date of Feb 4th in the Chinese Calendar is also the first day of the Month of the Tiger and is considered the first day of spring in most Asian Calendar.  When sourcing the three primary personality numbers and elements of an individual, a practitioner will take note of birthdates prior to February 4th, as they will indicate that individuals numbers will be different than if a birthday falls after Feb 4.

“I recently received an awesome Feng Shui Chinese Astrology forecast from Charlyne that was so helpful in planning my schedule for the upcoming year. This forecast was unique to my chart and indicated which months are ideal for traveling (and even what directions are most auspicious for me ) in addition it helped me determine which months are best for launching and promoting my career and personal projects. What a blessing!” ~ Ashala

The Lunar New Year  is not the same each year but Nine Star Ki is a set date.

In 2023 , February 4th 2023 is also the last day of the Lunar New year two week celebratory period. As we start the annual New year on a New Moon, February 4th is also a FULL MOON, which is a rare occurrence. The other synchronistic aspect of this year and date, it’s the Water Rabbits strong alliance with Moon Energy.

I sense that this occurrence, in spite of auspicious and inauspicious stars that may affect us in 2023, that this Full Moon will have a powerful impact on the year. As the Moon regulates water and tides, its subversive, mysterious and emotional symbology can be used to set strong intentions for the year. If we are clear in what we want we can overcome challenges and forge ahead with our goals in a powerful way. 

Coincidently, the mid way point between the Solstice and the Equinox is Feb 1st thru to Feb 2nd! All having its own impact and in pagan times celebrated as IMBOLC, marking the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Not unlike the FEB 4th Chinese Calendar.

I sense the undercurrents of all these impactive dates can and will have a strong influence on how we perceive the year. Creating clear intentions for what we want to achieves key for the Year of the Water Rabbit. 

FOR RABBITS SPECIFICALLY :  With a caution for Roosters!

The Talisman from the Rooster year 2017. Rooster lives directly across from the Rabbit. Roosters must take care in Rabbit years and visa/versa!

Staring off a your animals year is not necessarily easy. When your animal takes the spot light, it’s not often not comfortable, especially for the shy Rabbit. Be clear, know what you want, what projects, dreams and intentions are priority. Only then you can harness the lunar/solar influences of 2023,  achieving all you desire. 

DETERMINATION is a Key word for all Rabbits in 2023. 

The animal opposite the Rabbit, the Rooster is at a greater risk in 2023. The Rooster holds the position directly across from Rabbit. You are each others nemesis, so you tend not to thrive as well when its the opposite animals year. This year Roosters must be watchful, and take care in all they do; best to lay low! 

The 2 week celebratory period is an opportunity to get specific and clear about what serves our higher good for the best outcome. But know as we go from Feb 4 to March 5, the energy of the Tiger’s power is with us. Let’s use this time to create our dreams and pull forth all the best of the Water Tiger influences to get clear about our future.

Moving from Water Tiger to Water Rabbit 

The Tiger was a combination of super stealthy, secretive yet exacting in its instincts. The Tiger energy of 2022 exhibited expressiveness and dynamism. For many it was overwhelming, as Tiger has a relentless quest to ‘getting to the bottom of things’ and often when they do, they strike fast. 

Tiger keep the ‘ball in play’,  moving us rapidly along at times in spite of the drama of the Water element  evoked. We often felt blindsided in 2023, and this energy persisted. Water is mysterious yet the Rabbits gentle nature will soften any hard edges, challenges or surprises we may encounter.

Once the Rabbits year is in full swing we will be able to look back and assess the affects of 2022. Reflecting on past years we sense a palatable shift from the controlling aspect of the Metal element in 2019 & 2021. Then we  shifted into the Water element of 2022 as Tigers power amplified the secretive aspects of this element. This year though, we can count on the Rabbit to take us on a new journey. Our challenge will be addressing the subliminal and emotional influence of waters presentation, which is why clarity is so vital.

Know that the other strong elemental influence this year is WOOD.  It is the base element of Rabbit, who lives due East on the Chinese Zodiac & aligns with the energy of spring & new beginnings; definitively YANG.

Waters mysterious nature will infuse this yang and innovative Wood element, giving way to growth, shift and some unexpected surprises. Understanding that this is a power energetic ‘elementally’, will assist us  in setting clear intentions and follow through. 

Simply knowing what you want creates an infusion of purpose and definition. Practising due diligence for all business ventures, steering clear of conflict and using diplomacy in all areas of your life will serve you well in this Water Rabbit Year 


Rabbits are manifest0rs in the most gentle, peaceful and intuitive way. This will be a great assistance to all in 2023. Rabbit’, revered in Asian Cultures, are known to bring good luck and an auspicious influence. Associated with the Moon, it is known as  ‘the Rabbit in the moon’,  not the man in the moon, as we refer to it in the West.

 *See More about this in MYTHOLOGY sectioning Part 

The moon represents Water and its mystery lies in its nocturnal associations, its ability to affect the tides on the planet and as such, the female reproductive rhythms. The Moon represents the Devine feminine, which is Yin, and infuses Rabbit with intuitive abilities, rejuvenation the restorative energy of sleep and  the dreamtime. This influence will balance out the more Yang aspects of 2023, which represents daybreak and spring; the energy of new beginnings  rebirth and growth.

Rabbits are also know for their intellect and observant nature.  They also have a deep rooted humour which will influence and lighten our experiences this year, should we let it! Although Rabbits appear soft and gentle they also have a hidden strength and agility. The deeper more complex nature of Rabbit is why in Asian cultures revere their influences. Tuning into their qualities and applying them in difficult or challenging situations in 2023 is a clue that will broaden our abilities to cope.

Rabbits have a certain charisma and are great story tellers and teachers. They gather information on a deep level, so when they share, they can be trusted to know what they talk about. The Water Element accentuates this quality and is especially true of Water Rabbits who turn 60 in 2023. Their penetrating wisdom and gentle energy is much needed in this ever changing world.

Rabbits pay close attention to details, so they have a patient resolve. Ever aware of how they present in the world you will always find them well dressed and savvy. Key in understanding the true nature of Rabbits is knowing that their charm, style and knowledge can mask insecurities, motivations and thoughts. Rabbits are known to keep their cards close to their chest, never revealing all. This astute type of ‘discernment’ is something that should take note of as it it is a way of practising a more conservative approach. Another a subtle lesson for 2023. 

Although a contrast to the ‘no holding back’ energy of the Water Tiger, we will not be pulled off balance in the same  as we were in 2022. In a Water Rabbits reign, we will have a slower, more genteel reveal of any lessons that we have to learn.

2023 will be an excellent time for personal growth, and if you are not currently on that path, take note. Be prepared to delve deeper into self knowledge, the shadow side and know how to practise ‘self care’. Relationships in 2023 will be a powerful mirror. 

At times, such relationships are the only way to reveal what it is we needed to learn and progress in life This will be reflected in our intimate relationships with partners, friends and family or with colleagues. It is a year of communal and community interactions. In 2023 it is a priority to look towards group involvement, so working out issues with should involve group sessions with friends, colleagues and group counselling. It is the depth of our relating  with self and a wider overview, that will deepen our self knowledge. 

*NOTE on the Bagua in Feng Shui ‘KNOWLEDGE and RELATIONSHIP are opposite each. Envision the infinity symbol joining them, and you can begin to understand why those areas of your home, space and office are interconnected, and when there is a problem in one, it will affect the other.

Personal Growth, Sensitivity and a Peaceful approach (*non violent communication) will be very supported in the Water Rabbit year. The peaceful nature of the Rabbit heralds a time for understanding & accountability and will allow us go deep into all interpersonal relationships. Should you be unwilling, know that situations will arise at home or at work to force the issue. Call it the discerning, gentle and peaceful ‘underbelly’ of Rabbit this year to assist you. 

 The Refined Rabbit! 

Another gift the Rabbit brings to the table in 2023 is its love of the finer things in life. Rabbits have style and appreciate the better things in life. They have a refined taste no matter their financial or social status. 2023 is a good year to explore and appreciate what ‘refinement’, means to you. Broadening your relationships to include artists, writers, people and places will open you new ideas. Know that inviting something different into your life expands energy. We often ignore, judge or take granted the unknown. Rabbits will show us how to pause and reflect, open up to and redirect interests,  so we find a deeper parts of ourselves in the experience. Bottom line is to keep an open mind in 2023  so we can explore the deeper part of ourselves through others.

Rabbit Year Feng Shui: 

The Water Rabbit is an optimal time to sort out, learn about or amp up your Feng Shui Design


Our immediate environments are a powerful place to start with ‘refining’ our style and what we want to project in our worlds; be that be career, relationship, prosperity etc.  Many of the videos on ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’  YouTube channel emphasize how our environments are a reflection of our true nature and an extension of our physical bodies. As we become more conscious of self care in 2023, we can take time to find and make sanctuary in our homes and workspaces. We all have the ability to tune into the power of balance and harmony. When we act upon it and create it, the energy and manifestation naturally spill into all our interactions. 

Feng Shui /Wind Water / Breath & Sustenance is the essence of who we are. It is not so difficult to see how it can reflect who we want to become. As one of my maters phrased it “It’s often so simple, it takes far too many words to explain it”. 

 Having said that, I did not choose Feng Shui as a profession, it chose me. This is why I am so grateful to share its wisdom and teachings here as intuited and learned over the years. 

To that end, here are a few tips for 2023. 

  • In 2023, it is advised not to embark in major construction in your home or offices. This goes against the peace-loving nature of the Rabbit and its dislike for disturbances. Therefore its thought to bring unfavourable influences. 
  • If you decide this is the time for mayor changes, please note that the most unfavourable directions for construction are EAST and WEST in 2023. If possible avoid disturbances in these areas of your home, office or land.
  • Know that facing East in 2023 will bring bring challenges. This can be a desk, chair, lounging seat or yoga mat.
  • The Rabbits discerning energy & patience is in choosing the time to embark on various pursuits. Having your Nine Star Ki Annual chart done will reflect your progression through the year, and the months to take action and what months to withdraw. * link 
  • Activate the NW GUA or area if your your home or office if you want to attract Travel and or  Helpful people into your life. Volunteering and giving back to your community is key here as giving always brings auspicious luck, people and opportunities; especially when done with heart.
  • Activate the centre of your home with a Heart shaped rock or Rose Quartz. Placed it in a location that is seen and  make sure you clean and care for it. Cures are to remind us of the intentions & prayers we put into them.
  • Activate the NE GUA of your home or office by placing a found stone or terra cotta item in that location. For example, an Earthen ware vase would be good. As we are advised to be more conservative in 2023, this item is to remind you to seek out and learn new skills for grounding your energy. Forging ahead takes courage and self knowledge. It is what is backs up our momentum when the time is right.
  • Celebrate events in your life by hosting parties that bring together friends, colleagues and people you would like to have in your life. Realizing that we are not all ‘socially inclined’ , know that making the effort is a powerful way to shift energy and step out of your comfort zone. Giving back allows us to be venerable and heals at deep levels. 

This is a year of using your Heart mind over your Head mind which draws upon the intuitive aspects of the Rabbit year gifts. This is especially true in a Water year where the subversive , emotional energies are at work. It is why self care, inner knowledge and self reflection is recommended. When we delve into our inner nature, the intuition awakens bringing us into alignment with what we need as opposed to what we think we may want.