Power Gardens ~ Activating Feng Shui Energy to the Maximum


The What & Why of Power Gardens

During the times when the Silk Road was the main trade route from Europe to Asia information as well as goods were shared.

The famous Zen Gardens in Japan and the elaborate European Gardens found were influenced by the information and observation of many cultures. It is believed that the Ancient Persian Gardens played a major role as they were the first cultivated gardens for meditation and beauty beyond food and survival.

The evolution of Feng Shui and its application to exterior garden spaces has as much to do with geomantic principles as it does with natural flora and fauna. To this end we find today and endless variety of styles and formats for gardens that  Feng Shui principles can be or have been applied to.

I have introduced the idea of one of the most simplified yet potent gardens on my YouTue Channel ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’ called the Power Garden. This garden is a miniature or microcosmic representation of the macrocosm of Feng Shui. A very core principle of the Zen Garden which

Principles of a Power Garden

The Power Garden replicates the Bagua and all it represents. A Power Garden harnesses all the energies of the Bagua specifically for the one who builds it and cares for it. Power Gardens are a very private and meditative talk to self, the earth and the creator. As such it can bring peace and insight into the life of those who take the time and intention to craft them.

The Power Garden mimics the shape of the Bagua and uses the colours of the elements dictate the colours of the plants used in each Gua or Section of the Bagua

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