The Book: Elemental Feng Shui ~The Art of Orientation


This unique publication that serves well as a guide to  ‘Feng Shui for Beginners’, yet goes well beyond that. In its pages you will find a great introduction to the world of Feng Shui and placement as it pertains to the design world and well beyond.

Its focus is on the 5 Elements or ‘Five Elemental Theory’, which is core to all the healing modalities in the *East ( see below). It also offers a way of translating the basics into easy relatable concepts. Charlyne’s unique background in Interior Design and years of travel in Asia allow her a deepened perspective to share what is often seem as a mystical and superstitious practise.

Having been introduced to the subject in 1993, she started to incorporate this expanded awareness into her design work with clients,  for remarkable and transformative results.

It was when she was challenged to design a home for an Asian client using her knowledge did she see the need to simplify Feng Shui for modern design. Having to work directly with an architect and the client created a dialogue that needed more specific explanations.

Thus Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation was conceived.

Charlyne started to pen the book while on her first visit to Bali, Indonesia. She had spend time in various Asian countries many years prior. She had experienced Feng Shui without really knowing what it was in Hong Kong in the late 80’s. Travels in Thailand, Laos, and Korea gave her a feel for how the Buddhist culture created a reverence for harmony that was palatable in the spaces they lived, prayed and did commerce. Finally in 1993 she read her first book and was hooked. Not only did it make sense in design use but she felt she had been doing and observing its truths since she was a child. In 1997, she started her business as a Feng Shui Design consultant.

Forward to Bali 2011. It was here she observed the level of reverence the people of this island had for the sacred; in design, in foo and in the simple offerings made each day. This allowed her to dig deeper into the visceral aspects of what she had been practising for 0ver 18 years at this point.

It became clear to her that the Five Elemental Theory which is basis of  *Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and Healing Traditions of China and Tibet, could be expanded for application within the Western mindset of design and placement. All things, professions and people have a unique ‘elemental imprint’ and it was this that gave her the basic platform for how she could present Feng Shui. Translating this ancient art for use for the western mindset aligned with her knowledge, background.

Professions based on your elemental make up. Can you relate to any of these and add more?

These excerpts from the publication are a cross section. From a glossary of Feng Shui terms to its theory, Charlyne takes you on world wide visual journey that ends up in your home space.

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