Water Rabbit, 2023 ~ Part Two of Three


Feng Shui Tips for the Water Rabbit Year 

The Water Rabbit is an optimal time to sort out, learn about or amp up your Feng Shui Design


Our immediate environments are a powerful place to start with ‘refining’ our style and what we want to project in our worlds; be that be career, relationship, prosperity etc.  Many of the videos on ‘Radical Feng Shui with Charlyne’  YouTube channel emphasize how our environments are a reflection of our true nature and an extension of our physical bodies. As we become more conscious of self care in 2023, we can take time to find and make sanctuary in our homes and workspaces. We all have the ability to tune into the power of balance and harmony. When we act upon it and create it, the energy and manifestation naturally spill into all our interactions.

Feng Shui /Wind Water / Breath & Sustenance is the essence of who we are. It is not so difficult to see how it can reflect who we want to become. As one of my maters phrased it “It’s often so simple, it takes far too many words to explain it”.

Having said that, I did not choose Feng Shui as a profession, it chose me. This is why I am so grateful to share its wisdom and teachings here as intuited and learned over the years.

To that end, here are a few FENG SHUI tips for 2023:

  • This year it is advised not to embark in major construction in your home or offices. This goes against the peace-loving nature of the Rabbit and its dislike for disturbances. Therefore its thought to bring unfavourable influences.
  • If you decide this is the time for mayor changes, please note that the most unfavourable directions for construction are EAST and WEST in 2023. If possible avoid disturbances in these areas of your home, office or land.
  • Know that facing East in 2023 will bring bring challenges. This can be a desk, chair, lounging seat or yoga mat.
  • The Rabbits discerning energy & patience is in choosing the time to embark on various pursuits. Having your Nine Star Ki Annual chart done will reflect your progression through the year, and the months to take action and what months to withdraw. * link
  • Activate the NW GUA or area if your your home or office if you want to attract Travel and or  Helpful people into your life. Volunteering and giving back to your community is key here as giving always brings auspicious luck, people and opportunities; especially when done with heart.
  • Activate the centre of your home with a Heart shaped rock or Rose Quartz. Placed it in a location that is seen and  make sure you clean and care for it. Cures are to remind us of the intentions & prayers we put into them.
  • Activate the NE GUA of your home or office by placing a found stone or terra cotta item in that location. For example, an Earthen ware vase would be good. As we are advised to be more conservative in 2023, this item is to remind you to seek out and learn new skills for grounding your energy. Forging ahead takes courage and self knowledge. It is what is backs up our momentum when the time is right.
  • Celebrate events in your life by hosting parties that bring together friends, colleagues and people you would like to have in your life. Realizing that we are not all ‘socially inclined’ , know that making the effort is a powerful way to shift energy and step out of your comfort zone. Giving back allows us to be venerable and heals at deep levels.

This is a year of using your Heart mind over your Head mind which draws upon the intuitive aspects of the Rabbit year gifts. This is especially true in a Water year where the subversive , emotional energies are at work. It is why self care, inner knowledge and self reflection is recommended. When we delve into our inner nature, the intuition awakens bringing us into alignment with what we need as opposed to what we think we may want.

What is a Talisman? 

Any object infused with the life force energy of the one who creates it. A talisman is intended to protect, heal, or activate intentions for whom they are made. They are often portable objects carried on a person, placed in a space or installed permanently in architecture. Talisman evoke the energy assigned in their creation and intention, as a reminder to the recipient.

I create an annual Talisman based on the animal of the year. I infuse them with prayer, intention, creativity and hope. I make them available on my Web page and specifically suggest they be hung in the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter, which changes every year. This year he lives in the East, but there is another equal and challenging influence that comes from the West as well this year. Both are considered directions to be aware of, and although I suggest the Water Rabbit Talisman be hung in the East, I would suggest that hanging crystals or special ‘energy infused objects’  of your own choosing, in the West to remind you to be proactive this year.

Know that unsavoury influences we can be shifted by awareness and with a positive attitude. It will take work but in all things in life , when faced with challenges we have only two choices:

  • 1) stand up and be courageous or
  • 2) be diminished and defeated.

Much of the Rabbit energy in 2023 begs us to be ‘discerning, peaceful and proactive’, no matter what the influences of Western or Asian astrology. My Master Dr. Jes Lim always believed we can overcome any negative Astrology with powerful intention and proactivity. Its taken 28 years as a practitioner of these Earth based principles understandings to use and shift my own perceptions and work consciously to educate and assist those open to understanding the influences and how to shift them.

Making Talisman are my way of offering a reminder of the power  & gifts that each year brings, regardless. This years Talisman is infused with Hope, Joy, Clear Intention, and love. Each one is hand made and unique although similar. As it is the Water Rabbit year, the animal imagery reflect this, also the calligraphy and colours chosen. 


As mentioned above the Rabbit has an association with moon energies and the Rabbit in the Moon. One story reveals how this came to be:

It was told, years ago, that the Jade Emperor disguised himself as an old beggar in order to seek a worthy assistant. The Rabbit, not knowing that, unconditionally offered himself to the poor man by jumping int the fire so the man could eat. The Emperor then revealed himself and took the Rabbit to the moon to assist him in creating an elixir of well being and longevity. They used a mortar and pestle to grind the essence of the Jade stone with herbs to create the magical potions for this elixir of life.

Asians see the Rabbit in the moon as a direct effect of this myth. The abundance and good luck of Rabbit are reflected in the Jade stone and its deep rich green colour. 


Overall, the Rabbits influences will encourage us to learn more and step out of our comfort zone when it comes to global energies. Learning about other cultures, and appreciating the finer aspects of cultural diversity and what it offers the human tribe. Rabbits will bring a level of Diplomacy to the world stage in its more peaceful approach. Unlike the energy of last years Tiger, the Rabbit brings encouragement, hope and peace if we allow it. 

Seemingly impossible in our monetarily driven world, influenced by an overload of information. It’s far too easy to become overwhelmed within our own personal world much less the global picture. 2023 offers us collectively a time to pause and reflect. Get right in our selves in order to bring more viable solutions to global problems. 

We just have to take care not to hide from the obvious and that starts with individual attitude and being the change you want to see. Easily said but the wise words ‘Peace starts within’ is the calling of the Water Rabbits true nature. 


All aspects of the Rabbit seem to be very positive for many in 2023, but we are all individuals with different paths and astrological influences, challenges and habits.

In the predictions, specifically for you Animal and more poignant for your element, there will be many cautions. The potential is there for all of us. It will depend on where we are in life and how open we are to change, personal development and Letting go of all behaviours, material positions and people in our lives that simply don’t serve out ‘higher path’ at this time. 

The predictions will shed a more in depth perspective and guide you on your path, so that your Water Rabbit year experience is the best it can be.

PART THREE: Predictions for each ANIMAL of the Chinese Zodiac