Water Rabbit Talisman are double sided and are meant to hang and move, with air currents and heat. Like Tibetan Prayer flags, their movements activates their intentions.


Any object infused with the life force energy of the one who creates it. A talisman is intended to protect, heal, or activate intentions for whom they are made. They are often portable objects carried on a person, placed in a space or installed permanently in architecture. Talisman evoke the energy assigned in their creation and intention, as a reminder to the recipient.

Talisman’s in Asia, specifically China dates back over 4000 years to Daoist shamanism. Talisman use Feng Shui is not a In Asia, the use of Talisman dates back over 4000 years and was specific to Daoist shamanism in China. Talisman use Feng Shui was not a common practice with Feng Shui Masters.

Placing such cures within your home or business when they are not a part of your culture, defeats their purpose.

As a western interpreter of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, it has become my goal to create a symbol that embodies intention and reminder of what we need to serve out higher good.

Talisman can be hung outdoors but are delicate so under protection is best.


It started as creative expression and desire to craft a momento for the annual Animal and Element. Starting in 1997, I crafted 60 simple, fun, reminders of the years potential. As time went by I found myself tuning into a more etheric energy while creating these pieces,  creating fewer and now only making 9 to 12 pieces.  I will make them now upon request only.

Value $ 30.00 CND   

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