Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Four MYTHICAL BEINGS IN TODAYS WORLD


Dragons of Vietnam! Photo Credit Anne Mackie, February 2024


In Part One of this series, I talk about the power of the Wood element. In a dynamic Dragon year, an animal with as much buzz as mystery, it is fuelled by the Yang, outgoing energy of Wood times two.

What creates a double wood year?

First; the base element of the Dragon is wood as it sits in the ESE portion of the SW of the Bagua or Feng Shui Map. This is the energy of WIND, the Trigram of the I Ching that is represented there in the SE. Also referred to as the Fortunate Blessings Gua of the Bagua. The Wood element embodies sunrise, a new day and new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to ’start over’. It is inspiriting and engaging and infectious.

Just think of how you feel on a day off  when you wake to the sun shining into your room. Most of us are inspired by the energy of the sun, thus the Dragon offers this as a gift for us to use this year. Not only does 2024 bring us the Wood Dragon, it is amplified by being doubled with such an activating element. In 2024, potential rules; double bright, doubly motivating, doubly engaging and doubly inspiring. This may also mean double challenging for some yet there is magic in the air and mysticism to consider. 

The Question is, are we able, ready and prepared to engage much less keep up? Understanding more about Dragon Mythology may allow us to intuit what is required internally to move forward or how and when  to hold and observe. 

Mythological Roots of the Dragon  

The word dragon comes from the latin word dracōnis and Greek word drakōns. It appeared in the English language in the 13th century and was traced back to what was then called Mesopotamia, which is current day Iraq, also know as the seat of the Persian Empire.  The portrayal of dragons and snakes was a part of the creation story of West Asia. Over the ensuing centuries we find references to Dragons as a powerful symbol in China. Dragon also appears in various legends throughout India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and other SE Asian countries. 

Its Symbology also migrated south into Egyptian lore and also showed up in Roman Mythology which moved across the vastness of Roman Empire over the centuries. I am speculating but there is much written about Dragon and Snake lore in many cultures. Dragon/Snake symbology appears in the America’s in First Nations cultures from the Eastern US to the Aztec’s  of Mexico and the Meso-American cultures of Central America. We also find reference to double headed snakes or dragon like entities in both Incan and Andean civilizations. Overall we find Dragon represented as deities and power talismans in many civilizations worldwide.

In European mythology, Dragon characteristics were depicted as cruel, greedy and gluttonous, thus evolving as a symbols to be feared.

Reading the Clouds of an outgoing Rabbit Year

Taken days ago by my daughter in Uvita, Costa Rica. I saw the Rabbit in the clouds and immediately felt its fleeing presence and good bye. For me it symbolizes the old making way for the new Wood Dragon Year. 02/09024

2024~ Evolution of Dragon Mythos

In this Wood Dragon year and in current times, the Dragon is quintessentially Asian. 

The eastern temperament, although quietly unassuming, choose this mystical creature to represent it as a powerful, lucky and beneficent being. We find it at the core of East Asian philosophy.  And we have seen Asian culture appear more prominently on the world stage in recent years. The influence of Asian culture has had an impact. Yet at its core it represents the Tao. Simply put, the Tao is not a religion, but an observation of ‘what is’. 

For example; In breath/ out breath our personal ‘Wind’ which translates into the word FENG in Feng Shui. 
What goes up/comes down; a simple observation follows through to the flow of life. We wake/we sleep. When applied to wealth or success it illustrates times of highs and lows. As these natural pattern are observed, we can become tolerant of down periods, using them to rest.  And then for fully partake when the energy shifts and requires us to engage and flow with movement and the feeling of  success when it’s happening. 

To go deeper into the Feng Shui or Wind Water, we understand that its based on natural rhythms and our attainment with them, ourselves and our placement. Our very essence requires looking inward in order to move outward. The art of meditation allows the internal compass to observe the busy mind and answers come for that place of stillness that the mind can bring to fruition. 

Feng Shui seeks to place you in locations where you can have it all. The quiet solitude when you need it and the out going, dynamic and motivational energy when it’s required. It’s always about striking a balance and within and in our environments.

Understanding the nature of the Tao, we can flow with the in and out breaths in a rhythmic way. Allowing periods of observation, mediation and self reflection to harmonize and balance out the powerful forces of this years Dragon compelling influences.

Returning to the Asian outlook; one belief system sees the Dragon as Harbinger of  four powerful energetics.

  1. Prosperity 
  2. Virtue
  3. Peace
  4. Longevity

Should we choose to delve into Dragon lore or simply observe its influences in 2024, know how powerful the double Wood element will affect us throughout the year.

To conclude, know that the Wind Trigram on the Bagua alludes to   Winds of change. We can decide to partake or simply observe. Either way it will be more open and dynamic and less subversive and hidden  than the Water Rabbit. In 2024 know that we will sense a shift. 


Considering this years unabashed  Dragon energy, we may find the deeper dysfunctions on the planet being flushed out. Exposing the villains, while giving the underdogs the courage and fortitude. We can count on Dragons support and sense of justice to correct and shift the  disharmony we faced in 2024. 

2024 will be a  year to watch for certain. Will  the Dragon will use its noble standing to seek out subversive energies to conquer or will the Dragon be mislead and tempted to the shadow side?

We have learned in past years that nothing is a certain. Health, relationships, careers, travel and communities have been tested on many levels. The Dragons fierceness and relentlessness seeks to expose the truth, not only on a world scale, but in our homes and beings as well. Many things will come into focus this year. For some this will be exhilarating and for some it will creating a major shifts. My only advice is to be open and know that only way to get through issues and challenges is to walk straight ahead. Dragon energy will give us courage and strength to deal with everything in our paths.

As I mentioned earlier and in my live interview with Ashala*,  intention will play a huge role in your success. Seeing prayer as another form of intentional energy, we can harness its power for ourselves and the greater good.

*link to live interview on the Wood Dragon year

The quietly altruistic yet intrinsicley justice seeking Dragon can quell the more nefarious influences from taking over. When given control, the Dragons pure nature will seek solutions in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible.

It is not Dragons habit to ruffle the feathers of authority, be it on a personal, local or international scale. Just know its confidence and determination will effect change in 2024 that will be noteworthy.