Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part One NAVIGATING THE DRAGON YEAR


Major Characteristics of the Year



Knowing the nature of the Dragon and how it forges its path is a big part of managing your year. Starting on February 10 2024, it shifts to the Wood Snake on January 29, 2025.

Dragons have an uncompromising attitude towards life and tend to have luck beyond the norm.  This could be due to the fact that they are the only Mystical animal in the Chinese horoscope. Either way, know that the power and energy a foot this year will be palatable. My advice; Read on and be ready! 

It will be key for all ‘Animals of the Chinese Zodiac’ to tune into your intrinsic nature. This way you can measure your abilities, strengths and weaknesses in regards to what this powerful Dragon will bring! Knowing what you can do will give you the power to move forward with confidence. You must intuit when the timing is right to move forward and when to back off and take breaks when the flow of energy shifts. And be assured, in a Dragon year you will know!  

Learning new ways to manifest is possible and with a little savvy you can use the brilliance of this unbridled double wood Dragon energy to move forward in a focused and empowering way. 

A Wood Dragon Year is one to harness the power of  ‘intention’. Suffice to say you must know what it is you are heading towards in order to achieve your goals. The energy of this double Wood Dragon can threaten even the Dragon born. It will be a big wave or set of waves to surf this year so it is vital to know how to go with the flow, keeping in mind exactly what you want to achieve. Also, whenever it is our own animal year it will be challenging. This too will be true for Dragon born, especially with all this Wood energy at play.

Let’s first  look at the power behind this element. The Wood Element, when referencing it on the Bagua, or Feng Shui Map, lives in the East & South East. It is the energy of sunrise, new beginnings, growth, and movement forward. It is also the area of Fortunate Blessings.


The BAGUA or Feng Shui Compass show where the elements live. Wood is in the East and South East

The Dragon itself lives in location between the Rabbit /East and the Snake SSE. Dragon is located specifically in the ESE. This is why its base element is Wood. This factor, combined with the rotating elements (the last two years were Water, these next two will be Wood )  make it the a Wood Dragon year. This amps up wood energy which is a very yang, dynamic and ultimately ‘awakening’.

NOTE: The 12 animals rotate between 5 elements, thus 12×5 = 60 . This is why we only ever reach the element of our birth year every 60 years. If your 60th birthday is between  Feb 10,2024 and Jan 29, 2025 you are a Wood Dragon, with the last Wood Dragon year being 1964! Congratulations if you are a Wood Dragon! *More about Dragons and what it will be like specifically for you in Part Two.

Now that we understand the power of the what can be manifested  in a double wood year, what do we do with it?

  1. Understand our personal dynamics so we know when and how to harness what is needed to create change.
  2. Make plans that are intentional yet flexible.
  3. Gather a good team of collaborators, friends and confidants to ensure you do not lose motivation, completing what you have set out to do.

Dragons and the inherent energy of the Wood element is visionary! Wood energy brings forth ideas and possibilities yet is flaw is in its vulnerability and too often its inability to follow through. This is why being flexible and thorough is a must if you want to move ahead and manifest things that have been on the back burner. Teamwork & collaborations are favourable in this  double Wood year. Even if you are a solo operator, as many Dragons are, this is a year to have or set up a good network and use them.

Being independent and adaptable in a Dragon year is optimal yet especially so with this spring like energy arriving with the winds of change.  Tapping into our motivations and being prepared will go a long way in creating success this year. And even though you may not be naturally ambitious, this years energy may surprise and inspire you in ways you never dreamed of. 

NOTE: The two Trigrams of the I Ching, also located on the Bagua Map are associated with Wood are Thunder and Wind.

Both are hard to ignore. There will be times when you will feel the need to retreat and regroup in a double wood year. With  such power and force about to infuse our worlds it will be equally important to rest and get in touch with all levels of what inspires us in any and all aspects of life.

From the spiritual to the physical, emotional and mental, knowing our strengths will allow us to define our personal goals in the best of ways. And as always, striking a BALANCE will be a personal quest for each of us this year.