Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Three  THE NON MYTHICAL ANIMALS IN A DRAGON YEAR 




Knowing full well the the Dragon is a magical Mythical being, where does that leave the all the other animals of the Asian Zodiac?

First I would have to say that in a double wood Dragon year there are opportunities for each and everyone. My Feng Shui Master would never reveal his age to us. He instead said we can change our ‘astrology’ with intention.  I sense this as  mixture of luck, prayer & focus. So we all overcome. Knowing your personal Elements is a more profound and deeper way to addressing how to navigate this Double wood energy. A link to the Videos which address ‘element influecnes from our birth charts”.

We have to look at the whole zodiac and take into account the elements of your animal and your year. These video links on YouTube tell you more about the how your elements fare. See* Part Two for the chart to know what element & animal you were born under.

Fire and Earth People in the Dragon Year

Water People in the Dragon Year

To that end and before getting really specific about each animals predictions * see Part Five,  let’s look at the Power Triads.


The tertiaries are the first thing to look at. Your Tertiary or Power Triad groups are the two animals other than your Animal who resonates best with your energy, work ethic and sensibilities. They are your best friends, your most supportive colleagues and can make the best partners in life in a Romantic way as well.

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The Affinity Triangle shows your Power Triad. Know that the animal across from your animal is both a nemesis & attraction.


Therefore, it is the Monkey and Rat of the Dragons Power Triad will be affected most profoundly this year. They will feel the boost of their soulmates year and if they are smart and astute, they will run with it. As they flank the Dragon, they can use the powerful determined influences to their out end.

This is an opportunity to for these animals to infuse their businesses, romantic lives, health and well being for the most desirable outcomes. They are the true supporters of Dragon energy and they know how to use magic .


This is the animal that sits directly across from the Dragon this year, therefore we say Dog it is in direct conflict to the Dragon Born. You might also say that as its opposite this at also an attraction, which is the case in Western Astrology. Examining this traditionally ‘adverse relationship’ we can infused it with a positive spin, especially in such a dynamic year. Why not  call on the Magic and Mystical elements of the Dragon year to be reflected towards the Dog instead of it being adverse. The Dog born, along with their Tertiary Animals the Tiger and Horse will all feel the challenges of the year. The Key is to temper your inherent reactive qualities and instead work with Dragon energy and the elements to your best advantage. In truth, the Tiger has a Wood base which aligns with the double wood energy of the year. The Horse base element is Fire and thus will be double infused with Wood as inspiration this year. The Dog’s base element being MetalL can cut or destroy Wood. Yet instead of likening itself to a sharp sword or knife,  the Key is for Metal to stay closer to its liquid, creative and alchemical nature.


The Rooster and the Dragon have a special affection for each other. The Roosters self assured and showy side appeals, yet does not threaten the Dragon energy. The Roosters’ bright colour and flashy comb are also factors in the ‘shall be seen’ personality.  This makes them similar enough to Dragon to share the spot light yet different enough not to seen at  the same cocktail parties. Pun Intended. Roosters base element is also Metal yet as Rooster takes up the due west position which enjoys the energy of the I CHING Trigram, Lake, its tendency is towards fun not fury. The Ox’s base element is Water which feeds Wood in a powerful way this year. So aside from burnout and giving a bit more than usual this should fare well for most Oxen. The Snake has a base element Fire and like the Horse above will be infused by double Wood Dragon energy. Being in the shadow of lime light of the Dragon in  2024 these animals should watch and learn how to harness its power. After all 2025 is a Wood Snake year and this is a great prep year for Snake born.


The last of the power trials will feel this year as one of transition. They all were in the spot light last year with the Water Rabbits rule, so this year, if they have had any success in 2023, this should be a year to relax and recoup. Not to say that change is not it the air, it is. For the Rabbit, recently out of the spot light, its a time to integrate all it has learned to mould a fresh approach. The Wood energy of its base element can indeed help or hinder its continued progress. The Goats’ Fire energy will also be double fuelled by Dragon, yet it will be important to be extra stealthy on those steep mountains symbolizing Challenges in real time. As for the Pig, its Water energy feed the Wood so it will need to take care not to overdo it in 2024.

In Conclusion: The double Wood Dragon year will amplify all the actions, intentions and thoughts for all animals of the Zodiac. The Key is ‘commitment without hesitation’. It means  having ‘skin in the game’. No matter what, we will fall and scrape ourselves this year in one way or another. Its enviable so best to be prepared and ready with a plan and a smile.