Year of the Wood Dragon ~ Part Two DEFINING THIS MAGICAL BEAST




If you are a Dragon be prepared to take off into a dynamic new way of being. This can be true for all of us but definitely a power plus year for the Dragon Born. Know that the last dragon year was 2012 and the Element was Water. If you are not sure of your Animal or the Element of the year you were born hit this link to take you to the Chart to clarify for yourself. 

Should you want to know animals and elements beyond the 2019 cut off of this chart drop me a line at

Know that your year will be demanding and outstanding. There are many sides of the Dragon but know that it is understood that Although Dragons are Ambitious and Dynamic they are also Benevolent and caring. It will be a year for Dragons and all of us to exercise the positive qualities of Dragon Energy and work on the Weaknesses within ourselves to make our lives and those around us better. 

Let have a look:

Positive Qualities: independent, magnetic, sincere, self assured, ambitious, determined, energetic, fun loving & popular with friends 

Weaknesses: do not like to admit defeat, will give up to easily ,  lack will power to stay with it. 

This last weakness trait seems totally contradictory to what Dragons represent. Keep in mind that mythologic creature in the Asian Zodiac is the front man, the image , and the mascot. Our images are of the Breathing dragon who creates an impact and  leaves an impression. What we do not see is its shadow side or experience the moments  when Dragon looses faith and hope.  

This is the difference between Dragon being a non reality animal. All the other animals of the Zodiac are breed on Animal we know and can study their behaviour, patterns and personalities.  We know little of Dragons habits, habitation or intrinsic personalities beyond the what we see in movies or read in books. It adds to the Mystic of Dragon but impels us to show up, be curious, be interactive, while  taking the best of what  Dragon energy represents. This way we all stand to gain when we merge Magic with Ambition in our own lives. 

The fierceness of the Dragon will leave nothing to the imagination in 2024. It will then be important to monitor the energy of the year in terms of positive and negative tendencies.  Knowing that the Dragon is a justice seeking entity, who supports altruism and fights the good fight, we must encourage ourselves and Dragon to not be discouraged to avoid any subversive negative powers to take over. 

How does this affect us?

Dragons are natural visionaries. When they have an idea they seek out every possible avenue to manifest it. For our human ‘operating systems’ this means due diligence. It also means seeking council, hiring experts while always having a group of like minded peers for feedback. 

Dragons have an inherent leadership qualities but as a loner he may not have the support needed to succeed.  This may be a key factor in why they give up easily or loose focus, especially in important pursuits.  Dragons need prompting, community and support as do we. Here in lies the paradox  and what we need to be aware as we move thru 2024 and into our futures. 

Dragon energy is infectious, and this alone contributes to their success provided they do have support.  Their innovative approach & is admirable and inspiring. Dragons are also chivalrous and care deeply about others while seeming to be  indifferent at the same time.  

 How to maneuver these facts and influences is to be aware of the our own tendencies…

  • Know what sabotages we use to avoid action
  • Be clear on what we want . Being wishy /washy in a double wood Dragon year is not an option
  • Know the power of Intention, prayer and community. 

The more impulsive Dragons can bite off more than they can chew and often find themselves in situations that are less than savoury. The Magic of Dragons charm shines through and they, like cats always seem to Land on their feet.

Luck plays a role in Dragon energy however some would say that if you look deeply into the stars or have expertise in the vast types of Asian Astrology, that this year the Dragon lives under an unlucky star.

Dragon image and Calligraphy

In spite of that as well as because of that,  it will be a year to be on alert for opportunities, people and situations that we can turn to our advantage. Also know how to recognize the red flags and follow your intuition.

Having a clear vision and seeing it towards completion is lesson and gift of a Wood Dragon year. Know that we must look beyond the power of potential to create a new future. It will work well for all of those who are prepared, determined and ready Maintaining a Balance this year is Key.

To that end, 2024 is a great year for sports,  activities and practices that  have Balance as their core component. This will train us to tune into our  intuitive sixth sense. I suspect you will see how powerful that is when it shows up in our day to day ‘outer world’.