Index of information:

  • The Lunar New Year

  • About the Metal Rat

  • The Five Transformations

  • The Elements at Play in 2020

  • The Elements and the Feng Shui Bagua

  • Rats in Mythology

  • The Metal Rat Talisman

  • Guidance in the Metal Rat Year

  • Animal Predictions for 2020

 The Lunar New Year

The Year of the Metal Rat begins on January 25th, 2020. The Lunar New Year changes annually. It arrives on the second new moon after the solstice, often occurring in February.

The Rat, which is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac also arrives in the first month of 2020;  in a new decade on a leap year. Consequently in 2020 the energy of new beginnings is amplified for what is now a globally celebrated event.

About the Metal Rat and its Year

The Metal Rat year promises to be dynamic, transformational and somewhat mysterious. Rats are intelligent, friendly and attracted to situations that are both beneficial and abundant. The Metal Rat year may find us trying to play catch up, so its will be prudent to have a good plan, know who your supporters and and get ready for delving into the underbelly of how to make things work.

Although the Rat’s base element is Water, this year we celebrate the year of the Metal Rat; the first since 1960. There are 12 animals in Chinese Astrology and each year isdefined by one of the 5 elements, thus it takes 60 years to complete an entire cycle. A big congratulations for all of you turning 60 after January 25th! It’s your year and it will be a dynamic one.

2020 will combine the fluid like quality of water with the alchemic energy of Metal. Think of surfing a wave in changing winds; unpredictable yet exciting. In the Metal Rat year we will experience highs, lows and more than a few in-betweens. The theme in 2020 is how to balance being in control. That is to say the recognizing the difference between being control vs how and when to let go.

The most exciting aspect of the year will be the ability to transform. In 2020 it’s imperative to hone skills of observation and awareness. Watch closely for what is affecting your life and your environment. We often think we know what is going on, yet we are too often close or to emotionally involved to things to see the real situation. Seek out true friends for feedback and a good reality check. Know that in a Metal Rat year not change is inevitable, the key it to be prepared. Embrace self actualization and be on the look out for new opportunities. For those who know how to go with the flow it will prove to be a turning point in the best of ways.

The Rat is swift, crafty, adaptable, intelligent and and to the point. The artful, often mysterious Rat will seek areas of abundance as its driven by survival instincts. Metal is decisive, sharp, controlling and associated with communications and electronics. Metal is symbolic of money as in silver and gold. The word ‘plata’ means silver and money in Spanish. Metal Rats have a way of collecting shiny things and what better than coin and bling. After all Mercury was the name given to the Roman god of commerce who also the named messenger fo all the gods. As a Metal, mercury is both fluid and changeable.

When one combines the astuteness of the Rat with the Metal element we get a truly mercurial personality. 2020 will find us in the midst of the energy of a Rat who is changeable, unpredictable, clever, lively, and quick. We need to be prepared for both transformational shifts and for the unexpected. There is no room for error as we begin this new year and decade with the Metal Rat at the helm.

A Metal Rat year asks us to be very clear about aspirations for the future. Take time now, this moment and sketch out the next few months in your mind. Better still make a one to five year plan based on what is revealed below:

Some questions to ask,

  • What is your most important intention or goal for the year?
  • Where do you want to be in 2021?  Think of  career, relationship, finance, health and emotional balance.
  • Is there a change of location in your future?
  • Is there a change of relationship in your future?
  • Is there a change of lifestyle in your future that will affect health, location and or career?
  • Do you see travel in your future?

Know that the first thing that comes to mind when these questions are asked ‘unexpectedly’ is often the closest to your truth. Intuitive gut responses never lie. Take note of those. Write them down, even if they are upsetting or disturbing. These insights are key to transformation, vision and change.

When we push away from inner truths or gut feelings we invite disaster. In the year of the Metal Rat the only way to face doubts or inner nigglings is to look at the messages and impulses head on. There is no right or wrong. We all have our lessons to learn and in every situation our reactions to circumstance become the teacher. When we follow our instincts and gut feelings we get to the truth sooner.

If you are born in 1960 and are a Metal Rat, your Nine Star Ki Principle is #4 Wood. (* if you were born on or after Feb 4th)  in 2020 it moves to the 2nd house; that of germination, before the rapid growth you will experience in 2021, when you enter the 3rd house.  * see the Nine Star Qi magic square below.

Should you be Prinicple # 7, born after February 4th 1957 you are in the house of Karma, at the center of the system; #5 spot on the Bagua, or Feng Shui compass. It is a fluctuation year which can be very exciting yet also dangerous. An abundance of energy moves towards you but it’s difficult to know which wave to ride. Best to wait it out, make a good plan and finish old business, and karma.

The centre of the 9 Star Ki path is denoted by the # 5 above. Those born in 1957, (post February 4th and up to Feb 4, 1958 ) has a #7 as a Principe Number and will be in the house of Karma for 2020. Each year and each month our Principle Numbers move into another house. This information can be very useful in planning.

* For your personal Nine Star Ki information and how this year will affect you, check this link for discounted Nine Star Ki Readings. https://adarsashuideva.com/feng-shui-services-discounts-for-the-lunar-new-year/

Feng Shui Master, Dr. Jes Lim of QI-Mag International once told a group of students “you can be paid a lot of money to do your work, guiding those who put their trust in you. However you cannot change their karma, only they can do that.” No matter how thorough your investigation and precise your recommendations, it is ultimately up to the client to make the changes. Not everybody is ready to shift what needs to be shifted. Just know ‘what you resist, will persist’. This may be the ultimate lesson in 2020.

In 2020 opportunities will present themselves for inner and outer shift. These could be long overdue changes or simultaneous shifts. Know what is not instigated by our own initiative may very well happen anyways.

This is a year to have a good plan and to and follow through! Ask the above questions and be honest with your answers; it can be an empowering start for the year and decade. Plans change, but with a thoughtful template we are able to revise as need be.

Rats always seem to be prepared, even when they are not. Their astute survival instincts give them the ability to put alternates in place in a heart beat. Their motto ‘don’t leave things to chance’ attests to this ability.

When we have things laid out it allow us to surrender to the demands of the moment. The we are fully in the moment we cannot dwell on the past or future.

Coming out of a Earth Pig year, its imperative to get out of any lethargy left over. We may have gotten too entrenched in the mud or be confused by the Earth Pigs inability to shift. Challenging as it was for many, now is the time to shake it off and fast. With the help of the Rats wit and the precision of Metal’s blade, the tools are at our finger tips.

Metal element traits that can guide us.

  1. Its ability to be razor/ laser sharp. Symbolically it can cut through difficulties yielding decisive and clear action.
  2. It can melt like water. It yields to heat to soften and be shaped. Symbolically shift is possible as nothing is ever set in stone.
  3. It’s beauty is revealed in circular and spiral shapes. Symbolically we can be less rigid and more fluid in our approach.
  4. It is a key in electronics. Symbolically it moderates, and creates channels for communication.

In Summary: In a Metal Rat year we are guided to be clear about the intentions we set for self development, relationships, work, family and health.  We can then…

  • let go of control and allow our perspectives to shift while staying aware
  • envision a variety of outcomes and choose wisely
  • communicate those visions to and who we need to; clearly and with conviction
  • set boundaries while feeling safe to shift them when required

When we embrace the alchemy of Metal and focus on Rats superior qualities our ability to ride the wave becomes a great adventure. It a choice to be in ‘fear or  joy’. Remember that letting go allows love and gratitude and these open the many doors.

Key words for  2020: Also note each animals key words.

Planning, Strategize, Observation, Intuition, Letting go, Self Awareness, Clarity, Charity, Self Care, Exposure, and Patience


Also known as the Five Elemental Theory. The following is an except from Elemental Feng Shui~ The Art of Orientation, written by the author of this piece. Should you want to further your study of Feng Shui, its origins and its use in homes, businesses and environments please link to this site:

https://books.friesenpress.com/ store/title/119734000041146812/M.-Charlyne-Chiasson-Elemental-Feng-Shui.

The five elements or five elemental theory, aka The Five Transformations is the basis or all Asian healing modalities. From Qi-Gong, Tibetan Healing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What is written below is but a glimpse into its depths. Know that it is a life long study for pratitioners of the above healing and physical arts.

The FIVE ELEMENTS are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is most beneficial.

The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram.

FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.

The Controlling Cycle: follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram above

FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces *EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE.

This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year depending on the Element of the year and the Base element of the animal whose year it is. 

With Metal being the parent and giver to the water element there is hope for relinquishing control and allowing flow in all aspects of life. 2020 is a new decade; being open to new possibilities means surfing the wave of change and allowing the water to spill. We have no idea what shape this abstract image will take, but it can lead to ‘NEW’ possibilities and things we have never imagined prior to NOW!

The Elements at Play in 2020

The five transformations explained above should further your understanding of the dynamics created in the Metal Rat Year.                      

To further your understanding, know that Water, the base element of Rat is a constant. Rat sits in the North of the Chinese astrology wheel. It occupies only one location on the 8 sided Feng Shui Compass, which is also known as the Bagua or Lopan.

The Metal element is dominant in 2019. Metal is both rigid and fluid. It has an alchemical quality that controls change, which in itself is unpredictable. Metal however is the parent of Water and thus compatible and mutually supportive in 2020. Metal will present in many forms during the year. As the parent of Water, Metal can soften and be fluid and flexible minimizing control and rigidity. Yet with the Metal element dominant this year it can and will resort to being in control. This is the dynamic that creates the unpredictable in 2020.

The Water influence will enable and supports personal change in 2020. Asking what kind of change is key as its best to initiate it before it happens unexpectedly. 

Having a good plan for the year is like money in the bank. Forward thinking will allow any shifts required to be more seamless and subvert any challenges created by Metal’s influence and unpredictability.

Rat too has a reputation for being unpredictable. Although charming and likeable, one never really knows what the Rat will do in any given situation. This means we should prepare for the unknown. Any chance for success will depend on it and working in groups will be vital for so many this year.

The Elements and the Feng Shui Bagua

The Water element found in the North on the Bagua * Feng Shui compass* rules the energies of the Journey and Career.

Water is opposite to Fire in the South. These are the two most dynamic elements of the Five elements. They each have one position only on the compass and are symbolically connected as a result. When our ‘Journey aligns with Career” (Water and North) we need to project our Vision for success. The Fire element and South rule this actualization.  Water can put out Fire, so in a Metal Rat Year we must keep our Vision clear, less it be dampened by Water. This is why clarity and focus is empathized, so we arrive where we expect to or at least close to it.

This new decade and cycle invites us to think in new ways. It can be an optimal time to start a new Career, yet making adjustments to current Careers is a safer path in a Metal Rat year. It is a great time to set the wheels in motion for change. Metal is a great communication tool. This is a great year to keep all communication channels open, in all areas of life. As we know both Water and Metal are ever changing it is wise to look beyond our current situations, be open to opportunities while keeping within known boundaries.

In summary: With no direct conflict of elements in 2020 we can embrace change with well laid plans and good communication skills. Working in groups will be beneficial and will be crucial in challenging times. Be prepared for the waxing and waning of Water and Metal’s dynamic. Keep things fluid in your life, work and dealings. Watch for times when there are blockages and know to either stop, move around them or wait for a better moment to proceed.

Rat in Mythology

Lets face it, Rats get a pretty bad rap overall. Known as transmitters of disease, and often associated with filth, they do not rank high in Feng Shui symbology or within the animal kingdom in general.

The Rat is the first of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and in Asia they are linked to fertility, wealth and good luck. They are recognized for their industriousness and diligence. The White Rat is especially linked to prosperity: white is a pure colour and it absorbs all other colours. White is also a colour which symbolizes Metal. When it takes the form of gold or silver it becomes currency and is symbolizes prosperity.

Exploring the the broader meaning of the yearly animal through mythology brings perspective. Understanding how the animal is viewed within folklore awakens us to qualities which we can mimic or use in challenging times.

Rat mythology covers the light to the dark, such as Yin and Yang and as such we learn the value of both. When surfing though the energy of a new year, animal characteristics and traits show us how to adapt.

Why the Rat is the First Animal of the Chinese Zodiac:

There are several stories with a similar outcome. This classic Chinese fable has a slight variation. It tells the tale of the Jade emperor hosting a race for 12 animals. It was staged to determine what order the 12 would take on the emerging Chinese astrological zodiac wheel.

The first variation had the Ox being the favoured to win. Seeing an opportunity here the Rat and the Rabbit (Cat) jumped on the Ox’s back to cross a river which would slow the other animals down. The Ox was not aware they were there as they are so much smaller than he. The Rat made a slight movement close to the end of the crossing that lurched the Rabbit off the Ox’s back, putting him behind. Upon reaching land the Rat jumped off the Ox’s back and finished first.

The alternate story had the Rat making a deal with the Ox. He would to sing for him to gain passage. The Ox, who was sure he would win did not think the Rat would betray him. At the last moment the Rat jumped down and beat him to the finish line.

The second story emerges specifically from the Buddhist perspective.

Lord Buddha hosted a dinner for all the animals on the planet, yet only 12 animals showed up. He thus named a year after each animal. The Rat arrived with the gift of rice. Rice when believed to be a sign of abundance and stability, so Rat was chosen as number 1 animal. To this day many Asian cultures hail the Rat as a harbinger of wealth wisdom and prosperity.

Rat Myths in Various Cultures and Religions.


In Hindu mythology Ganesha is the elephant faced god of wisdom, prosperity and success. Ganesha is also known to be father of the Buddha. Ganesha went after the evil demon demon of ignorance, who was a threatening the worlds. This demon was an elephant faced entity. During the fight and subsequent defeat of the demon Ganesha took on the facial characteristics of the Elephant while the demon was transformed into a Rat or Bandicoot. Ganesha has kept this distinguishing face  and is known to ride a mount called Muushika; a small swift animal believed to be the vanquished demon; the Rat. The Muushika possesses the qualities of prudence and foresight. As Rats were in abundance doing these times they were symbolically linked to prosperity. Rat temples can be found throughout Rajasthan, in northwest India.

From the Ancient times on through to European lore:

Across the world it is common to encounter split opinions about Rat symbology. Here are a few notable reviews.

  • Egyptians defiled rats. They symbolized destruction as rats would only chose the best bread or food and steal it.
  • In Japan and in Ainu legends Rat was created by god to punish the devil. Further tales range from how the Rat bit the devils tongue rendering his influence useless. On the other hand Daikouku, a Rat, is the Japanese god of wealth is a protector of the soil and a patron to all farmers.
  • Austrailian aboriginals hold Rats as an important totem animal. A totem animal acts guide for a period of time on ones life to teach lessons. Totem animals are common among indigenous cultures worldwide.
  • Romans observed Rats living habits and stayed away from locations they tended to infest. Yet in Rome, Rats were thought to bring good fortune as they knew where how to survive independently.
  • In Christianity the Devil created the first Rat in order to sabotage Noah’s plans to get all creatures safely to the ‘next world’ after the big flood. The devil delivered the rat to the ark hoping it would chew holes in the boat, thus sinking it. Noah saw the Rat and upon hurling a glove at it, turned it into a cat, thus foiling the Devils plans.
  • The Jewish people always considered the Rat unclean as it was associated with idol worship in ancient times.
  • In Europe we find many tales and stories about how White Rats bring luck and how ‘witches’ travel disguised as White Rats. Rats were also thought to embody the spirits of those who had died giving them emotional & spiritual significance. Rats were seen to be associated with the spirt as it left the body.
  • For over a millennia rats acted  acted as a warning for sailors as they would not board boats they saw rats fleeing from.

Overall, Rats have had many symbolic roles in a variety of unrelated  cultural belief systems. These observations give us a deeper look into the Rats significance which may be activated in 2020.

The Metal Rat Talisman

Each year Talismans are crafted for the animal of that year. They have a several  purposes.

First, they remind us of what the year is about; especially what we now know that rings true.

Second, these hand crafted talisman bring balance to the overall annual energies when placed in a specific location of a home.

Third, the bring energy and awareness into spaces that need to be awakened.

Although they look identical they are not as they are handcrafted. Each is unique yet infused with prayer and intention during the process of their construction. Wishes and words for good luck and prosperity are often written on or inside them.

The Unalome symbol on the reverse of this years talisman contains the sacred lotus flower which represents our ascendance from earthy struggle to enlightenment. As it associated with Buddhism it represents Shiva’s third eye and the wisdom of the pituitary gland. It’s spiralling energy represents the wavering path in finding truth and balance. The gold, white and the spiral represents the Metal element.

There is a never an exact plan for a Talisman design yet  these are constants.

  • Always a hand drawn image of the animal of the year
  • A shape that brings in an energy or element of the year
  • Hand drawn calligraphy or a calligraphic representation of the  years animal. 
  • Colours that reflect the animal and the elements 
  • Crystal, sands, semi precious stones and beads which activate the energy of the Talisman
  • Personalized location for hanging the piece. This grounds  intentions and wards off external interferences 
  • A unique blessings for every person who purchases the Talisman 
  • It is infused with good luck and auspicious energy
  • The five elements are represented in shape colour and materials

Each year brings with it new energy. Talisman activate that energy. The inspirational words specific to your personal animals prediction can guide you when activating a personal talisman. 

INVESTMENT $30.00 + shipping

SPECIAL: $21.00 + shipping when ordered prior to Spring Equinox, March 20th , 2020.

FREE: when ordering from me personally a copy of  ‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’

All talisman come with a an activation technique and a personal suggested location of where to hang or place the piece.

Guidance in the metal Rat Year

Each year I offer reduced rates on both Feng Shui Services and Nine Star Ki Astrology readings. Feng Shui Astrology can give insights into the rhythm and flow of the coming year. It guides you through each month in terms of  timing and at what stage you are in the over-all scheme of things. It guides you when to stay still and when to maximize your potential and go for it. When booked before the end of Chinese New Years on February 8th, you have up until April 1st to complete. Also for a limited time hard cover copies of Charlyne’s book will be discounted.                                                                                         Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation

The link to more information;


Annual Predictions

Chinese Zodiac Wheel, *Rat is on top

NOTE: Each year has a different beginning date. If you are born in January or February its best to check when that particular year started. Easy to find on the internet if you insert your birth year and animal.

Rats: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984 ,1996 & 2008

It is not uncommon for your year to be challenging as the spotlight is on and so is the pressure. Best to operate from the highest moral ground and in full transparency: it will bring out your best. When feeling overwhelmed go back to center, revisit plans and have backups. New ventures are tricky, but if you can complete things that have been started, you will reap rewards and find success. Once you find the sweet spot this year you can rely on that instinctual, industrious magic to cruise under the radar without much stress. Health and family relations are up for healing this year so be prepared. Respiratory and or heart issues may be focal points. Family challenges may have you intervening or spending time where you are needed most. Its a good year to make long range plans that include work, health, family and self care. Taking on a new hobby or interest will divert your intensity and relieve built up stress. It is a positive year for love if you clear about what you want. This year is your year to manifest.

Key words: clarity, transparency, strategy & relaxation. 

Wood Rat 1984 * born 1984

A successful year overall in business and in love. Trust is vital to any success and that goes both ways. Keep communications open and clear.

Water Rat 1972 * born 1972

You may have to count on help from unlikely sources this year to ensure success. Be open to partnerships and collaborations. Beware of starting anything new, its best to continue the work you have started while involving others for timely completion.

Metal Rat  * born 1960

Results from hard work will come to fruition this year. Finances will change for the better but be cautious with lending money to family members. Support can be offered in other ways. Take an innovative approach this year for full success.

Earth Rat * born 1948

This is a year to maintain your health both physically and mentally. Time to cut back on excess of all sorts; keep moderation as a moto in all aspects of life. Buddy up friends to destress, have fun and or take vacations.

Water Rat * born 1996

It will be a year of steady work and progress for you. Make sure you are careful with money and friendships. Do not let them cross over. You may be acknowledged in your field which will be seen by those who matter.

Oxen: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 & 1997

Generally a good year for the Ox born. You share a similar work ethic and need for security as the Rat. Oxen born may have to block out the Rats chatter to stay focused. A good year to absorb Rats momentum as you stand to do well in business and education. Relationships will need solid work with therapy or mediation required to keep channels open and energy moving. The Metal element of the year rules communication. Oxen born are advised to stay clear and not hold back or withdraw when you have things are on your mind. This goes for intimate relationships, family members as well as work associates. Getting into better shape and focusing on health is a worthy goal in 2020.

Key words: persistence, self care, communication & humour 

Earth Ox * born 1949

Earth Oxen will have to step out this year to make dreams come true. As a supportive and sympathetic patron of the Rat, it will take some effort to move ahead with grace. Take time to bring balance to health and self care.

Metal Ox * born ’61

A tad more controlled in you approach, this tactic may not serve you this year. Step back, observe and soften how you execute plans. Know when you let go, and your efforts will be rewarded. To lighten up spend more time with family and friends.

Water Ox * born ’73

A positive year for a Water Ox so long as you make decisions wisely. Stay within your boundaries, don’t take risks and follow the plans you have laid out during 2019. Take care not to become distracted or let fear hold you back.

Wood Ox * born ’85

A dynamic year for the Wood Ox when you exercise percision and are definitive with your choices. Health could be an issue, so make sure you stay balanced between work and down time. Keeping communications open in all your relationships is paramount for success.

Fire Ox  *born 1997

A good year for Fire Ox if they can can keep the ego in check and subtly melt the Metal Rat into sharing its secrets. Not a year to control but to listen, wait and watch for openings in business ventures and relationships. Youth is on your side but its important to keep healthy. Take time alone as well as enjoying your social life.

Tigers: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 & 1998

A challenging year for the Tiger born  unless you exude confidence in all matters and happen to be born in the hours of the Rat (11pm- 1:00 am). Tigers and Rats have little in common and run in different circles. Tigers altruistic sensitivity does not jive with Rats self motivated interests and need for security. Tigers could learn a thing or two from the Rat. To stayon track, stick with what is works best for you. A positive year for your career as you reap the seeds you have sewn in the past. Education is also favoured. Health should be your top priority in 2020 as you may want to push yourself further under the pressure of the Rats rule. Successfully riding the 2020 wave will depend on balance and self care.

Key Words:  patience, mediation, joy, & motivation

Metal Tigers * born ’50

Metal Tigers would be wise to play it safe by using its keen wit this year. Health, success and relationships will depend on your ability to stay balanced and not be ego driven.

Water Tiger *born ’62

A moderately successful year for the Water Tiger as you will feel support from colleagues and loved ones. Make sure you follow what you have set out to do and not be distracted by ventures out side your league. 2021 will be a better year to explore new territory.

Wood Tigers *born ’74

Wood Tigers will feel the energy of shift into the new decade. Should you be in the middle of a successful venture, keep up the good work. Not a year to start anything new, just keep under the radar and stay focused.

Fire Tigers * born ’86

Fire Tigers will want to pull out all the stops this year, but its best to keep a steady path till 2021. Adjusting your plans may be necessary but if need be, keep changes moderate. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Earth Tigers * born ’98

A solid year of achievements for you. Excellent for starting a new relationship of romantic nature. Collaborations and networking are key to making dreams come true. Be cautious and clear.

Rabbit: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 & 1999

Rabbits and Rats are both opportunists and efficient with their energy. Rabbits will do well in a Rat year if they keep focused on the momentum of the few past years. Success is steady yet new and old colleagues will play a key role in 2020. It’s time to show your hand to associates and get involved in collaborations. Clear and open communication are vital in a Metal Rat year as both Rat and Rabbits tend to be more secretive. Drop that old habit and share the wealth via information and your contacts will expand. Avoid any tendency to be superficial or calculating when situations do not bring direct benefit. Instead engage as a mentor in 2020 and you will reap the rewards in the years to come. Maintain balance between your inner and outer worlds. Spend more time in nature.

Key Words: transparency, partnership, strategy, rejuvenation 

Metal Rabbit * born ’51

A year to come into your own on many levels. All you have worked towards will come to fruition if you take an altruistic stance and share the wealth. Hold back and be held back. Be mindful of your health and wellbeing by exercising more and cutting back on excess.

Water Rabbit *born ’63

You will do well to stay in the flow by gathering those of like mind towards you. Share those magic gifts and watch them multiply. Keep alert to changes and demands from others; mind your own timing and enjoy navigating the fast currents this year.

Wood Rabbit * born ’75

You will experience a mixed year in 2020; some successes and some setbacks. Your innovativeness will have to take a back seat to tending the garden you have already planted. Knowing when to harvest and when to wait is key in 2020. Its best to stick with a plan that is foolproof.

Fire Rabbit * born *87

2020 has all the markings for success, but you must cultivate your friendships and colleagues to succeed. Drop any pretence and just enjoy the ride. A large smile that excludes confidence will solidify your position. Pay attention to loved ones for optimal energy and support.

Earth Rabbit * born ’99

Time to come out of your hole and engage with the world. No need to be so serious. You, like the Rat know how to hoard in order to survive. This year it’s time to share your wealth and gamble a bit. You may just hit the jackpot!

Dragon: 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

With Dragons being part of the Rat, Monkey compatibility triad, 2020 should be a bonus year. With the past behind you Dragons have no reason to hold back in 2020. The vibrant energy of the this year will support the performance oriented, innovative and determined Dragon. Rats appreciate your self starting ideologies and you will feel the wind at your back. Just make sure you have a solid plan and don’t leave anything to chance. Take time for self care to maintain optimal health; both physical and mental. Nurture the important relationships in your life, or you may find yourself celebrating much deserved wins, solo. Team work is key to success and that starts with those closest to you.

Key Words: moderation, timing, perspective and health

Wood Dragon *born 1964

This powerful yet introverted dragon will have to climb out of the cave in a Metal Rat year to join in the scavenger hunt. With Monkeys and Rats to support you in this years limelight your ideas can  shine. You may have to take some risks but with caution and due diligence you stand to enjoy success.

Fire Dragon * born 1976

2020 will be a stellar year for your fiery self. Success and opportunity awaits your special brand of smooth. Take care to focus on all aspects of life including relationships, career and self care. Avoid burn out at all costs or the victories will not be near as sweet.

Earth Dragon *born 1988

With all the opportunities presenting this year, your biggest challenge will be endurance. Earth Dragons can get bogged down with details and easily discouraged. Avoid those tendencies in 2020 by engaging others in your ventures. Its your year to shine and succeed so share the wealth.

Metal Dragon *born 2000

Combining youthful energy with your creativity while maximizing on that sincere demeanour,  you will go far in setting yourself up for the future. It will be important to stay focused and be clear about what you want. 2020 is peddle to the metal; not unfamiliar to a your style of Dragon.

Water Dragon * born 1952

This far sighted and persistent Dragon will be in the winner circle this year. Persistence pays off and if you had solid plans prior to 2020  you will now see the fruits of your labour. Make sure to enjoy the wins and take care not to alienate those close to you.

Snake Caligraphy Snake: 1941,1965, 1977, 1989 & 2001

Snakes share the ambitious energy of the Rat born and can benefit immensely if they are strategic this year. It’s not a year of high gains but your progress will be steady. Do not engage in major switch ups but time to seriously plan and reshape your future. 2021 will offer new opportunities and ventures and will succeed if you use your wisdom to prepare. Working well with colleagues is a huge part of your success story. Collaborations may shift with new ideas and priorities. Reevaluate what works and let go of what does not. Snakes intuitive wisdom impresses the Rat, so stay focused on clear communications and strong intentions. Be cautious when experiencing adrenaline rushes; know when hold back and when to strike. Relationships will need attention, and as you shed a new skin in 2020. Continue to explore your inner dimensions so you can shine on those around you.

Wood Snake * born in 1965

Life has been full so far so slow it down and take stock with precision like focus. Your sense of style and taste is always spot on; just know that you will shed skin in 2020 year. It’s a good time then to switch up your inner and outer ‘presentation’.

Fire Snake * born in 1977

You will have to be quick witted in a Rat year in order to reshape your future. Nothing like the fiery social Snake to change it up when things get stale. Re evaluate, re create then celebrate as only you can.

Earth Snake * born in 1989

It will be wise to use your sensitive nature to shift perspectives in the Metal Rat year. You will be supported in a myriad of ways to let go of what does not serve you. Keep an eye on finances and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Metal Snake * born in 1941 and 2001

Your biggest challenged this year is to let go and flow with the energy of change. Your ego will have to take a back seat in order to create solutions that will work in the long run. Take special care with health; especially colon related issues.

Water Snake * born in 1953

Your adventurous nature will find you wanting to explore different avenues of creativity. Take stock and use your nimble ways to make plans for a huge shift as that skin sheds and reveals a new you.

Horse: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 & 2002

Horses and Rats are opposite on the Zodiac wheel during a Rat year creating a level of antagonism that will be unsettling. This possessive and mercurial Rat balks at Horses freedom and independence. Best to avoid irritations and keep your mind focused on the goals you have set. No matter the setbacks, you have the tenacity and strength to endure. Collaborating and sharing the load with others is key. Although horses are a herd animals, many horses have an independent streak. You would do well to break that pattern this year and join groups for all and any activities. When sharing goals, the burdens are lessened and progress is made. Also make time for solitude, as self care will help you stay balanced. The Metal Rat views success from a place of control. Although your view is different Rat teaches the importance of clarity. Bringing this discipline into your world will allow all outcomes to be on your terms. Succees will come with strong clear intentions. The tide shifts in 2021; the pressure will ease and the rewards stand to be big.

Wood Horse * born 1954

As a born leader you will have to stay under the radar in a Metal Rat year. Keep your vision clear for the future and pick your battles. The Rat will fight back if you share your opinions too loudly. Wait till the coast clears in 2021 and let ‘er rip!

Fire Horse * born in 1966

You stand to feel the most penned in this year. Your intelligence and fiery stance will not get its due from the Rat. None the less, your creativity will soar if you just ignore the watery part of Rat energy and use that fire to melt a little metal. The big reveal will present itself in 2021 and relationships my be what is behind it.

Earth Horse * born 1978

You will be wise to use your grounded nature to ride out the year. An optimistic view backed with steady action will get you through any challenges. The Rat appreciates your executive approach and may show you some new tricks.

Metal Horse * born 1990

It will be colleagues and alliances that will support you through a trying yet rewarding year. Know that being on the receiving end is sometimes the best way to give. Hold your tongue, observe more and make sure you take plenty of chill time.

Water Horse *born 1942, 2002

Not an optimal time for Water Horses as your patience will be out to the test in 2020. Focus on your both physical and mental health to stay balanced. Take time with friends and family to rejuvenate. Enjoy the respite as you plan and reevaluate your future.

Sheep: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1991, 2003

Typically the Sheep and Rat have very different appoaches to life. Sheep have a more carefree attitude to finance, flow and relationship. What could be a challenging year for Sheep could be very successful with the right strategy. Make a tight plan and keep your intentions clear. Sheep can lack motivation, so it is wise find associates and friends who have your back and keep you going. Time for the sure footed ‘mountain goat’ so surface from under the dreamier sheep exterior. Focus on completing past projects and develop a sound plan for the future. Take care with that generous streak and any lofty over expenditures. Personal relationships will be supportive when mindful not to take loved ones for granted. Turn on the charm, spice things up and watch the magic. Health should also take priority this year. Make 2020 work by staying clear. 2012 will also be a challenge but know in 2022 you will rock.

Wood Sheep * born 1955

Your skills in relationship building will be a good focus in a Rat year. In fact all your interpersonal skills can be fine tuned to assure you have what you need to make your plans succeed. Preparation for the few next years will require that you step out of your comfort zone. Remember; be forward and effective in 2020.

Fire Sheep * born 1967

The passion you hold for life will show in all your interactions this year. Keep plans fluid but make sure you follow them through completion. Support will come from unlikely sources. When it does build a strong foundation now. Dreams are important but keep it real until 2022.

Earth Sheep * born 1991

Skill, skills Skills! The earth sheep will find mastery in a Rat year if you stay on the cutting edge. Your outspoken nature takes many forms; you are a master of subtly and will need to navigate well to set up your future. Use this years momentum to further your education. 2021 will be the test; prepare now for success in 2022.

Metal Sheep * born 1993

With the Metal element as your primary energy the need to control is should be curbed in 2020. Flexibility is key this year; let go more and been present to those people and situations around you. Your natural kindhearted energy needs to go deeper to find true self compassion; bring it up from the deeps and watch the rewards.

Water Sheep * born 1943, 2003

You are the most cultured of Sheep born so the Rat year will be a good time for artistic pursuits. Shell out cash to study with a master or work independently. Putting your talents to good use this year requires planning and execution. Your friendships are important so let loved ones know how much they mean to you .

Monkey: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

Being part of the Dragon, Rat, Monkey triad means you stand to have a relatively good year. Theses 3 animals value performance, progress and are self starters; so 2020 will see you all working tirelessly to achieve results. In Metal years Monkeys must trust their intuition and keep their focus lazar sharp. With this changeable yet high energy Monkeys do well to concentrate on career and financial goals. Realtionships will be easier and more fruitful than past years. Friends and associates will boost Monkeys drive and push them to their limits in the best of  ways. Stay on high road in all your dealings; it will yield sweet rewards and it has the best view. It’s important to keep balanced with exercise, time in nature and nurturing relationships. Your social side will be activated but don’t overdue; you will need clarity & sobriety to follow up on the many opportunities that present.

Wood Monkey * born 1944, 2004

A huge energy year for the Wood Monkey, as you have been waiting for  the freedom to run with your innovative ideas. 2020 is your bust out year but take care not to overdo. Quell the need to be a workaholic by enjoy down time with those who matter most to you.

Fire Monkey * born 1956

This passionate, smart adventurous Monkey must have a good plan for 2020. The energy of the year will inspire but also distract you. Hone in on a good business plan and know abundance can be yours. Balancing work with health and wellbeing is a must.

Earth Monkey * born 1968

Time to shake off the heavy energy of past years and move forward with grace. 2020 is your year to break ineffectual patterns. Lighten up and take your wisdom and fun side to the world.

Metal Monkey  * born 1980

The eloquent Metal Monkey should work on letting go of control and keep your well thought out plans more fluid and changeable. Goal may not change but the path to reach them may.

Water Monkey * born 1992, 2004

Water Monkey will have to keep check on being overbearing in the Metal year. Your luck is good and the timing is right, so drop any ego attached with this power surge. It is a year to forge strong friendships as well as business successes.

Rooster: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

Roosters will have to strut less and observe more in 2020. Rats tend to rub them the wrong way so its wise for Roosters to hold their tongue and keep their nose down. Use your talents and savvy to keep a steady pace so you can meet your goals. Don’t take unnecessary risks or gamble with the unknown and take care not to get your feathers ruffled when your patience is tried. Nurture friendships and watch for opportunities in unlikely places. Success is not elusive if you stay focused, level headed and let go of the small stuff. Stay within your sphere of influence to avoid conflicts. Keep check on excess by maintaining good health and nutrition while taking time to clear your head and calm the mind. Relationships energy is positive as your love luck is good in 2020.

Wood Rooster * 1945, 2005

This could very well be a break out year if you are working alone. Take care with finances, don’t take unnecessary risks or gamble. 2020 will test your cool. Energy will high but you must take regular breaks and enjoy life. Your sense of humour will go a long way in keeping all aspects of your life flowing.

Fire Rooster * born 1957, 2006

Beware of conflict with work colleagues. Your sense of competition will be sharp in a Metal Rat year and you will not tolerate stupidity or ambiguity. Find more subtle ways to insert your intelligence and savvy. Watch finances while saving for the future now.

Earth Rooster * born 1969

This will be a more active year for Earth Roosters and your sense of adventure will be keen. Make sure any travel plans are well thought out; world events are tricky so travel closer to home is favoured. Finances will be tight so plan ahead and be diligent.

Metal Rooster * born 1981

You will feel totally energized this year, so it will be a test to stay in the flow and not control it. Resistance on any level will only cause you grief. Take care of your skin, lungs and colon as they may be overtaxed this year. Change is enviable, suffering is optional.

Water Rooster *  born 1933, 1993

Water Roosters can excel in a Metal Year. Although you may not see eye to eye with the Rat you know how to work the energy. Your ability to be agile will prove beneficial. Practise gratitude and appreciation for inner peace.  Indulge your creativity but don’t  break the bank.

Dog: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 & 2006

It stands to be a prosperous and successful year for Dogs in 2020. Pragmatic and loyal, Dogs know how to set boundaries and in a Rat year that ability goes a long way. Keep on point and focused on your goals: don’t take no for an answer yet be aware of when to say no. Rat energy can getup in a Dogs face in 2020. Your ability to stay cool and your determination to forge your own way will keep Rat at bay. No big changes this year, just steady progress. Keep a lid on overspending as saving for the future is key in a Metal Rat year. Maintain a regular exercise routine will keep you balanced. Don’t ignore what seem to be just ached and pains; instead be diligent with health and check ups. Relationships will bring you joy and peace in 2020 but you may have to take the initiative in romance.

Wood Dog * born  1947, 1994

Your frankness and honesty can only work if you share your views. Planning and saving for the future is important in a Rat year, especially for dog born. Keeping your humour in tack will make your quest lighter.

Fire Dog * born 1946, 2006

Your work ethic will see you through a year of steady progress in 2020. Don’t let your generosity bleed your bank account. Be kind but be firm. Have a good exercise routine to keep your health in optimum condition.

Earth Dog * born1958

You have hit your stride over the past few years and now can enjoy a year of relative calm. Keep up your routines, be mindful of health and self care; you need it as much as when you were younger. Love is favourable when you know when to let go and when to jump in.

Metal Dog *born 1970

A year of progress and happiness for the Metal Dog, although it may feel like nothing much is changing. Time to take stock and refine plans. Be more fluid in your relationships. The key is to be less demanding of others and yourself. Know you do not always have to be in control to be in joy.

Water Dog * born in 1970

A good year to make plans that encourage others to share in your world. Generosity of spirit is what is being called for in 2020. Its a good time in your life to shift up your solitary ways and learn more about community and compassion.

Pigs: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1994, 2007

With the Pig year over your life should be a lot smoother. There is still work to be done and you cannot slack off but there will be less stress. Listen to your keen intuition while concentrating on the tasks at hand. Watch for the things that test your patience and keep a cool head. Your need for control and security will be tested. Hard work is still required to succeed but the prize is there. Watch your health and be sure to de-stress when you feel pushed to your limit. Avoid extremes, get regular exercise, eat wisely and remember to let go. Love is favourable but keep things in perspective. Don’t get distracted lest you alienate friends and family or forget your overall goals.

Wood Pig * born 1995

Make a good plan for the year to make it happen. The years ahead will be active and demanding so keep focused on the present and you will be successful. People can take advantage of your easy going nature, so be clear in all your dealings.

Fire Pig * born 1947, 2007

Your ambition can often get the better of you but steady progress in the Metal Rat year is favoured. Working in groups and collaborating on both fun and work projects brings out the best in you. 2020 will be a steady, fun and a romantic year for you.

Earth Pig * born 1959

Make sure you shed any of last years stress and focus on a lighter approach this year. Progress will be made so have some fun. Join groups, get out with friends and be more in the moment. Regular exercise is important for overall health. Nurture relationships and remember to get out of your head.

Metal Pig  * born in 1971

A less stressful year for you than 2019, so slow it down and trust the process. It’s a pivotal time in your life but success will come if you control less and create a more fluid approach. Enjoy the company of friends and loved ones and know that true wealth is health, well being and knowing you are loved.

Water Pig * born 1983

This past year may have been quite a ride so know that in 2020 you can slow down a notch. Your hard work will bear fruit now and in 2021. Find ways to keep your humour activated as laughter is such good medicine. Stay healthy and fit and make time for friends and fun.