2022 Year of the Water Tiger ~ Part Nine




Any object infused with the life force energy of the one who creates it. A talisman is intended to protect, heal, or activate intentions for whom they are made. They are often portable objects carried on a person, placed in a space or installed permanently in architecture. Talisman evoke the energy assigned in their creation and intention, as a reminder to the recipient.


Talisman’s in Asia, specifically China dates back over 4000 years to Daoist shamanism. Talisman use Feng Shui is not a In Asia, the use of Talisman dates back over 4000 years and was specific to Daoist shamanism in China. Talisman use Feng Shui was not a common practice with Feng Shui Masters.

Placing such cures within your home or business when they are not a part of your culture, defeats their purpose. 

As a western interpreter of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, it has become my goal to create a symbol that embodies intention and reminder of what we need to serve out higher good.


It started as creative expression and desire to craft a momento for the annual Animal and Element. Starting in 1997, I crafted 60 simple, fun, reminders of the years potential. As time went by I found myself tuning into a more etheric energy while creating these pieces.

Clients collection of Talisman

The earliest pieces were no more than construction paper with wishes attached. The OX in the photo has a small scroll with wishes inserted. In those days the New Years Events were live and I would write specifically for those in attendance who wanted them; so customized! The simple envelopes found in China town, were perfect for holding ground crystal, prayers and sand collected on travels. This is when I got more into infusing these simple fun pieces with prayer and intention. Prayer + Intention= Magic.

Each year they evolved to embody shapes, colours and calligraphy. Created toreflect not only the animal of the year but power images and hidden prayers written into the layers of laminations. Featuring at times friends artwork and sacred symbols. The beading added another dimension.


Due to the importance of the FIVE elements, featuring then in the talisman was essential.often the element of the year is dominant in colour, shape and vibrancy. The base elementlives a of that animal would also be symbolized and the all five represented in some way. This manifested in balancing shape and colour to include all elemental transitions. 

What began in the late 90’s became an dedicated exercise and lesson. I was gradually tuning into the core energy of what a true talisman was even before fully understanding its power.


  1. The Metal Ox of 2021 took over 160 hours of work from start to finish!
  2. My first client & now a dear friend has been collecting talisman for years.
  3. Calligraphy that featured FU, which means happiness or fortune will often be seen upside down. The story is that a Ming Dynasty Emperor ordered this symbol to be hung on every door in the kingdom. When he came to the place of an illiterate family, he was enraged that it was hung upside down ordered them to be killed. The Empress saved the day by pointing out that this version read as the word for ‘here’; now meaning ‘fortune is here’. This saved their lives and started a new trend. *One of the 2022 Water Tiger talisman has its calligraphy upside down.


Talisman cost $30.00 Canadian plus shipping. * ask for seniors discount!

Email me at shuideva@gmail.com to order yours.

Numbers of Talisman are limited. You may have to wait briefly for a custom order.


In 2022 the Water TIGER Talisman should be placed in the NORTH EAST segment of a home or room. * Refer to Part 8 of the series to learn about this direction in 2022. Link below.


Know that when placing the Talisman in this direction you should also ask for all negative influences that may affect you personally be defused as you hang it up. Placing the Talisman in any other direction may neutralize the affects unless you are very specific as to what you want your Talisman to remind you of or bring to you in 2022.