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2021 Nelson


Charlyne’s readings helped me to gain clarity and impactful insight into myself and people surrounding me. There is so much to learn from Charlyne and she has a passionate willingness to teach. When I meet with Charlyne I am greeted by a wealth of knowledge and warmth and walk away feeling refreshed and inspired. Many thanks. ?



The Nine Personalities in the 9*Ki system. The year you were born your number was in the centre of the system.

2021 Victoria

In honour of the Lunar New Year, I gifted myself a 9 Star Ki Astrology reading. Charlyne’s reading left me feeling transformed and I have a greater understanding of my true nature and spirit. With this reading, I feel she has gifted me all the tools I need to navigate my journey through year of the Metal Ox. I also bought one of her Ox talisman and the activation she did on the piece was felt through my whole being. Gift yourself, its worth it!

Alexa                                                                                                                               The reading was powerful and gave me insight to the challenges I’m facing currently and provided me with useful and amazing strategies for moving forward!

ALEX                                                                                                                           Being my first reading of this kind, I really didn’t know what to expect – nor did I foresee the profound impact that Char’s reading would have on my well-being and outlook on the future. Her expertise and nurturing positivity gave me an entirely new perspective on how I view myself in the past present and future. I strongly recommend having a reading with Char as it truly helped guide me in a very challenging and transformational time in my life!

Tao deck readings to accompany a Nine Star Ki Reading 


The information gained from Charlyne’s reading was a great help and allowed me to gain a broader perspective. I was in huge transition as my son had moved out and my home was soon to be listed for sale. Her knowledge offered me insights which facilitated a deeper understanding of all the potential shifts about to happen. Charlyne delivered the the information in a clear and concise way and her wisdom came through with warmth and humour. It allowed me to feel supported and seen. Looking back, much of what she was able to guide me through was closely mirrored over the ensuing months. Charlyne is an absolute gem and very gifted at what she does!!

2020: Update Melissa:

So, once again, appreciative of your educated generosity Charlyne ! It’s helpful in bringing elements to focus on . Your information opens up unknown paths to explore and some to revisit in such a simple practical way. You rockstar Feng Shui girl!

Five Elemental Symbol of ADARSA:Elemental Design