Update on Water Rabbit Year ~ What’s up for Summer


UPDATE: On the Water Rabbit Year as we head into Summer 2023


Ashala’s testimonial on a Nine Star Ki reading that focused on the Flying Stars and their Annual placement for 2023:

“I recently received an awesome Feng Shui Chinese Astrology forecast from Charlyne that was so helpful in planning my schedule for the upcoming year. This forecast was unique to my chart and indicated which months are ideal for traveling (and even what directions are most auspicious for me ) in addition it helped me determine which months are best for launching and promoting my career and personal projects. What a blessing!” ~ Ashala Yardley 2023

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The June 2023 Interview with Ashala Yardley on what is up and coming for summer 2023.

 We are entering the Fire element and in many locations the Fire Season!

This interview sheds light on what is needed when the Water Element of the hit combined with the Rabbit base element  of Wood that will feed the Fire element of Summer of 2023. Luckily the Wood base element of the Rabbit ( due east and vibrant energy) holds these two powerful elements in balance.

Check it out!

I apologize about the lag in voice! Living in the mountains often leads to ‘glitchy connections’ during live interviews!

The Water Rabbit Talisman to be hung until February 9, 2024!